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American values of individualism

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- American values of individualism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国的个人主义价值观。美国的个人主义可以追溯到它的早期历史阶段,后来在西进运动和边疆生活中得到了重大发展。个人主义在美国的不同历史时期具有不同的内涵,它不仅包含自我独立,自我奋斗成就美国梦的积极意义,而且也包含为了追求自身利益之他人利益于不顾,贪得无厌的消极意义。这两层含义共同构成了个人主义这一统一体。

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As the core of American culture, individualism has different connotations in different historical periods, and it keeps developing with the development of The Times. Although Americans emphasize individualism, they are not ignorant of organizational discipline and collectivism.

The word "individualism" has different meanings in different countries and different historical periods. In the United States, individualism is the core of its culture, which includes a wide range of ideological contents, mainly including independent motivation, independent choice and self-responsibility. With the development of The Times and the progress of society, the connotation of individualism has been constantly enriched and adjusted, and it still dominates the American values.

American individualism dates back to its early history. The United States is a country of immigrants. Most of the early immigrants came to the north American continent through difficulties in the pursuit of a happy life of independence and freedom in order to get rid of political and religious persecution at home. They have a strong sense of individuality and an anti-authority tradition. It is precisely because they valued their freedom and independence that they finally took up arms and fought indomitable and heroic against the British colonial rulers to establish an independent country and safeguard their own independence and freedom. This spirit is clearly stated in the American declaration of independence: "all men are created equal, and god gives them inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

American individualism was greatly developed in the western movement and frontier life. In the westward movement, immigrants from the east and Europe fought their way through with their independence and competitiveness. The hard life and creative labor in the west have exercised their industrious and courageous character and constantly enterprising spirit. The vast expanse of land in the west provided a stage for people to reach out to the west, believing that success could be achieved with struggle. Giving full play to individual initiative and initiative to pursue the equal rights of material interests and political interests is the manifestation of individualism in this period.

In the late 19th century early 20th century, in the process of industrialization, advocating personal independent competition prompted the capitalist reputation, cruel exploitation, production left by the blindness and disorder, unregulated free competition to fall to ignore other people and social interest, seek the exploitation of personal profit, like Rockefeller and Carnegie, industrial monopoly cruelty and corruption of the workers are notorious dictatorships. During the 1893 steel strike, Carnegie ordered his men to shoot. This expansion of individualism has done enormous damage to the American economy. The arrival of the great economic crisis in 1929 forced Americans to unite and create a collective way of life to overcome economic hardship. In the name of the government, President Roosevelt called on Americans to care about each other in times of economic difficulties and took a series of measures to intervene in the economy to create equal rights and opportunities for everyone. President Roosevelt actually gained popularity by cracking down on the extreme individualism of the monopolistic bourgeoisie.

Since World War II, America's long economic prosperity has brought it great material wealth, which makes Americans, especially the young generation, no longer advocate puritanical industry and frugality, but pursue material comforts. By the 1960s and 1970s, the civil rights movement, the women's liberation movement, the anti-war movement and the counterculture movement were flourishing. All this is a break from the traditional struggle to realize the "American dream". Americans became self-absorbed and self-expressive, exposing the negative side of individualism.

Since the 1980s, with the end of the cold war, Americans have been able to devote more energy to domestic affairs, and its social problems have grown worse. Due to excessive freedom, the United States has the highest crime rate, drug use rate and divorce rate in the world. Daniel bell, an American scholar, believes that the vicious development of values that emphasize "unfettered ego" and "hedonism" has threatened the normal operation of capitalism. While Americans are enjoying the abundance of material goods, they are also deeply aware of the indifference and numbness between people caused by individualism. People are starting to rethink individualism.

From the above can be seen in the evolution of American individualism, individualism in different historical periods have different connotations in the United States, it not only with its own independent, self struggle achievements positive significance of the American dream, but also contains in pursuit of self-interest lies in the fact that regardless of the interests of others, crazy for, insatiable negative meaning. These two meanings together constitute the unity of individualism. Everything has two sides. The key is to see how to restrain evil and promote good. As the core values of American culture, individualism is quite flexible and inclusive. With the development of The Times, individualism constantly makes adjustments to adapt to the progress of society.

Americans have always been individualistic and put their personal interests in a high position, but this does not mean that Americans are free to do whatever they want and do not value organizational discipline and collectivism. On the way to the west, people volunteered to form societies and help each other, and the members of the societies had to undertake obligations and obey their own laws, which were beneficial to all members, such as prohibiting gambling and threatening other members of the societies. Today, many self-proclaimed individualists in the United States are active members of the freemasons, alumni associations and other various societies and are enthusiastic about public service. "9 ? 11" event in the team spirit among Americans work together are well reflected. At the moment when the terrorist attack on the world trade center was about to collapse, many employees in the world trade center did not rush into the stairs to escape. Instead, they were evacuated in an orderly way. There was no mass disturbance during the evacuation, and even women, children and the disabled were allowed to pass through first. It is precisely because of the high quality and cooperative spirit of the staff in the world trade center that more casualties are avoided. The purpose of forming a community is to protect the interests of individuals, and the interests of individuals can be protected only by establishing effective communities. Thus, in the United States, individualism and collectivism are not incompatible, they can be mutually reinforcing.


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