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The Ways of Overcoming TV Addiction--美国Paper代写范文

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美国Paper代写范文:“The Ways of Overcoming TV Addiction”,这篇论文主要描述的是电视能够给我们带来各式各样的影视作品,这也使得有不少的人将看电视作为自己的爱好,慢慢的也就演变成了电视过瘾,想要治疗电视成瘾,那么就需要我们就就要从根源入手,让孩子和家长么知道电视成瘾对于身体健康的危害。                              

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Most of teenagers and adults probably are well-known about what TV addiction is. I also know what exactly it is and how dangerous it is. The reason I have heard lots of times. I saw this topic among those other topics in Paper #4 guideline. There are attractive topics for sure, but I made my decision that choosing the “Overcoming TV Addiction” as my topic.

It looked very close topic for our real lives. Then I looked for an article about Overcoming TV Addiction, and I could find an article “Breaking Out of the Box. Turn Off TV. Turn on Life” by Ann Vorisek White. Actually, some people could say watching TV is just a hobby for them. If we research those time for spending times for several hobbies, watching TV is way much than other hobbies.

The main point of the article “Breaking Out of the Box. Turn Off TV. Turn on Life” is about the bad influences to children, adults, and human lives from the TV addiction. There are some easy examples; watching TV when we have meal, distract our nerves; we cannot concentrate eating itself and we need to hurry. Moreover, before TV was famous when we gathered for Thanksgiving or some memorial days we used to talk a lot or play games such as kick-the-can and capture-the-flag, but now we just gather around the TVs.

In addition, according to the article “As a result of the many hours they spend in front of the TV, children are in effect being parented by network producers rather than by their own parents. Television teaches children that rude, irresponsible behavior is not only acceptable but also glamorous. Children learn about sex and violence apart from their consequences, emotional attachments, and responsibilities”.

TV also gives very violent and lascivious context to the Children. (Ann, 2001). I like watching TV. I have felt that I am addicted in watching TV. Moreover, people think they are relaxing while they watching TV, but that is no totally true. It could cause “obesity”. Watching too much TV can increase the chance of obesity and their children are more likely to be “obese” as well. (Bram, 2007). It is much related with me and I could help this.

According to the article the 2006 annual average hours per day “spent in leisure and sports activities for the total population by selected characteristics” was as follow: Other leisure and sports activities and travel occupied 0.6 hours, playing games and computer use for leisure occupied 0.3, relaxing/thinking occupied 0.4, reading occupied 0.5, participating in sports, exercise, and recreation occupied 0.4, socializing and communicating 0.8, but watching TV occupied 2.7 hours per day. These facts prove TV gets occupying longer time and make people addicted.

In the article by Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi (2002) on average, individuals in the industrialized world devote three hours a day to the pursuit fully half of their leisure time, and more than on any single activity save work and sleep. At this rate, someone who lives to 75 would spend nine years in front of the tube. These statistics are very surprising results. We could know how much most people are addicted in watching TV. It has been very severe problems for various circumstances.

There are three solutions that can help overcoming TV addiction. There are three of typical solutions. First of all, reducing your time for TV and Games is very important. Second thing is that getting some hobbies such as playing soccer and basketball, etc. Finally, use TVs in good ways. Most of people have heard about this probably, however the basic is the most important. So I want to emphasize these three things.

First of all, people who are addicted TV should reduce their time for spending watching TV. That is the most basic solution for curing, but it could be the hardest thing that we can do it. Here is my experience, when I was an elementary school student I really liked watching comics. That was an unhelpful and time consuming bad hobby.

My parents didn’t like that for sure. They made me not to watch TV no more than an hour per day. At the first time, I couldn’t endure; I stole a glance, but I was caught all the time; I was scolded. Because of this pressure, I had to shorten my time for watching TV. It worked; I was changed. I used to have to watch every comic, but after my parents’ plan I could manage my time.

“Go without watching TV for 30 days, and use this time to gather data on your viewing habits. If you have a digital video recorder like TiVo, use your DVR to record all the shows you would have normally watched — not just the shows you intend to watch in advance, but your best guess as to all the shows you would have actually watched if you weren’t on the fast…At the end of the 30 days, review your recorded listings and see what you learn.

Add up all the time you would have spent watching each TV show. Get clear on what value you could have expected from those shows and what else you might have done with your time. Most likely, you’ll realize that some shows aren’t worth your time. Their entertainment or educational value is too low for how much time they take to watch. Once you see this information in front of you, consciously decide what you’ll continue to watch and why.” (Pavilna, 2005).

As you can see at this context, what my parents made me do was very useful. It worked for me and it will work for anyone who wants to reduce their time for spending watching TV. That would be the most efficient way I recommend.

Second, most people have their hobbies. For some people watching TV can be the hobby what they like. However, I can definitely tell that it is not a good hobby. We have an alternative plan as well. People do a lot of things usually. Most people exercise when they want to quit something bad hobbies such as smoking, abusing drugs, and watching TV. Exercising is a very beneficial habit with some reasons. Above all, exercising is good for health. It makes us our bodies strong.

Third, we need to learn using of TV in good ways. It might sound silly and weird, but we can do that. Present time development of technology made us people are possible to do that. The most known way of using TV is studying. For example, we use internet “Moodle” and ‘WebVista” etc. in UMC as studying sources. Now we are able to use TV in the way. There are several cable channels that broadcast educational information.

Some channels are professional in specific area such as Math, English, and biology channels. I have used once when I was a high school student. I like studying in the library normally, but sometimes library doesn’t open so I cannot go there. Whenever I could not go library I used those channels. It is very efficient for studying at home and the quality of education was also nice. In addition, not only educational TV channels, there are a lot of kinds of channels are they such as historical, sports, and food, etc. These special and specified channels can let people use in various good ways. TV has potential power of using it. We need to figure how to use TV in good ways out.

I have discussed the problems that can be caused by Watching TV. So I prepared how to cover them and overcoming ways with my personal ways and famous ways by proved by many people. First of all, we need to reduce our time for watching TV. That is a surely first thing that we have to avoid TV surface. Secondly we have to do something instead of watching TV at free time. I suggested making hobbies.

We spend time watching TV when we have nothing to do, and became lazy. That’s why we watch TV a lot and is addicted. In my case, I tried to shorten my time spending at home. Mostly I watch TV at home. I looked for some hobbies. I tried to play piano when I was young and as I grew up I have attempt playing soccer, basketball, and going fishing as well. Lastly, we can use TV as our secondary source of studying. The reason I put shows that educational and useful ways of watching TV can affect people in a good way.


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