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Assignment代写:Creation of foreign movie and TV animation script

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Creation of foreign movie and TV animation script,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了国外影视动画剧本的创意。创意,是影视动画剧本的源泉,一个好的剧本对动画片的成功与否起了关键性的作用。日本动画善于挖掘被常人所忽略的题材,富有不断开拓的精神,立足于基本的人生价值观的寓意上,扩大故事的发展内容,升华故事的角色情感,最后我们看到的动画不仅是题材的多样化,还有它引人入胜的剧情和喜闻乐见的情感表达方式等等,所以日本动画不仅满足了动画的创作者们的思想和创作的成就感,也让不同的观众获得了情感上的满足。

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At present, animation is globalized, while the development of Chinese animation is restricted by a bottleneck. Animation fast food without creativity and cultural background has become the main product of domestic film and television animation. At the root, the content is pale, the plagiarism is serious, the lack of innovation and planning ability, the lack of its own cultural characteristics, the lack of original animation script becomes the persistent problem that Chinese animation cannot bring out the best. In the process of watching and watching foreign animation industry become increasingly popular and Japanese and American animation works land on the beach, we can learn how to explore their creativity, how to explore the theme and how to innovate the script.

At present domestic animation is in a booming period, by the China animation association, Beijing university culture industry research institute in hangzhou of 27 of the 2013 annual China's animation industry development strips showed that in 2012 China's animation industry as a whole production growth is slowing, annual production of animated cartoon more than a total of 22 minutes, a fall of 15% on the previous year, we had negative growth for the first time since 2008. The state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sapprft) said it was a reflection of "scientific growth and rational return". The production of animation in China is tens of millions every year. Not only children cartoon channel, but also the TV channels of various provinces and cities have the setting of animation theater during the period. However, a large number of animations are broadcast, but they are not well received by the public. Familiar ones include "jubilation", "where the bear is", and "qin shi Ming moon" and "rainbow cat and blue rabbit". However, even those animation theaters that have gained market share and profits have not been unanimously praised by most people.

In contrast, the us-japan animation effects on us, almost every large theaters animation occupied by animation film production companies in the United States, and obtain the global hit effect, each big output, almost all can lead people to a period of time, and even some large release can let television animation the analysis of the issue of the film. So, what are some of the things we've come to love about these animated movies?

An excellent animation script influences the quality of animation films, and a good creative source promotes the birth of a good animation script. Creativity is the source of movie and TV animation scripts. A good script plays a key role in the success of animation, just as the root of a tree determines its health and a solid foundation determines the stable structure of a building.

A speech made by comrade liu yunshan at a film and television symposium, "the script is the foundation for creating excellent films and TV programs. A play, a play. For film and television works, the script is the source and the root. The story plot, character image and ideological connotation, etc. all come from the creative design of the script first. This 81-character law combines the experience and law of the development of film and television creation at home and abroad, and clearly provides programmatic guidance for the development and prosperity of China's film and television industry based on the actual situation of the development of China's film and television industry.

The "81-character law" points out the shortage of the creativity of Chinese film and television animation script at present. Looking at the domestic animation at present, it has good creativity and belongs to our own script, rather than the animation made up by foreign animation.

Creativity plays an important role in the creation of an animation script. How good animation creativity is discovered? Some people think that good creativity is natural and cannot be regulated, but others think that creativity can sometimes be rationalized. For those of us who love animation, the most direct, most labor-saving and most comfortable way is to figure out the clues of creativity from the daily watching of animation.

Pixar animation industry is almost every practitioner dream threw his arms studio, easing the company environment, personalized creation stage, crazy animation production staff, to our obsession, intoxicated with animated movie, is to our longing to its reasons, and break the traditional thinking their courage and spirit impressed us these workers engaged in animation industry.

"Finding nemo," which was released in 2003, broke the box office legend of "monsters inc." in just eight days, and ultimately broke the highest box office record held by "the lion king." But at this moment pixar has taken the taper under a new height, that is not to rely on physical simulation technology to attract viewers, but beyond the previous computer animation technology plays a primitive stage, return to the plot by the sublimation of subject content and the inherent meaning of mode of production, the magic of the computer technology combined with the traditional concept of human nature, create a touching animation story.

In short, instead of focusing on technological leaps, the audience will be influenced by emotions, stories and themes rather than visual effects. Since then, a series of excellent works on topics such as superman, cars, ratatouille, wall-e and up, with the theme of kinship, love and humanity.

In recent years, many excellent American animation works have adopted the reverse thinking mode. Conventional thinking is carried out in a fixed range according to the thinking from the beginning to the end, from the inside to the outside, using scientific abstract concepts to reveal the essence of things, expressing the results of understanding reality, reverse thinking is derived from the result to the cause, is the inversion of the causal relationship. Reverse thinking is to seek new thinking methods from the perspectives of opposition, reversal, reverse and reversal, so as to solve existing problems creatively.

Pixar animation studios are also reverse thinking, their game rules beyond imagination, these free and easy creation of the script to bring us constant surprise. Common people such as "monsters" inversion of the rules of the game, the inertia of thinking is the children are afraid of monsters, but the advantage of this phenomenon, pixar made up another set of contrary to the rules of the game, the monster is afraid of children, even dare not to contact, so monsters USES to first, constantly threaten human children, and to use their screams as monster energy saving of the world. Is the visionary of the general is hard to accept to accept, but pixar in full imagination at the same time, the added our familiar elements, such as monster the law of survival of the world and human beings are interlinked, they have employment pressure, bad results will be unemployed, have a professional stars, there are a bunch of groupies, intrigue against each other and colleagues, intrigues, the reality of human society elements make this seemingly absurd rules of the game and added great credibility, surprised the audience in the imagination of space found elements can rely on to understand, Accept, naturally, the development of monsters inc.

And this kind of reverse thinking mode of animation intensified, evolution to now completely subverts the traditional theme idea, starting from the "shrek", by a disfigured and a ugly princess as a film star, evolution to now the super big, bad, "despicable me" big reversal is the whole of 180 degrees, at the beginning of the big bad Wolf to finally become a hero to save humanity and the beginning of the protagonist has become the villain. For example, in super bad, the director arranged the tragic childhood of the big bad in the story, which made the audience feel sorry for the big bad guy. Meanwhile, the director also explained how he became bad in the future, and paved the way for the big bad to become good. "Despicable me" USES children's innocence to constantly infect the main character, gru, these artful arrangements for the plot to rationalize, while bringing us a refreshing feeling. From the beginning, American animation only added some negative emotions and characters to the animation characters, making the characters more popular and popular. Now the story plot has been turned upside down, which makes people wonder how the animation script will become in the future. Now that we have become accustomed to the traditional hero's victory over evil, the prince or princess, the mortal turned hero, the whole opposite narrative is now a chorus of praise.

Japanese animation is not only diversified in theme, but also globalized in content and form. Look at the Japanese animation classification on the Internet, we can see hot blood, love, magic, aircraft warfare, sports, funny, friendship, campus, adventure, tanbi, kids, music, reasoning, terror, original so many classification methods. At present, most of our domestic animations are about children and children, campus youth, friendship and funny themes. Compared with Japanese animation, both in quantity and quality, the subject of Japanese animation content diversity is really make we admire, in addition to the above form of subject matter, and we don't common blood type of the animation "blood prince" humor, and all the other characters unification substitute circular line offline, that we have a similar animation -- "xiaohe", began to talk at random form, gradually formed the animation, the corresponding animation derivatives, it'll be worth it for sure. The diversity of the Japanese animation theme has almost cover all aspects to our lives, thoughts, and even some also opens up a lot of way to change our lives, for example, detective conan fan of animation fulfill a group reasoning, form their own reasoning, offline discussion story not only the result of reasoning, and discusses the rationality of the story reasoning. In addition to the diversity of Japanese animation themes, it can also be deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience, which has been recognized and sought after by the Japanese animation makers.

The diversity of Japanese animation creativity is attributed to the Japanese people's earnest, rigorous, and tireless working attitude, as well as the desire and extreme beautification of human nature and the truth, goodness and beauty of life. The world they envision is nearly perfect, and their sense of touch is acute and slender. These are reflected not only in their TV series, but also in their anime. Such as some cartoon works there will be a negative case or extremely nasty means, but in the end is to be true, or influence, whether it is detective conan, "one piece", "naruto", and so on, whatever their subject diversification, eventually return to people's values. They are always telling you a distant, incredible, but "true" story. And all of this should be inseparable from his own rich life experience and positive thinking. His rich life experience also comes from his patient observation of the real world, and he is good at defusing a high degree of rationality into a plump image and stressed emotion. His works contain outstanding expression and creative spirit. Miyazaki has said that "animators from China, Japan and Korea can wow the world by showing only a small part of their artistic traditions." But how to put on the appearance of the characteristics of The Times for these national characteristics is the urgent matter.

The diversification of the Japanese animation theme they abide by the principle of, in carrying out publicity education function of the true at the same time, be good at mining theme which ignored by people, full of pioneering spirit, with careful and meticulous work attitude, based on the basic of the meaning of life values, to expand the development content of the story, the role of emotion sublimation story, finally we see animation is not only a subject diversification, and its fascinating plot, happy emotion expression, exquisite and elegant picture drawing, etc., so the Japanese animation not only meet the creators of the animation of thought and the creation of a sense of accomplishment, It also takes care of the audience layers of different types and stages, and they get emotional satisfaction.

Animation has a lot of means of expression, designers can use a new approach to show content in line with the theme, so that the audience is refreshing, especially in the already used expression techniques to position, can also achieve good publicity purposes. There are many methods of expression: computer three-dimensional, computer two-dimensional plane, ink animation, pastel animation. In the creative activity of animation, the creator should also try to find the appropriate artistic image to express the theme idea of the animation. If the artistic image selection is unsuccessful, it cannot stimulate and persuade the audience through the transmission of the idea.

American animation "cars", the subject of the film is not new, even a little old, a sought-after star in career after falling from a peak trough, how to find the process of finding yourself, but we seldom willing to try the role does object - cars, especially with 3 d technology to produce a mechanical character, and can also express emotions, the joys and sorrows of a mechanical object for 2 d animation, it is not surprising, but for the three dimensional animation is a bold attempt. Before this, people often used 3d technology to make characters. No one could imagine how to realize the emotionalization of an object without vitality in 3d software, but pixar was brave enough to try to change the production method, and achieved success. Later, the rich and deep expression of emotion in "wall-e" made us amazed. It turns out that three-dimensional animation can do this! If cars is through auto expressions to express the joys and sorrows, so the machine general mobilization, wall-e and EVA is more each other through action details to express emotions change, let a person can't help for their simple and moved by the deep feelings, also for the three dimensional animation can make highly praise the emotional strain.

In fact, the innovative animation art brought by life materials to the animation media is diverse, and some materials in life can be used in the animation as long as we try to imagine: paper cutting, puppets, MAO animation, ink, stickers, clay figurines These are the classic forms of animation. In particular, the ink animation that has attracted the attention of the international animation industry is the gem of Chinese art films. We should cherish and love our national culture more and get more creative sources and expressions from it.

Above all, is the basis of an animated cartoon animation originality, Japan animation's success, not only is the result of their animation script select material innovation, thanks to their animation market standardized and mature, also a animation film script, they will collect 100 creators of the script, select 10 scripts from 100 creators, 10 again play best one as the final, final script in another director, screenwriter, especially, the wisdom of the animators contribution add modify again, just become animated film story, we finally see their script for excellence, movement analysis fine long hair of the li, We need to learn more than just the creativity step to be critical of our work attitude.


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