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assignment代写:A world of wonders in digital cinema

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- A world of wonders in digital cinema,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了数字电影。电影作为一种综合艺术,从其产生的那一刻起,便注定了与现代科学技术之间结下深厚的不解之缘。数字电影所创造的视觉奇观盛宴,以无可争议的优势成为电影创作的潮流,成为众多影迷眼中的宠儿。数字电影是科技对影视艺术深度影响的典型例证。数字电影的画面魅力还在于其高度真实的视觉效果。由计算机参与创造的画面不仅能够模拟真实, 甚至能够超越真实, 实现难以想象的画面效果, 极大地拓展了电影艺术的表现空间。

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Film as a comprehensive art, from the moment of its emergence, it is doomed and modern science and technology between the deep bond. The Feast of visual wonders created by digital movies has become the trend of film creation with indisputable advantages and become the favorite of many fans. The film emphasizes the acceptance of the work and emphasizes its consumption value. To meet the needs of the film is the essence of the vigorous vitality of the movie. In a sense, the picture and the narration are the two most crucial elements to realize its aesthetic value in the art form of the film. This paper attempts to explore the unique charm of digital movies from these two aspects.

Film as a comprehensive art, from the moment of its emergence, it is doomed and modern science and technology between the deep bond. Science and technology make film this art form become a reality. The active photography technology and the slide show realize the dream that people will restore the real life through the activity image. Film takes people beyond the time and space, to watch and understand the colorful world, different people's lives and the relationship between people and society. In modern society, the role of science and technology in film art is more obvious. It has completely transcended the role of film technology, but has largely participated in the creation of this art form. The film digitization Technology, which originated in the 1980s, embodies the perfect combination of film and technology. Digital film is a typical example of the influence of science and technology on film and television art depth. It not only enriches the expressive space and manifestation of film language, but also participates in and changes the artistic idea and aesthetic value of film.

The 1982 "Star Trek II", 1984 "The Last Star Wars" and the 1989 "Abyss" and other films have been published, marking the formal introduction of computer animation technology into the film industry. While there are only very brief digital clips in these films, their appearance marks a revolution in the field of film creation, "This revolution has so profoundly changed the way we make films and produce other visual media programs that we can only use ' There was a digital Renaissance movement to describe it, and the whole digital field was a classroom for filmmakers and storytellers, who would understand when they graduated: "Nothing can be imagined." In the 20th century 90, digital movies were a big screen. "Judgment Day of the Devil Terminator", "Jurassic Park", as well as "Toy Story" and other digital movies created by the visual spectacle of the feast, with indisputable advantages to become the trend of film creation, the eyes of many fans as the favorite. In a sense, the picture and the narration are the two most crucial elements to realize its aesthetic value in the art form of the film. This article is trying to start from these two aspects, to explore the unique charm of digital movies.

From the view of the picture, the application of digital film to computer-generated image technology makes the film artists have boundless and vast creative space. They are free to deal with the ability of spatial relations to use speed and shade effects, and even to control the shape and expression of the characters, thus making the film writing a real freedom. The creators of digital movies use all kinds of movie languages freely, combining them organically and artistically, constructing a wonderful and magical art time and space, but also the process of transferring this freedom to the viewer, is the process of the viewer's artistic aesthetic space gaining unlimited expansion. Therefore, the important reason for the popularity of digital movies is that it can almost satisfy viewers ' imagination of the World of light and shadow.

First of all, as far as the picture is concerned, the digital movie not only can reproduce the objective world more perfectly, but also can create the "objective things" which are not in the real world and the spectacle of the impossible by the image processing technology arbitrarily. In the 1982 Star Trek II, although digital technology created only 60 seconds of time, but it is the first time to let the audience understand the mysterious, lifelike, wonderful scene of space. The rising radiant stars in the Infinite universe, the flying aircraft, the collision of dead stars with the flying aircraft, the flames, the smoke and the bizarre colors, are enough to produce shocking and even shocking visual effects. Although these images are commonplace in today's viewers, it is undoubtedly a landmark for the filmmakers and viewers of 30 years ago. This real image from the distant interstellar is not only because of its great visual impact on the audience, but also because its content itself has a great distance from people's daily life and is not experienced by people in real conditions. At the same time, whether it is the Star Trek, Doomsday Disaster, strange alien visitors, or a variety of realistic and objective things, such as distortion, time and space distortion, this kind of picture gives the audience a sense of distance to ordinary individuals is not infinitely distant, they are always more or less with the daily occurrence of contact. This is where digital imagery attracts people's charm.

Second, the image of the digital film is also the charm of its highly authentic visual effects. The picture that the computer participates in creating not only can simulate the reality, even can surpass the reality, realizes the unimaginable picture effect, has greatly expanded the movie art expression space. In the movie "Lord of the Rings", most of the images are achieved through digital technology. The production of the entire film used a number of professional computer stunt makers, difficult to count the picture is stored in a unified database in order to modify the polishing. Through the image synthesis processing, a real sense of the distant middle-earth will be displayed in the eyes of the audience.

In the picture, large to the landscape, small to light and subtle textures can be adjusted according to the artist's visual effects to achieve. Especially in the film of those strange middle-earth creatures, they are the product of computer animation, but its visual effect is very real. The film is bewitched by the demon World and degenerate character history Meg, after a long period of time by the image of the human metamorphosis into an ugly elf Gollum. The gray, dry skin, the scrawny body, the posture of a creeping creature, and the dark, evil look, were left to the audience and impressed. This image is accomplished by computer animation technology, complex motion capture techniques and computational techniques of fluid mechanics. His every move, the expression of speech are very real and exquisite, and almost no doubt the authenticity of its existence.

Finally, this digital image is used to simulate the real world, especially when combined with the real landscape, it not only brings the audience the feeling of immersive, so that it completely immersed in the digital technology to create the surreal space, but also bring the wonders of the world into the ordinary life of reality, So that people can use their eyes to feel a thrilling adventure and adventure. In the science fiction film "Jurassic Park", which was directed by Spielberg in 1993, The Giant dinosaur appeared in the lakeside Greenland, the park pasture and the modern American bustling city, like a giant alien visitor. Human genetic technology has killed 6 5 million years of ancient life, born again in 20th century. These dinosaurs were of different forms, flesh and blood, and even great wisdom. Film through the perfect digital technology, the character of the grass-liang, ferocious meat-eating raptors, sturdy Tyrannosaurus rex, flying experts, such as winged Dragon lifelike display on the big screen, their unique body characteristics and temperament, behavior and so are portrayed incisively and vividly. The world of daily life and wonders of the whole, between the real and unreal no clear boundaries, all this makes the audience appreciate the extraordinary world of infinite possibilities.

From the narration, the moving story can make the touching and deep artistic shock force, but the movie plot that attracts people is also connected by a picture, and realizes the film narration by the alternation of its order. Therefore, from the point of view of film narration, the artistic charm of digital cinema is firstly based on its ability to express and interpret the image content. With the help of digital technology, the information content of modern movies and the effect of visual shock are unmatched by traditional movies. In this regard, sci-fi movies are the most intuitive and typical example.

In 2004, Emmerich, director of the Earth Disaster film "The Day After Tomorrow", the audience can witness a certain place on earth, from the bustling city "Frozen" as a huge white glacier. On the screen, the mad flow of the sky roared, mercilessly swallowed the whole New York. The statue of human civilization and free will is submerged in an instant. The streets turned into riverbed, and the ship crashed into the concrete jungle of man. Almost at the same time, the temperature dropped sharply. This city, silent in the ocean, instantly became a huge and transparent ice crystal, like the "sleeping" specimens of amber. This digital film has developed the holographic features of the image to the extreme. These scenes only occur in a matter of minutes, but the information they provide is enough to dazzle the audience, and their message is far more informative than any other form of language. In the film, the scene of a scene will be human-centric concept, the whole society for centuries to the destruction of nature in a short span of a few minutes to give eye-catching revelation. People continue to live so blindly, maybe one day, the Earth and mankind will fall into ruin. The process may only be a moment, but in exchange for eternal sleep.

Secondly, the charm of digital movies is to enhance the authenticity and credibility of the narrative. Truth is the fundamental premise of a powerful and persuasive film. For example, the 1997 film "Titanic" and the 1958 "Ice Shipwreck" of the two films are based on the same story, but the two in the production time difference between nearly 40 years. The creation of Titanic was fortunate to have the help of digital technology. It is difficult to compare the "ice shipwreck" made by traditional shooting method and traditional special technique. The former shows the original appearance of "Titanic", the emotional experience of tourists on board, the details of this unprecedented shipwreck are far superior to the latter, and with the support of digital technology, in the choice of scenes, lens movement, time and space conversion, narrative style, emotional deduction, enjoy greater freedom. In the film creation process, the numeral to the realistic scene simulation all attaches great importance to its authenticity, this with the modern vision more and more fastidious audience, also manifests the movie creator to the artistic excellence. Their color, light, scenery and the proportion of each frame are strictly in accordance with the principle of authenticity, so that the audience and these "man-made" reality without any sense of distance, thus gaining a stunning artistic appeal.


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