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美国作业代写:The Merchant of Venice, Portia

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- The Merchant of Venice, Portia,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了《威尼斯商人》中鲍西娅。《威尼斯商人》是莎士比亚早期创作的著名戏剧之一。剧中的鲍西娅是他笔下别具风采的新女性。她聪明机智、独立、仁慈善良、勇敢坚强。鲍西娅光彩照人的形象给人们以启迪,激励着人们对于真善美的追求。


"The Merchant of Venice" is one of Shakespeare's famous dramas in his early creation. Portia in the play is a new woman in his writings. She is intelligent, independent, kind-hearted, brave and strong. Portia's radiant image inspires people to inspire the pursuit of beauty.

The Merchant of Venice still has a stirring charm, not only because it reflects the social problems at that time, but also because it has shaped the image of Portia's new woman. The drama tells the Venetian merchant Antonio to help the friend Bassanio to pursue the rich Portia, to the Jew Shylock to borrow money, but because Antonio could not repay the money and into the crisis, finally in the help of Portia to solve the crisis and rescued Antonio's story. In the process of the wits, it fully embodies the distinctive character of Portia. This article mainly analyzes the four characters of Portia's outstanding character.

Portia's wisdom is mainly embodied in the plot of "three-box-choice son-in-law" and "one pound of flesh" case. Her father was dying to make a will, and only one of the three caskets in gold, silver and lead contained Portia's portrait, each of whom could choose one of the three. If a box with her portrait is selected, she can marry Portia and inherit his possessions. If you fail to choose, you will not be married for life. Portia had no choice, as she had said, "the will of a living daughter is to be clamped down by a dead father's testament." In the face of his father's wishes, she longed for love and wanted to marry someone who was in love. As a result, she asked the person to come to pick up their own request, can not tell anyone his choice of the box, if wrong, immediately leave. On the other hand, in order to let the beloved Bassanio choose, she advised him not to rush, one months after the election. Bassanio rejected her suggestion. But in the choice, Portia hints at him with music and poetry: The last word in every line of poetry is the same rhyme as the lead, and she uses this implicitly implied hint to help her beloved person to the box, showing Portia's clever wit.

The fourth Act, "court verdict" is the climax of the drama, but also the wisdom of Portia show the incisively and vividly; she disguised herself as a lawyer to court, pretending to support Shylock. But Portia pointed out that according to the contract, Shylock can only cut a pound of meat, not more than a pound can not be less than a pound and can not flow a drop of blood, Shylock because unable to meet such harsh conditions and lose. Finally, Antonio was rescued. The careful rescue strategy demonstrated her resourcefulness, Portia reversed the crisis with wisdom, and turned tragedy into comedy.

Portia has many excellent qualities: beauty, goodness, cleverness, but most importantly, she has a strong sense of independence. Although her father left her a legacy, she managed the money alone. When she decided to marry her beloved, she told Bassanio that she had given him her own and everything, and that her possessions, servants, and houses were his. She has the right to dispose of her property. However, during the period of literary review, other women had to rely on their husbands as their economic source, which decided their subordinate status. Therefore, Portia is a new economic independent woman.

The independent economic base determines that Portia has an independent view of love. Portia is beautiful, born noble and rich in family. According to the bourgeois criteria of mating, her marriage should be the princes and nobles of eminent power. But she did not regard these worldly things as standards, she longed for true love and marriage freedom, she valued the noble character. So she was so annoyed by her father's choice of life that she was fortunate to have chosen the wrong casket for Morocco and the Prince of Aragon. She likes the lack of money but the ability and integrity of Bassanio, she called him "a god of the good, a decent messenger." She knew exactly what she wanted, and in the course of the magazine she helped him skillfully and got love.

In the Battle of the Court, Portia was a lawyer for the case. In order to help Antonio escape torture, she was generous, give shylock twice times or even three times times the repayment of the treaty persuaded him to give up, and she had three times to persuade Shylock to Antoniodo some kind heart, and tell him the role of mercy. But Shylock insists on carrying out the treaty-cutting a pound of meat from Antonio's chest. His ruthlessness contrasts with Portia's kindness and goodness. Portia's cleverness has won the court, Shylock is punished, even at the cost of life. But at the last minute of the judge's decision, Portia asked the judge to be merciful to him. Half of his possessions were confiscated, and half of the property was inherited by his daughter's son-in-law. Though he was mercenary and heinous, Portia was merciful to him. On the other hand, Portia thought that Shylock's crime should not involve his daughter son-in-law, and she fought for them a fortune, which made their life secure. Portia can consider for others, her kindness and good deeds, everyone in court is obvious, everyone is touched by her goodness.

Portia's strong and courageous, embodied in her rebellious spirit. In a patriarchal society, marriage is a part of capitalist property, women have no right to choose, they are the victims of this social class. But with the rapid development of feminism, women began to rebel against unequal marriages. Portia believes that marriage is founded on the basis of love, every woman has the right to pursue freedom of marriage. Although she was unwilling to follow her father's criteria, she faced it bravely. On the surface, she complied with her father's wishes, and in fact she had disobeyed her father's wishes. In order to marry a loved one, Portia gave the hint and help when Bassanio chose, and finally chose the right casket. This is the embodiment of unfair resistance to marriage.

Portia's rebellious spirit was also manifested in her defiance of men and women's inequalities. In a patriarchal society, women have no right in law or in the political or economic spheres. Women are considered to be ignorant people. However, Portia received a good education, a strong sense of women, the emphasis on freedom and equality between people. In order to save Antonio, she summoned up the courage to dress up for the court. When other men in the courtroom were powerless, she stood up and bravely contested, saving Antonio. The judges and the citizens present admired her courage and guts. Portia not only achieved personal value, but also resisted the unequal status of men and women in the patriarchal society.

Shakespeare succeeded in shaping the image of a new woman. First of all, through the three-box selection of the son-in-law and successfully solve the "pound of flesh" case, highlighting Portia's clever wit. Secondly, she has independence, she not only economic independence and have independent love view. Again, she was merciful and kind, and full of kindness to Shylock. Finally, she was brave and strong, she dared to resist the father's wishes, the challenge of traditional marital morality, resistance to the social status of men and women inequality. Through the analysis of his character, it can be seen that Portia is a new woman in her time.


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