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美国作业代写:English Romantic literature

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- English Romantic literature,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国浪漫主义文学。浪漫主义文学作为世界文艺宝库的一个重要组成部分,历来在学术研究与文艺鉴赏领域中备受瞩目。英国浪漫主义文学的特点是两种特质的杂糅,一方面它是较为反叛的,试图与传统决裂的。这不仅是针对文学传统,还包括思想观念、宗教信仰和陈旧习俗。但另一方面,由于民族性的原因,英国浪漫主义作家并不像德国和法国浪漫主义的同僚一般紧密联结、积极进取,他们并没有表现出真正的决裂,也没有出现强烈的革命愿望。

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As an important part of world literature and art, romantic literature has always been a great attention in the field of academic research and literary appreciation. This article, from the four aspects of the development origin, the performance characteristic, the representative character and the dissemination influence, discusses the British Romantic literature movement at the end of the 18 century and 19th century. In terms of its influence, the paper analyzes the revolution of Chinese movement period and the role of Chinese romanticism literature.

In the the 1760s, Britain began the Industrial Revolution, the material and economic level in the decades has been greatly developed. By the 1830s, Britain had become a "factory of the World" and the bourgeoisie was born in time. However, the rapid economic growth has bred the worship of money, the gradual decline of human nature and morals, the appeal of individuality was drowned in the pursuit of financial profit, some romantic pioneers through literary creation to resist bourgeois values and ideas.

The 17th century century originated from the Enlightenment in Europe. Although the people from the Catholic ideology under the emancipation, no longer ignorant, but the late transformation of the reason for the excessive praise, but also suppressed the human feelings and desires. Until the end of the 18th century century, people could not bear the stereotype of rationality, and urged the outpouring of spontaneous emotion, and hoped to be liberated from the harsh rational logic. In such a rational society, some writers and poets seek solace in the irrational world, some pursue the enjoyment of beauty, and some are pursuing spiritual satisfaction. Among them is Keats, Burns, Wordsworth and Coleridge's poetry, and Vaubort, Mary Shelley and other Gothic novels are most typical. During the same period, a neo-classicism revolt against the same values of rationality and moderation erupted.

1789, the French bourgeois revolution broke out, put forward the slogan of "Freedom, equality, fraternity". The revolution was welcomed by the British people and had a strong reaction in British society. At that time, the active Robert, William, Wordsworth, Coleridge and other people in English poetry, wrote a large number of poems extolling the French Revolution, propaganda and progressive thought, the literary world also has the appearance of Byron, Shelley and other representative characters, their works such as "Don Juan" "Liberated Prometheus" All of them express the challenge of feudal thought and the yearning for human rights.

The above three background breeds the British romantic literature, this massive literature movement continued from late 18th century until the 1830s, takes the poetry as the main battlefield, through to the concrete thing unique artistic manifestation form, expresses the abstract, the intrinsic thoughts and feelings.

The characteristic of English romantic literature is the mixture of two kinds of characteristics, on the one hand it is more rebellious, trying to break with the tradition. This is not only aimed at literary tradition, but also includes ideas, religious beliefs and old customs. Among them Shelley, Byron and other works concentrated embodies this resistance spirit. On the other hand, because of the national reasons, the British romantic writers are not as close and positive as the German and French romantic colleagues, they did not show a real break, there is no strong revolutionary desire. The poetry of Byron and Clare still retains many of the elements of early poetry, and Jane Austen's novels and Scott's novels attest to the powerful realism of the early 19th century. So British romanticism, as H·n Felzad commented, "is a mild, intuitive disorder."

Although there is no self-contained system, there is no programmatic declaration and theory, but it is not difficult to sum up the common English Romantic poetry:

Not rigidly adhere to the genre, pattern and rhyme, reflect the rich creativity and imagination, explore more open-minded and open emotional expression, eulogize the freedom of life and dynamic beauty. In shaping the image of art is usually used in emotional statements, magnificent wonderful imagination and unrestrained uninhibited artistic techniques. Love natural landscape, the use of folk themes, like exotic, praising the Middle Ages. Love of freedom, release of nature, focus on the expression of individual feelings or the spiritual dynamics of the poet, there is a strong tendency to monologue. Praise the great ideals, often based on lofty ideals to criticize the reality, or the real life idealized. Denying the individual in the society is powerless view, affirmation its to the social resistance effect. In all its qualities, the emphasis on imagination is the hallmark of the British romance and all the Romantics, and an important symbol of the distinction between British romantics and the 18th century poets.

In the history of English Romantic poetry, Zuoliang wrote: "... A big literature trend, there is the former tide, there is the main tide, the main tide is divided into two, the former is Wordsworth and Kohl law, after the array ... Three young poets: Byron, Shelley, Keats ... "The main characters of the British Romanticism are clearly defined in the lines: The peasant poet Robert, whose poetry is simple, natural and lively, full of closeness to nature and country life, The poetic style of ridicule has become an important beginning of the romantic poetic style. "The Lunatic Poet" William, in his poetry, imagination is the most important element, also expressed the deep concern for the secular. His poems combine the characteristics of romanticism and the early modernism. The Lakeside Poets Wordsworth and Coleridge are named for their seclusion in the North Lake area of England. 1789 two people co-authored the lyric ballad Collection, which became the foundation of English Romantic poetry. Byron is the most unique rebellious temperament poet in English romanticism. In his poetry, he created a group of lone and arrogant rebels, pursuing freedom and being incompatible with society, and these characters were called "Byron Heroes". Percy Bysshe Shelley's poems are more thoughtful, more effective, and more articulate. John Keats is the most closely related to nature of the Romantic poet, his poetry by Brandes called "British naturalist Most fragrant flowers."


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