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SMS text messaging user mark--Assignment代写范文

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Assignment代写范文:“SMS text messaging user mark”,这篇论文主要描述的是短信的出现为用户带来了极大的便利,这也加快了手机在全球范围内的普及,由此可见短信对于推动手机普及的影响,甚至是在现如今,仍有不少的群体不愿意购买不附带短信功能的手机,说明短语与手机难分难解,这也形成了一种短信文化。


Notebook computers, digital cameras, cell phones , etc. These digital media are fundamentally changing personal thoughts and survival of the state , because these digital media can make the brain, eyes , ears, touch every corner of the world , to bring people to an unprecedented individual freedom. In these numerous and diverse digital products , mobile phone is undoubtedly set thousands of pet in one of the most focus. Phone positioning of civilians , making it all these years development momentum is far from other products can not match. And now the phone , no longer a simple " mobile phone " , it has all the high-tech are integrated into the daily play the most "hands thing ", the calling and texting is the most basic and most important of its dual information exchange capabilities addition , including photographs, video , play MP3 and other multi- function mobile phone has been completely subsumed .

Of course, the development of mobile phones is undoubtedly its main function is to not break down , that is the message . SMS is a strong impetus to the popularity of mobile phones , and even can be said that without creating SMS messages and its culture , it is difficult to appear in reality phone sales myth. In fact, the significance of SMS for mobile phones is so important , even without SMS -enabled mobile phone in addition to a handful of elderly Few people are willing to buy and use. So what message exactly has the charm of it ?

First, the mobile phone and SMS


The end of 2003 Lunar New Year film , " mobile phone" will be released in the UK a continent caused great repercussions , after reading this novel by the same name, Liu Zhen , director Feng Xiaogang 's movie, people start thinking about everyday life in the most basic communication tools mobile and mobile phone text messages to people's lives what content and how life had kind of impact and influence.

Today, we only have to look around the same , no matter what kind of occasion living in the streets , department stores, cinemas, libraries , university classrooms, and even the meeting site , everywhere is buried quick fingers expertly brandish people to send text messages . In 2009 , the British daily SMS volume staggering 2.1 billion ! SMS volume amount of days is undoubtedly marks a new human interaction patterns and lifestyle soon.

SMS is a text- interactive mode , it is the most original and cell phone voice communication function differently . In this text mode , the information sent and received individual has not only spread freedom , freedom of communication , from a deeper level it is hidden in the message behind the words have power , creative freedom and its text desire to bring the release of personality and individual autonomy for communication networks have . Therefore, the modern way of thinking and living through SMS This personalized and liberalization of catharsis , changes occurred gradually . It can be said , SMS is a revolution from the beginning of the thumb , it is to a new media profile, pioneered a new way of communication has become a new carrier of culture , and even set off a new " thumb economy" storm.

(1 )SMS has become a new kind of media ?

It was noted that SMS has become a fundamental factor of the media : professional communicators ( SMS service provider ) , widely distributed, a large number of the audience ( the majority of cell phone holders ) , and the modern media ( cell phone ) , so SMS is a mass media , it has become the "Fifth Media " into people's daily lives.

"Anytime, anywhere biography message" is the message of the most unique characteristics, can store and forward mode , convenient and effective , fast and reliable , but also more subtle forms , everyone can be a recipient and communicator. As is not already become a " fifth media " This is the study of the themes professors , however , SMS freedom to disseminate and receive information quickly , plus the price of the civilian population and technology friendly , colorful contents , an excellent to make up for the lack of traditional media , allowing users to receive information when have greater freedom .

(2) creating a new SMS communication

SMS has become a modern access to information is important , convenient means it breaks down geographical , time and computer terminal equipment limitations, anytime, anywhere to deliver text , pictures, sound and other types of information , the real user and information synchronization , its spread efficiency with traditional media and the Internet can not match advantage.

SMS in written form , though brief, smart phones , convenient, personalized , mobility characteristics, as well as low prices and convenient payment , so that messages between phones through time and space , flying in the sky . SMS communication timeliness, privacy, selectivity and convenience, created a new form of communication.

(3) detonated "thumb economy"

Thumb in today's era of SMS is so important . With the surge in the amount of messages sent , the role of thumb is increasingly valued by people . Practice has proved that only two thumb joints most suitable compact mobile phone keypad , which has become the most effective man text messaging tool , thumb position rose to historic highs.

With the thumb fluttering SMS raging promote the mobile phone manufacturing industry development and prosperity . Many consumers buy mobile phones , text messages are most concerned about is the input keyboard is flexible, powerful function is to send text messages . "Thumb economy" led to the development of a range of industries , such as humor, jokes , news, financial information , chat, games, pictures, ringtones , etc., not only mobile communications operators, short messaging service providers, handset manufacturers have earned a pours other related industries dipped SMS Everbright fortunes .

Second, the era of post- message

In the commercial empire , a dime a text message can form hundreds of billion of output value, message development process is undoubtedly a miracle. Since 2002 , the entire SMS market in more than 30% of the high rate of growth. With other emerging mobile data services compared to SMS is the first one without terminal threshold data value-added services . Almost 100% of mobile phones with text messaging capabilities , which makes the short message service can rapidly form a scale . Moreover, SMS and voice services with similar information and communication to meet people's basic needs characteristics. After several years of market cultivation , SMS has become the first choice for mobile phone users beyond voice services for information communication. For a mobile phone user is concerned, he is not necessarily use the mobile Internet , mobile games and mobile payment business, but he will be with other people via SMS communication . The existence of this universal demand , determine SMS mobile phone users will become widespread and long-term use of information communication. SMS industry in the future for a long time continue to become a mobile operator's profit growth point.

SMS marked the British began to surge in the amount of another new " message" lives, their thoughts and survival of the state has also undergone a tremendous change . People do not realize , SMS this communication culture has completely beyond its technical functional level , as interpersonal communication, social communication means has become a cultural phenomenon of life can not be ignored .

However, the present open, SMS applications are mainly concentrated in the mobile QQ, pictures and ringtones , SMS games based personal communications and entertainment applications . But the market has been more fully developed , continue to develop a relatively small space , the lack of sustained growth. Same time as the rapid development of this market , resulting in a non-standard service , product homogeneity serious problems . As the market and regulatory environment changes , the industry called post messages era , and brewing a new market integration .

Third, SMS individual user market and industry user market

From a user perspective, SMS marketing can be subdivided into individual users and industrial users . From a practical point of view, SMS has become more saturated consumer market , to break the existing impasse SMS market , we must break through SMS application level, looking for innovative growth, while the broad market is such industry information a field , and has broad prospects for development. In fact, the SMS industry applications are increasingly playing other telecommunication services can not match advantage .

Closely with the industry market in the professional field of information introduced authoritative SMS, text messaging industry market development will be the entry point . Face of the industry with the user's SMS application mode individual users face the biggest difference is the service object changes. In contrast, there are more similarities individual users , but there are obvious differences between the industry of . More importantly , SP charging objects converted from personal mobile phone users use SMS platform side . A direct result of the client's business model changes produce changes . If we say , SP is to collect information on fee -based , then the SP will be primarily for industrial users to provide solutions for a variety of applications and in the design and build a messaging platform , thereby obtaining a higher return. Therefore , SP should focus on the different characteristics of different industries and different demands from industry, information technology transformation start, for the industry to tailor a set of convenient and practical application content .

SMS industrial applications has a huge market space, different levels of demand, the different characteristics of the industry for many SP provides an attractive market opportunity. Carriers combined device manufacturers , content providers and system integrators in the SMS industry applications breakthroughs have been in government, finance , customs, public security, education , taxation and logistics industries take root. SMS industry applications emerge , not only solved the SMS industry itself aspects of sustainable development , but also solve a lot of cumbersome modern society problems , to facilitate the people's life and work.

Operators in the SMS application in industry also plays an important role in guiding them to actively provide solutions for the enterprise , aimed at stabilizing the industry through this way the user . In fact , operators only receive SMS in industrial applications communication costs , but due to the enormous industrial applications SMS traffic , operators also derive substantial commercial interests. Compared to individual users, industrial users for operators more business value. As operators have set up a large customer service department, its service capabilities extend to the enterprise is an inevitable trend. SMS industry applications to achieve a win-win situation , the resulting social value is immeasurable .

Fourth, SMS advertising

For the manufacturer , SMS advertising can not be avoided , so that it does more targeted than traditional media advertising , arriving rate is also higher, and inexpensive . Therefore, limited financial resources, can not afford the large advertising or television commercials substantial costs in terms of a small company , of course, is an excellent way . But it is true , only to SMS advertising is always a small trading yell field , always difficult to humble , credibility is very low. This is true, just let SMS advertising audience generally counterproductive, and this in a manner acceptable to force people tend to cause the user's disgust.

SMS fraud , many people deceived. Such fraudulent messages are often referred to as " your phone number is lucky number , the jackpot ," and when the user left puzzled SMS number dialed when someone told you that you are really in the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of awards but must first wait to receive a deposit bonus, deposit required winners will remit to the designated personal bank account . SMS fraud is not difficult to see through , but the greedy people are willing to be deceived again , the large sums of money to import others pockets. SMS stir up a little social waves, thought-provoking .


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