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The trajectory of the British Labour party

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The trajectory of the British Labour party,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国工党的执政轨迹。英国工党作为社会民主党的典型代表,在上个世纪两度登上英国执政党舞台,贯彻自身执政理念,组织国家建设,在一定时期内取得了十分卓越的成就,在英国国家建设和国际政治舞台上产生了巨大的影响。但在布朗下台后,英国工党再度成为在野党,面临着新形势下的挑战与政党自身新的调整,亟待理论变革和政策调整。

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Since the 20th century, the labor party has been in and out of office for several times, and it has been playing a role in the British political arena in twists and turns. In the early 20th century, Britain adopted the free market economy, namely the policy line of classical liberalism, which was the orthodox ideological trend at that time. To 50 s after world war ii, Britain's Labour party in power, as the "old left" belief in democratic socialism party, were more affected by the economic crisis is a popular form of "Keynesian" and 30 s to get the influence of "success" of the Soviet model, began to introduce the nationalization of the enterprise, to the construction of the welfare state, in the role of the government and the market choice to choose more government regulation, to later, formed a huge budget deficit and high inflation, the government burden: By the end of the 1970s, Mrs. Thatcher, as a representative of the conservative party, began to carry out drastic reforms, privatizing enterprises, relaxing government regulations and developing free market. This was called "neo-conservatism". By 1994, t. after Blair Labour leader, reform, modify the article iv of the party constitution, abandoned in 76, symbolizes the Labour terms of the principle of public ownership, with the traditional route, shows that Labour will break, with a fresh face appeared in the British political stage, 1997 t. Blair campaign is successful, start after intervention of keynesianism and pay attention to the "new liberalism" of market regulation after two stages of development, seek new economic and social balance, get rid of a party held by a small number of people allowed the marxist tradition, make party reconstruction basic values, And tried to reconstruct the ideology between social democracy and neo-liberalism, namely "the third way". His successor, brown, continued the "third way" theory, outlining a "redistributive market liberalism" economic model that affirms the value of markets and the efficiency of private enterprise, but stresses that the government should play a bigger role in reviewing the distribution and redistribution of income.

Until May 11, 2010, British prime minister Gordon brown announced his resignation as prime minister, by conservative leader David Cameron became the new government's prime minister means that since 1997 the Labour party's ruling status formally end, 13 years after the British ruling parties appear again, and the lack of theoretical innovation of the tories and the lib dems is also a long way to go.

Does Mr Brown's departure mean the collapse of the "third way" pushed by Britain's Labour party? The author thinks that the "third way" itself exists some shortcomings, but does not mean that the "third way" theory in tatters and the end, he advocated the theory and policy proposals to a certain degree, will continue to play an important role within a certain range, we cannot simply relate party to step down and theory.

Undeniably, a "third way" exposed in the process of practice itself has certain defects, first of all, the "third way", based on a new social democracy and liberalism, has obvious middle color, political content reflect compromise or collage of left and right, make it claims has the tendency to blur, restricting the development of its own theory; Second, not form a consolidate the social foundation, proposed the goal isn't completely realized, also, there are still confused in the thoughts, the lack of maneuverability, and some policy is wrong, there is a big risk, such as a "third way" about "human rights above sovereignty" of the country in order, to the imperialist countries to act as the world police provides a "reasonable" basis, need to be vigilant. Thirdly, some of the so-called values advocated by the third way are still relatively empty and difficult to be understood and accepted. It is not easy to embody these values into policies.

Britain's Labour party does face theoretical innovation, policy adjustments and institutional changes. If they want to be in office for a long time, they still have to do a lot of work. We should continue to improve our capacity to manage the country, minimize mistakes in our work, and prevent official corruption. Whether or not you can govern for a long time also depends on the adjustment and reform of other political parties.

, first of all, we should see whether Britain's Labour party "old left" is put forward about the construction of "welfare state" theory, or by the British Blair's new Labour advocated a "third way" theory, is the social Democrats to response times of challenge, was a response to globalization and the economic crisis, is a kind of attempt, with respect to the manner of social governance is the development of the social democracy to a new stage of the logo, they put forward and proved effective by practice some policy proposals, for our construction by the Chinese characteristic socialist modernization there are some beneficial enlightenment. In particular, we should increase employment opportunities and jobs, improve people's living standards, and strive for social justice. In addition, policies and propositions, such as improving citizens' housing conditions and welfare, paying attention to environmental protection and sustainable social development, are of certain reference significance.

However, we should be more profoundly realize that the "third way" is not directed against both capitalism and communism ideology and social system of conflict, nor for the improved socialist and revolutionary socialism historical division, but against traditional capitalist society, the left and right of the political consciousness and political operation mode, the traditional Keynesian left - of the welfare state interventionism political model and the new conservative free-market economy and its political philosophy. "Third way" admit that Roosevelt type universal state intervention of new liberalism, Keynesian, welfare state, egalitarianism, limiting function has not adapt to the new situation and needs of the market, at the same time think of thatcher and Reagan new conservative policies, such as market fundamentalism, laissez-faire economic individualism social inequality and the gap between rich and poor, no country, creating new risks, it tries to go beyond these two kinds of traditional political consciousness and political pattern. So, their reform and policy adjustment are based on the system of capitalism, namely under the condition of invariable in the maintenance of the capitalist system, reflection on the traditional model of capitalism and exploration, drastic changes in an effort to adapt to the objective world, combine economic growth and social equity, to ease the current mass unemployment crisis and the serious polarization between the rich and the poor situation, these can't fundamentally touch the basic contradictions of capitalism, also cannot completely solve the serious crisis of the capitalist system.

It should also be noted that the capitalism in the western developed countries can continue to carry out self-innovation, make policy adjustments and overcome its own crisis, and it still has great vitality. There is a long way to go before the "return of history" encircles. We also need to firmly believe in socialism, constantly develop and improve the socialist system, and keep moving forward on the socialist road.

Since the 20th century in British politics ruling trajectory, we can see, in Britain, "a government market" on the choice of a two-dimensional power system, experiencing the "pendulum" systemic circulation, namely by the free market to the government regulation, to deregulation, development, free markets, to the later of the "third way", etc., are related to a particular historical period of the special times characteristics have great relations, practice has proved that go against the trend of The Times will bear the consequences even lost power, such as the 1992 Clinton supported by the Labour party won the election, but at the time of the background to carry on the liberal policies, declaration of freedom, and common development, In fact, it aggravates the polarization between the rich and the poor and deepens the national contradictions. We should expand reform and opening up, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries at all levels and in various fields, follow the pace of The Times, and make timely theoretical innovations and policy adjustments. Only in this way can we maintain the vitality and vitality of economic, political and cultural systems.


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