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The role of women in songwriting society

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- The role of women in songwriting society,文章讲述现在人们生活在一个万物迅速发展的社会中,雨后的新事物像蘑菇一样出现。随着科学技术的飞速发展,人们的生活水平有了很大提高。似乎人们生活在一个无法用过去进行比较的时代。但是,与身体享受相比,最明显的进步是逐渐提高了妇女在社会中的地位。现在,无论是在政治,经济领域还是在娱乐领域,越来越多的妇女在社会中起着重要作用。事实是,妇女现在几乎活跃于各行各业,尤其是在歌唱界。到底是什么促进了女性在歌曲社会中的领导作用?详细内容如下。


The role of women in songwriting society



Now people are living in a society where all things develop quickly and new things are appearing like mushrooms after the rain. With fast advancement of science and technology, people’s living standard has improved a lot. It seems people are living in an era which no past can be used to make comparison. However, compared to the physical enjoyment, the most obvious advancement is gradually improved women’s status in the society. More and more women are now leading important roles in the society, no matter in fields of politics and economy, or in the field of entertainment. It is the fact that women are now active in almost all walks of life, especially in song society. What on earth that promotes women’s leading role in song society? Details are followed.


Chapter one three factors promote improvement of women’s status in song society


Start from the perspective of science and technology, the improvement of women’s social status shows the progress of humanity and the improvement of civilization degree. Women’s liberation reflects to the solution of productivity. Many careers are suitable for married women, without any doubt, this will greatly promote advancement of the whole society. Looking back to the history, more and more women are joining in the song society. In the past, people spoke ill words to those women who sing and dance, recently, people do not do those things again, but praise them for their wonderful performance. However, what factors that push progress of women’s status in song society? To sum up, there are three factors. (Conor & Katherine & Corey, 2012)


The first reason that promoted women’s improved role in song society is changing of weak position, which makes women hold up “half the sky”. In the old days, almost in every country, men controlled most of the world, leaving women only stay at home to be housewives and serve the men who act in the outside world. The most terrible thing is that people’s marriage is arranged by their parents, leaving them almost no space to choose their own partners. For most women, their life is to listen to their husbands and do according to their instructions. It is common that women are left at home for long time, while men are going far away to fight for life and the whole family. Under that situation, women hardly have free time to enjoy themselves, saying nothing of entertainment. (Lee, 2005) If some women are singing outside in front of public, they will be cursed as bitch, even abandoned by the family and the society. However, with advancement of human civilization, women’s weak position is improved. More and more women are going outside to play their roles and strive for their family as what men do. As their active frequency improves, they are of course becoming active in songs, which they are good at. What deserves mentioning is the beautiful feeling songs give them, therefore, most of women are beginning to enter into the world of song to enjoy themselves and the beautiful music, meanwhile, bring entertainment to their family and friends.


The second factor pushes women’s role in song society owes to gender equality. In the past, people held the opinion that men were noble than women in gender, based on this, women suffered great pains and pressures, in the past few years, even though women’s status was improved, many enterprises stated clearly only hire men when recruit new employees, leaving women no opportunity. But as gender equality is approved and permitted, women are recognized as the main part of human society, people gradually feel women’s importance. So more women are hired and used. It is the fact women are better performed at songs due to their emotional feeling. Therefore, women always play better than men in expressing feelings. And song, as an effective way of expressing, certainly attracts women’s taking part in. (Richa, 2013)


The third factor that leads women’s improvement in song society is the improved situation of gender discrimination. As what said above, in the past, people had gender unfair, which heavily influenced women’s development. But with advancement of gender discrimination, more policies are carried out for women’s activities. Without any doubt, support from the whole society greatly improves women’s confidence in their skilled field. Some female singers not only look beautiful, but also show sweet voice like valley songbirds. (Shakuntala, 1999) Therefore, more people are eager to enjoy women’s performance at songs.


Chapter two why women perform well in song society


As talked above, women’s role in song society has been greatly improved and recognized. But why women can perform better in song society? Generally speaking, song is sung to express emotion and feeling, it is the fact that women are more sensitive in emotion and feeling than men. Besides, although songs are for ears to listen, with advancement of science and technology, many videos are developed, when people are sitting for listening songs, they are also tending to watch the dance or other performance of the singer, especially their facial expression and body showing.


As people all know, women is the symbol of beauty, they are born with slim figure, beautiful face and sweet voice. From the very ancient to the current society, beautiful women are always pursued by men, as the saying goes “a good young man is wooing a maiden fair he loves”. Performance of women can always present wonderful scenes, depend on their nice dress up, the effect of women’s dressing up and making up is incomparable. In recent years, as people’s living standard is improved greatly, they are more tendency to mental enjoyment and since women are becoming more confident in themselves and more willing to pursue and perform their beautiful life and career, therefore, more women are devoted to song society to experience life and realize their dreams and values. (Staff, 2006)




Songs are always drawing people’s attention, women are always getting men addicted, and the society is made up of men and women, although in the past, women always had to obey men’s instruction and stay at home to look after family, with improvement of the whole society, women’s status is improved and the whole society is giving them more power. Therefore, society’s support plus women’s own pursue, the two together make women more addicted in themselves and their skilled careers. Due to the fact women and songs can both bring people visual and auditory enjoyment, therefore, women’s role in song society is greatly improved. What’s more, song society is also updating and changing its status from lower level to high-top class, nowadays, women who perform well in song society is praised and adored. Without any doubt, with improvement of women’s self-awareness and social status, more women will bravely join in the song society to show their value and bring mental wealth to human beings.





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