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Master of Business Administration

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Master of Business Administration,文章讲述生活充满挑战和机遇,我当然乐在其中。因此,我认为担任GPA学生的责任达到3.6 / 4。令我非常高兴的是,我得到了同学的赞赏,因为很难在我的大学获得如此高的GPA。后来,尽管当时我要处理很多工作,但我还是帮助一家公司完成了90笔交易。当每个人都处于松散状态时,我会忙于实习,并思考将来我应该去哪里职业,以及什么样的素质可以对我的成就有所帮助。经过沉思后,我决心获得工商管理硕士学位,继续追求充满惊喜和希望的生活。


Master of Business Administration

Life is full of challenges and opportunities and I certainly enjoy it. Thus I assumed the responsibility for acting as a student with my GPA reached 3.6/4. Much to my delight, I was appreciated by my classmates, because it was difficult to gain such a high GPA in my college. Later on, I helped a company complete over 90 deals, despite that I had a big load of schoolwork to handle then. When everyone was at a loose end, I was busy practicing internship and reflecting on where I should head for professionally in the future and what kind of qualities could contribute to my achievement. After much meditating, I resolve to purse a Master’s degree in business management, proceeding with my quest for a life saturated with surprises and hopes.


As a matter of fact, I am a business management major already. However, I have developed a keen interest in it over time, so I often sat in on related courses such as Performance Management, Organizational Behavior and Labor Law to hone my skills. Now, I have finished learning the rudiments of business management and thus got a general idea of its circle. Besides, I also read numerous pertinent books such as Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler, Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins and the MBA by Harvard University. Through reading these books, I have not only consolidated my field knowledge but also channeled the advanced ideas stated in those books to my management of the student organization. For instance, when I was a student in the college of our school in my freshman year, I recognized that there were some problems in our secretariat, particularly the lack of cohesiveness and ambiguity of duty. Fledgling in MBA as I was back then, I took on the mantle of planning and hosting several activities and  festivals as well as the Freshman Evening Show. I knew we would be unable to complete our missions perfectly unless we overhauled our department. Therefore, I then used the theory of management by objectives to set the specific goal and broke it down afterwards. Meanwhile, I distributed assignments according to everyone’s unique traits and strengths. I also invested emotionally in my teammates to motivate them based on the original assessment system. Moreover, I organized a series of convivial group activities to reinforce the bond between one another in the college. Thankfully, these activities and festivals went off well due to our concerted effort. Much more to my pride, everyone gave me a big hand for my dedication and performance. This was the first time I successfully applied my knowledge to practical issues and it has firmed up my determination to keep on exploring the world of MBA considerably.


In the next few years of my college, I have started to work at my parents company as an intern related to MBA officer successfully, which provided me with an opportunity to learn MBA techniques from beyond the campus. And of course, the background and cultural atmosphere of my family influence my choice of college. I am willing to continue to help my parents on business in the future which comprehensive and professional knowledge is needed, thus, I can do my parents a favor when it comes to business management. After all, I am the only hope for them. In fact, the training given by the company and my parents did not live up to my expectation at the very beginning. Thus I shared my ideas with my director and pointed out that the training system was not sound enough and feedback was not timely, along with some suggestions, which earned me praise from my superior in return. Through this work placement, I picked up the skills of formulating schedules, screening candidates and communicating efficiently with my co-workers as well as superiors. During the process, I would first try to win the workmates confidence by introducing my abilities in detail. Then I would show my different techniques according to my own characters and job expectations. Not only did I get the hang of management job and training new employees after the internships, but I also refined my communication skills and coordinating capacity. From then on, I laid particular stress on deepening my theoretical knowledge and breaking through my theoretical plateau in practice. I know well that I must have a more systematic study of MBA, and this is why I have been longing to take a Master’s degree program in business management.


In my opinion, your XXX Program will suit my needs, so I am looking forward to studying at your university, where I can deepen my knowledge of business management and acquire a bigger repertoire of MBA techniques. Hopefully I can join a renowned headhunting firm after graduation, looking for the right employees while helping them realize their potential to the full at the same time. To attain my end, I need to first gear myself up through studying at your MBA program,. For all the reasons outlined above, I sincerely hope you will give me a chance to continue my pursuit at your university.












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