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The particularity of film art expression

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- The particularity of film art expression,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了电影艺术表现的特殊性。电影是运动着的造型艺术,它是运用镜头讲故事,用“影像”来表现自己。电影艺术以它独有的方式,通过镜头,通过影像的表现媒介将普通人的生活状态呈现给观众借以表达导演的思想,同时揭露社会,感染观众。

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In 1911, canudu published the seventh art declaration, pointing out that film is different from music, painting, sculpture and other "seventh art". Film is a moving plastic art, it is to use the lens to tell a story, with "image" to express themselves. "Three billboard", "ordinary woman" is a highly attention to real life, are all movie camera image of the ordinary people, the protagonists are ordinary people, have strong realistic color, reflect social reality problems, such as racism, sexism, at the same time reveal hidden in life under the appearance of the human nature, thought-provoking. If justice comes late and never comes, will you face life with a smile or a broken heart?

In 1911, kanudu published "the seventh art declaration" and "the aesthetics of the seventh art", which declared that film was an art for the first time in the history of film. He thinks traditional art can be divided into time art and space art. Among them, architecture and music are the most basic. Paintings and carvings complement architecture; Poetry is the exaltation of language, dance is the exaltation of the flesh, all can melt into b0. The movie is the moving plastic art, which includes all of these, which is "the seventh art".

Film must mention griffiths in the film the mileage of development, Griffith to his extraordinary talent, from movie theatre freed slaves, make the development of a door with music, art, literature, equal and independent category of art, he not only skillfully use film franchise, arrange film photography composition and creatively montage and clever apply big vision, middle, close shot, close-up, fades, wave technique and cross use the mirror, make the film history appeared to present the first peak of art are amazing, it is generally believed that starting from Griffith, film unit from the "field" into "lens". In Griffith's hands, film has finally become an independent new art, the seventh art after poetry, music, dance, painting, sculpture and drama.

The French impressionist school of the central figure of Louis DE peer steinbruck, put forward the "camera" and as the film art, based on the "lens" on "devices, lighting, rhythm, persona" four elements are expounded, the movement of the scene features is its unique features, and through the "image" to express themselves.

At the same time, the Soviet montage school, eisenstein in the context of the montage 1938 points out: "two montage lens of columns, not the sum of two number, but the product of two number" he also stressed that "whatever the two lenses of columns together, they will link into a new concept, which is produced by the column of a new property to", on the contrary, madoff gold advocated the combination of montage lens, pay more attention to narrative, but they both believe that through the editing skills can convey thoughts directly.

Later, the film ontology of bazin in France and the photographic nature theory of krakauer in Germany both emphasized the recording function of films on reality, especially bazan's realism theory, which directly contributed to the rise of the new wave in France and was the father of the "new wave" in France.

Film images are medium of art performance, is the fundamental difference of motion picture arts and other art, film "three billboard" ordinary women are camera image of the ordinary people, through the image to show the social life of the ordinary people, will be at the plight of modern - "no country, heart is like the wild".

"Three billboards outside billboards" "ordinary women" has a common characteristic is that the protagonist is ordinary enough, ordinary enough, enough to reflect the social life of ordinary people, full of realistic color. Realism emphasizes facing reality, paying attention to the spiritual conditions of society and times, taking various contradictions existing in real life and people's social psychology as the objects of expression, and trying to summarize and reveal the reasons and logic behind the objects. Through the lens, the art of film directly shows the troubles of the protagonist and conveys the thoughts behind the director.

Based on a true story, McDonald came across a huge billboard in connection with another criminal complaint. Frances McDormand is a divorced single mother whose clothes and appearance make her visually inaccessible. Echoing her strong condemnation of the police department's incompetence and inaction in the case of the murder, the film's three-speed billboard is particularly harsh: "what's going on, chief Willoughby?" "The killer is still at large." "rape to death?" The billboard is visually striking, with black characters on a red background. The choice of colors reveals the brutality and bloodiness of the event. This behavior of the heroine is consistent with the image portrayed in front of the camera, which is not improper for the audience.

Second, Willoughby director in the film in the interrogation room and Mildred dialogue scenario, this passage in depicting Willoughby, director of the disease is severe, and there is no big space, but merely by vomiting blood visually presented to the audience, at the same time, but also to Mildred good side, she is the mother of the film continues to develop, as well as Willoughby, director of the back of the stage of death. The film scenes depict the characters thoroughly and exquisitely.

At the same time, Mildred think the killer on the loose in the film is ultimately the police incompetence, she told the police biased, also have prejudice, to adore her pygmy despise ex girlfriend and dickson, and from single family dickson look not on all "heterogeneous", for lesbian, gay, black, criminals, and so on are biased. His character, the work is not serious, work wears glasses nap, read comic magazines, and mistreatment of prisoners, he and his colleagues get along is not so good, also only Willoughby sheriff to understand him, so he is very respect dickson, such as: when dickson know three billboard, directly rushed to the advertising company, the lens will his character directly exposed in front of an audience without having to do too much explanation, and discrimination against blacks new sheriff made him he lost his job. The film directly strikes the audience's heart through the intuitive lens language, achieves the emotional resonance with the audience through the sensory feelings, and reveals the humanity behind the description of ordinary people.

"Ordinary woman" is even more transgender identity to play transgender people, his protagonist is ordinary enough, the film can be everywhere insults, threats, discrimination, and the heroine marina to defend their rights, no matter when, where, what kind of situation. Faced with reasonable police, violence and intimidation to her her a group of people, or even insult her, she never because by cynicism hysteria, film will marina kidnapping, mocking's lens is striking and insults from prosecutors check-up, insults, threats, discrimination through film lens way, to meet with the audience in the form of visual, auditory emotional resonance. There is a lens before film end, on sofa, marina is naked, the marina in the mirror is calm and quiet, and this one side mirror, was put in the position of her sex organ, why does the director deal with so? With film medium investigator lets Marine na strip naked photograph echo, in that moment, the hunting strange psychology of all audience is inspired, can want to explore after all, right now director turns lens open, appear again however in the end, its intention is to cause thinking through film lens, cause the emotional resonance of the audience. In fact, transgender people and other "disadvantaged" groups, such as gays and lesbians, should be treated as ordinary people.

Director by film lens to give their ideas to the audience, the film "three billboard" in a modern people's confusion and perplexity, every one in the film, whether it be a single mother of tying, sheriff or single family dickson, each of them has a large and small trauma, has the common problem in the society, such as: Divorce, unemployment, etc., was not to accountability system of government, society, etc, also has not attacked the moral irony film characters, but as a kind of social phenomenon and closer the distance between the audience and at the same time the open-ended cause the audience to think of the film, in the end the problem remains unresolved, execute justice is not a simple question, they really can find the killer? They're not sure, what's going to happen to them on the road? No one knows, if justice comes late and never comes, will you face life with a smile or a broken heart?

"Ordinary woman" deduces transgender people from transgender people is very common. The director shoots the film from an objective perspective. He does not make any subjective description of the protagonist, but interprets their life as a member of the society from an objective and realistic perspective. Know how to stand up for your rights. In a unique way of film, the director expresses the real life status of LGBT people with the lens, expressing the director's attitude and thinking towards equality, love and self, which he also wants to convey to the audience.

In short, in its unique way, the film art presents the ordinary people's living conditions to the audience through the lens and the medium of image expression so as to express the director's thoughts, expose the society and infect the audience.


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