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Skills of employees

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 --Skills of employees,文章讲述餐饮业在尼泊尔是一个蓬勃发展的企业。餐厅外的家里的趋势已经变得非常受欢迎的,从而使餐饮业更具竞争力。越来越多的人们与朋友和家人外出就餐,对餐厅营业额的增长做出了很大的影响。混合餐厅是一家中型餐馆,提供了健康、有机和当代印度和尼泊尔菜等服务。客户将享受我们简单而健康美味的食谱在中度至低价格间,我们与竞争对手不同。混合餐厅的特点是,它提供了四种类型的食品服务使其客户在家吃饭,自助餐、外卖并送家里或办公室。



1.2 地理位置

1.1业务描述——Description of the Business
Restaurant business is one of the booming businesses in Nepal. The trend of dining outside of the home has become very popular thus making the restaurant industry more competitive. The growing number of people dining out with friends and families has made a great impact on restaurant growth.

Blend Restaurant is a medium-size restaurant serving healthy, organic and contemporary Indian and Nepalese cuisine. The customers will enjoy our simple and healthy yet delicious recipe at moderate to low price that will differ us from our competitors. The feature of Blend Restaurant is that it offers four types of food service to its customer that are dine-in, buffet, take-away and delivery to home or office. The customers may dine-in at one of the 97 seats in the dining room and will enjoy the food and service from our friendly staffs. Every Friday lunch we will organize buffet specials. The buffet table will be set up with a reasonable lunch price. A separate take-out counter will service those customers who wish to order take away and pick up their food. Delivery service will be available 7 days a week but to a limited area only.

The business will start its operation in January 2013 on the occasion of New Year. It will be open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Service will begin at 11:30 AM and end at 11:00 PM. The restaurant will remain closed on public holidays.
1.2 地理位置——1.2 Location
A suitable location was found last month in the capital city of Nepal. The restaurant will be located at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. The lease negotiation for a year is in the final stage. Once the lease is signed, Blend restaurant can then start its operation phase.

Durbar Marg is a tourist and most popular business area therefore our operational cost like monthly rents will be much higher in compare to other location.

The Royal Palace of Nepal, which is now a mere museum for the visitors, luxurious five star hotels, shopping mall, food outlets, travel agencies and famous branded showrooms have been a special feature of Durbar Marg. The main advantage of this location is that it is easily accessed through any kind of transportation and there is enough space for car parking.
1.3 目标市场——1.3 The Target Market
The business is operated with a profit motive. The main objective of any establishment is to earn money from its various possible customers. Blend Restaurant is also operating and providing services, so as to acquire profit through its customers. The market covers a large area of diverse groups of almost all age. It is a touristic area and as well a place where people prefer to eat out. Looking the scenario of an area we believe that customer will come from three major segments:

Local Visitor? - Durbar Marg, the heart of Kathmandu where most of the people prefer to visit and shop is centrally located and has an easy access of transportation. Thus, the visitors and the families can easily stop to eat after their shopping.

Colleges and Universities? - There are number of colleges within the walking distance. In addition one of the oldest universities near the location has large student bodies.

Tourist? - There are two luxury five star hotels - Hotel Yak & Yeti and Hotel de l' Annapurna. Many small-scale hotels, motels, bed & breakfast rooms and inns are also available in this area.

Offices and business -Various business and offices are located in Durbar Marg. Blend can make the contract with these offices and can provide special happy hour lunch menu to the staffs.

We believe the target market will visit us and not the competitors because we are more concerned about our customer's health and wellbeing and provide nutritional and healthy food. Once they experience our food they will learn that nutritious food can be fun, tasty and inexpensive.
1.4 竞争——1.4 The Competition
There are numerous restaurants in our business premises but only few of them will be our tough competitors. They are Nanglo Bakery Café and Nepali Chulo. They are our main competitors because the Nepalese cuisines that they serve are quite similar to ours. In addition, The Bakery Cafe is the oldest fast food restaurant in Durbar Marg and it has number of regular customers. But however we offer a collection of Nepalese as well as Indian cuisines that can attract the customers. Our quality food and high standard of services will differentiate us from them. Blend will be the only restaurant among all that focuses the entire menu on healthy, low-fat cooking. That will be our main advantages.

In order to make us competitive in the market we will strive for continuous learning and improvement, keep update of every restaurants, focus on in house specials, high employee knowledge and motivation and many more. Once we start our service, customers are going to experience a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable environment. The target market will perceive blend, as the right place for healthy dine-in.
1.5 管理——1.5 Management
Mr. kang is the Managing Director of Blend Restaurant. He is the General Manager of Wimba group, a national food wholesaler and retail store. Since 1998 his company has created a high-profile image, reputation and awards. In 2005 Wimba Group opened a small cafe within the store that became so popular and profitable that he finally decided to expand the concept into a full service restaurant.
2.1 人力资源——2.1 Human Resources
The skills of employees are a company asset (Barney, 1991) therefore we must ensure that the management team and employee are carefully selected so that their skill set matches the jobs that they will be expected to perform (Jain, 2005). Right people will be given right work because that will maximize their potential to take our business towards profitability. The staff requirements must be planned in order to meet the anticipated customer demand (Jain, 2005). Twenty-one full time employees will be appointed. The staff will be employed on the basis of full time only. In Nepal the trend of working part time is not so popular. Most of the students are dependent on their family's income. However we give chances to volunteer student trainees who are undertaking hospitality subject and wish to gain on the job training as per their course requirements. According to Ruzevicius (2006) sharing the knowledge and providing training to the employee are the most important priorities of an organization. Therefore appropriate training will be provided to the front staff on customer handling, customer satisfaction, Health and Safety, fire safety drill and effective communication. Staffs have to interact and respond with customer in regular basis that means effective communication with customer enhances the level of customer services (Tarricone and Luca 2002).

Our Human Resource manager will perform strategic planning process of the business to day-to-day operational level. They will forecast the employee requirement on regular basis and if existing workforce is not sufficient then they will recruit and select the staffs accordingly. The HRD will design the training programs and will implement it when there is a space between expected level and current level of skill of an employee. They are responsible for the employee promotion, salary and benefits, manage redundancy, solution to employee complaint/ problems.

The Front office manager is responsible for the successful operation of the restaurant therefore s/he should have a leadership quality that can effectively lead the whole front team and work together towards achieving the set goals. S/he has to play a role of knowledge manager who sort out all barriers and customer complains. Manager should ensure that the staffs are doing the right work and if necessary counsel the staff if there is an area to improve. Other duties of front office manager include analysing front office budget, customer satisfaction, conduct customer service training and motivating the staff to exceed the customer satisfaction.




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