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The graphic novel Watchman is a fabulous novel in America. It is written by Alan Moore. It is admired in public. Many people are fond of reading it. In fact, this graphic novel has already won some prizes. The content of the novel is complicated and the pictures in the novel are also very delicate. Watchman describes a fictive history of the United States. That is the special time. The superhero has helped America win the war, however, the masked heroes are not allowed by the current law. For this reason, many superheroes choose to retire from the work. A few superheroes insist doing their work. The story starts from a mission of protecting the world. In fact, there are some conflicts in the novel. Some superheroes have super abilities to control and change the world. In reality, there are six characters in the novel. They have different kinds of personalities and different abilities. The murder is a major point of the whole novel. It enhances the development of the whole story. One of the superhero is murdered. This has caused the serious influences. In order to make out the things which are behind the murder, other superheroes start to fight for protecting the world and the future world.

The novel Watchman contains several characters who work hard and struggle diligently. Pharaoh and Doctor Manhattan are the main characters in the Watchman. These two superheroes have different characteristics. Although they are both the superheroes, they are very different in personalities and behavior. At the same time, they have different point of views of one thing. Their purposes are different. Surely, they choose to live in different types of the life. However, in the Watchman, it can be further seen that Pharaoh and Doctor Manhattan get together to do one thing. However, the result is just like the conspiracy. This paper is intended to compare and contrast these two characters in the novel. It is helpful for the upcoming study.

Pharaoh is called the most intelligent superhero at that period of time. Although he does not have any super ability. Pharaoh is one of the most significant superheroes of the watchman. His ordinary name is Adrian Veidt. He was born in 1939. He did not have much super ability when he was born. However, he can do very well in the sport. If he chooses to take part in the sport in the Olympics, he will win each big sport Olympic gold medal. He can also catch a bullet with his hands. He is also one of the most intelligent persons of the catcher team. He is high-sounding in doing things.  For this reason, he reported his identity to build his own group widely, and he gets the money which is invested in a series of experiments. He also created his own variant bobcats, appear as his pet (Cohen, p12).

In 1985, Adrian victor manufacturing giant organism, trigger a nuclear explosion that killed millions of people for the countries to stop the war, and it also killed everyone who against his points. This includes a comedian and participation in the program assistant and scholars. Finally, with the support of Dr. Manhattan, the plan was successful and the countries armistice. The opposition to the plan was executed by Dr. Manhattan.

He has the authority of speed. Despite the fact that he is the least able of the six main characters in the comics, but he is also the most intelligent one in the novel. After a retreat, he built a consortium of his own, raised money and invested the money in a series of genetic experiments to create his individual mutant bobcat. To some extent, this guy is the god who rules the world (Huls, p1-5).

Pharaoh is the first should the government act and the public as to the identity of the super hero, is a prominent representative of the top elite, also is the smartest man on earth, with the most advanced science and technology and the power of great wealth. He is rational, not loving the process, only the consequence. He ended the cold war by leaving the biggest political lie of all time, at the expense of the lives of millions of ordinary people around the world. In his view, the price of such a sum is negligible compared with the peace that has been exchanged.

When young, the old king chivalry. Pharaoh is one of the name of the god of death, of the Egyptian legend he was a child of god, the god of the earth, when earth was a pharaoh, become the underworld after death the death of the judge, as he was known as the "god of abundance", manages the resurrection, rainfall and vegetation (ADRIAN, p33). In fact, in both the east and the west, both Buddhism and Catholicism, the legendary death, in addition to death, usually carries another meaning -- a new life. Death and birth forever inseparable in his mind. His super normal IQ that he can play the god in his world helps him a lot (Mančař, p29). He created his own consortium, genetic experiments. The sacrifice of a city for the peace of the world, the death of the world brings new life to the earth. In order to govern the world forever, he didn't really care if people understand their own, as he often with no knowledge of the man is in hindsight, to comfort myself, he thought until the success of that day of, people will regard him as a god.

Doctor Manhattan is the principal character in the novel. Dr. Manhattan is the superhero of the watchman. He was a great scientist, because one accident and the physical destruction, the mind went into another realm, and he reassembled himself in the original material world. The ability to control particles, predict the future, shape change, etc., "god exists, he is an American." In order to frighten the soviets, the government named him "Dr. Manhattan" (Amsel, p 22-25).

Dr. Manhattan worked for the U.S. government to help them avoid a Soviet atomic attack until President Kennedy was assassinated. Actually in the long ago, Dr Manhattan already know Kennedy died of assassination, but he didn't stop, because once stop, the universe would be because of the interference of Dr Manhattan to change reality, so he chose the sacrifice of their own choice, achievement the self development of the universe (Risko, p21). If he changes, then he destroys the real universe that Kennedy died and made the real universe that he lives in.

In 1966, Dr. Manhattan joined the "vandals" until the organization collapsed. Later, he believed that he had fallen in love with Laurie, who had joined the "watchman" and helped the United States win the Vietnam war in a week. In 1985, under the misguided "pharaoh", people began to believe that Dr. Manhattan would lead to more cancer. All this, however, is what the pharaohs have set for peace in the world (Kennedy, p1-12).

Pharaoh with supernatural son first flow interferes with the ability to anticipate the future, Dr Manhattan reuse, created the power of Dr Manhattan destroyed after a number of famous cities in the world, the cold war, the national unity, peace in the world, but Dr. Manhattan was condemned by the world as a murderer. Manhattan finally found out the result of the things from the pharaoh. This has made him think this is also a way of let the peace of the world, so his shoulder the blame for crimes against humanity and left earth, and to the other galaxies (before leaving the earth, he also killed all attempts to expose the Rorschach). In the comics, Dr. Manhattan has created a lot of technology products that are far superior to human beings, and the technology level of the entire earth has been sublimated. In the film, he is a tall, handsome, naked, blue, bald head.

In conclusion, the Pharaoh and Doctor Manhattan are the important role in the novel. They are different in many aspects. Pharaoh has less super abilities than Doctor Manhattan. However, he used his wise to do many things. He can draw the strings behind the scenes, including Doctor Manhattan. He values the power and the controlling of the world. Comparing with Pharaoh, Doctor Manhattan has so many fabulous abilities, but he did not want to govern or control the world by himself. In reality, Pharaoh and Doctor Manhattan can represent different kinds of people in the real world. Some people are just like Pharaoh. They want to govern and control the whole world by themselves. In order to meet their aims, they can do almost everything. And Doctor Manhattan represents additional kinds of people. They want to get the peace of the world, but they do not know how to finish it. When they meet the mistakes, they may decide to go away from the things and get in to other places. In reality, this is the action of ignoring responsibilities. It is difficult to say if Pharaoh or Doctor Manhattan is better in the world. However, people can learn a lot about these two characters.



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