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A lower-level managers to have better psychological

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 --A lower-level managers to have better psychological,文章描述普通人的工作任务是完成某一项具体工作,一般来说内容比较单一,标准也比较明确。而管理者是负责某项工作,这项工作可能包含几项或多项具体内容,涉及自己以及几个、十几个甚至几十个岗位和人。负责这项工作意味着管理者既要照管并约束具体工作人员的工作态度,工作速度,工作效果等即控制工作过程,又要承担工作是否顺利进行的结果。在这个过程中,基层管理者既要完成自己承担的具体作业任务,又要对基层人进行管束、协调和绩效考核等等,因此,基层管理者虽然直接承担的责任并不大,但还是要承担比普通人要大得多的压力。所以作为一名基层管理者,一定要有一定的心理素质。


Ordinary tasks is to accomplish a specific task, in general, the content is relatively simple, standards are relatively clear. The manager is responsible for a particular job, this work may contain several or more specific content, involving themselves as well as several dozen or even dozens of jobs and people. Responsible for this work means that managers should not only take care of and constraints specific staff working attitude, working speed, work effects that control the course of their work, whether the work carried out smoothly have to bear results. In this process, the primary administrator is necessary to complete a specific job tasks themselves, but also for the grassroots people bundle, coordination and performance appraisal and so on, although the direct primary responsibility of managers is not large, but still want assume much greater pressure than the average person. Therefore, as a lower-level managers, must have a certain psychological qualities.



Two lower-level managers have a responsibility consciousness




Level managers for the same job in different values, will inevitably bring different ways of working and working attitude. Just ordinary people doing their own responsibility, and grassroots managers tend to favor more attention than the ordinary consciousness, manifested everywhere is responsible for the organization of responsibility. The simple pursuit of rewards and expectations reasonable returns and is also responsible for the organization of professional activities in the performance of two different realm, the former is to obtain the right to life of ordinary people, the latter is the organization's development projects pillars. Although the organization does not need to stand in organizational development level managers think a strategic height, but he must be able to deal with specific issues consciously think of your organization's needs and interests, so as to ensure the interests of the organization is not lost on the smallest unit of less wastage .


3 level managers have a scientific art of management


Art of management, including the employer's art, the art of communication, praise and criticism of art, the employer should Appreciating To Understand use, that amount was used, with its director, to avoid it short and layout work to specify intent, pointing out highlights and methods, limited progress, and conduct inspection and supervision, to "true to its word, line must be fruit" should not only decorate, do not check or have checked no assessment, not Ganhaoganhuai a kind, be a good communicator, and only communicate to know precise information. Communication is "Knowing" an important tool is the "use" premise, but also reflects the affinity of managers, charisma, cohesion of the important ways and means to find the problem is one of the means of communication, is an important foundation for solving the problem. In short, it is impossible to do good at communication and management; should be good praise and criticism, praise and criticism are important means of management, good recognition of subordinates can stimulate enthusiasm and creativity to maximize their potential; praise can not be exaggerated , to make subordinates feel your sincerity, from the depths of the soul to be motivated, we can not recognize, engage in spiritual bribery, bribery at best from the moment the spirit of the role, but the consequences could be disastrous, absolutely do not be emulated within the organization, otherwise good organization culture is difficult to build up; good criticism is also very important, criticism must stand to help each other to correct the error on the position, so the critics convinced, to point out errors in the fundamental and subordinate key point, "the ability to criticize." tend to play better than the recognition of the effect. In short communication, praise and criticism, is humane management indispensable means. 4 level managers to clean  http://www.ukassignment.org/hrmessay/



As a lower-level managers, only "self-respect, self-reflection, self-admonition," as a preventive measure, in order to have a good power relations, fame, money, and sex related, human Off. We must clearly see that the reform and opening up, some negative factors that cause some areas moral anomie, corruption has spread in some places, many managers can not afford reform and opening up and development of the socialist market economy test, fall into the " color wells, "fell into" money hole "and become corrupt elements despised people, criminals. To always maintain clean and honest character managers, the key is to establish the Marxist world outlook, outlook on life and values, the Party's principles. Market economy rules and party rules, objectively speaking, are two different areas and fields of things. Principles of market economy are socio-economic context, in itself does not have a class character, political. The Party's principles are social and political context, with a distinct class character and political. Therefore, they can not replace each other, not to be confused. We must maintain a clear understanding in theory, in practice the right to be treated in the socio-economic sphere adhere principles of market economy, full use of its positive side, conditioning people in economic activities contradictions and problems encountered in the social and political must pay attention to the field of the negative effects of the market economy induced by greed, money talks, speculation fraud, individualism and other phenomena, the use of DU party socialist ethics and principles of containment. So, as a grass-roots organization managers, to establish a correct understanding of interests and correctly treat the state, the collective and individual interests of the relationship between the Party and the people's interests above all the principle consciously abide clean government regulations, actively carry out the struggle against corruption, and consciously Party's principles, to make a sane level managers.



5 level managers talk about efficiency



The management level managers are often simple things, cumbersome or fine work constitutes the basic unit of a global, overall efficiency is based. Because of its quality or working contact surface limitations, lack of grassroots people are mostly systematic understanding of the content of the work, often too pursuit of speed while ignoring the actual efficiency or mistaken done faster the higher the efficiency, the result of things done in a hurry Shique into the next program had to increase the number of procedures to supplement or amend the previous vulnerability, eventually leading to retardation, affecting the overall efficiency. Time is money, efficiency is life, as a manager should have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, to develop a vigorous and resolute style of work and innovation. Meanwhile, the work must have excellent skills, otherwise, there will be feeling powerless. Organization level managers, in order to make their work effective management, we must attach great importance to learning, constantly learning the socialist market economic knowledge and modern scientific knowledge, legal and other aspects of knowledge to new knowledge and to enrich themselves, constantly applying new knowledge to improve the ability to solve practical problems and the level of China's accession to WTO, managers are more grass-roots organizations to learn many new things, such as the basic principles of the World Trade Organization, trade terms, international conventions and so on. Only with these aspects of knowledge and rules, organizational skills in the international and domestic market competition, calm, ease.


6 level managers to be pragmatic


Level managers must be pragmatic, vigorous advocacy work hard, pragmatic style. A grass-roots organization of production factors that management effectiveness, so lower-level managers must take a realistic and pragmatic work style practical work, encouraging word, and strive to become the leading pack trusted by managers. Level managers to stop and study the problem, tenaciously promoting suffer first, enjoy later the fine tradition of work that we do, "the first-line, and said with reason, and emotionally moving, works based on facts." and guard against dogmatism, subjective, formalism, promote dedication and realistic style, in the actual work of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts to unify high political enthusiasm and rigorous scientific approach to unify. The only way to receive a better management effectiveness.

In short, as the grassroots managers, human hands and key management objects limited powers, and thus the influence of personal prestige on good management is more important than institutional power. Therefore, management practices at the grassroots level, management level managers should practice constantly sum up experience, improve their level of business and management capabilities.





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