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Life goals and plans

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        下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Life goals and plans,文章讲述当我年轻的时候,实际上是在我们这一代,我们都被问到了诸如以下问题:您将来想做什么,或者您想成为什么样的人?那是我人生目标启蒙的开始。那时,我们似乎是一个完美的标准答案,成为科学家或警察,尤其是对于一个小男孩。但是,随着年龄的增长,我的生活目的也随之改变。唯一不变的是,我总能为父母,老师和任何问我这个问题的人找到一个标准答案。这么多年来,我是一个标准人。我每天上学,和我一样交朋友,和他们一起运动或玩游戏,然后回家吃晚饭,在那儿听母亲的闲聊或照顾和父亲的戒律。一天过去了。

 plans,personal statement代写

      When I was young, in fact in my generation, we all were asked by questions like what do you want to do in future or what kind of person do you want to be? That’s the beginning of enlightenment of my purpose of life. At that time, we seemed to have a perfect standard answer, to be a scientist or a police especially for a little boy. However, with my the increase of my age, my purpose of life changed along with it. The only unchangeable thing was that I could always find a standard answer for parents, teachers and anyone who asked me this question. For so many years, I was a standard person. I went to school everyday, made friends just like me, played sports or games with them, and then went home for dinner during which listened to mother’s chatter or care and father’s precept. A day passed away.

I was among millions of similar peers, having a regular life style. Parents and teachers told us to study hard, enter a good university and then get a good job. That was a perfect purpose of life. And then I walked into my puberty during which I totally reversed my life style. In this period, I seemed to lose my opinion toward view of life. I even didn’t think about it. I just paid much attention to enjoying and casting away my youth for granted. I didn’t listen to my parents’ words and even worse did  something to annoy them. After this special period, somehow I became the good son again in the eyes of most people. Sometimes a very petty thing can change a lot even you can’t remember how it happened. Maybe it was because I was tired of being an utterly worthless people or always causing trouble.

Anyway, I returned to my normal life and decided to live a life what my parents and relatives wanted me to have. Just like the quoted sentences above-mentioned, to become a seasoned professional and have a pretty life: a nice house, a good marriage, children, a comfortable retirement, reasonably good health, the ability to travel wherever and whenever I want to. To be true, at that time, I really thought that was all I wanted and I had to study hard, work hard to pursue it. I reckoned it was a successful and perfect life no matter career or marriage. And I was naive to believe that I’d be happy as long as I owned all of it. I regarded myself as a targeted one. You see, I had a lot of to achieve,I had dreams, I had goals, I was ambitious, I had a purpose-inspired life. In my imagination, I would gradually be a general manager, then a CEO, and then marry a young, beautiful, charming woman and take to the peak of life. Even when I was sluggish, I just needed to be immersed in this kind of fantasy. Then I would be like injected stimulant. What’s more, I began to kind of despise those who didn’t have such lofty aspirations.

I had been longing for a regular standard successful life in the eyes of common people. Then in a very ordinary school day, our teacher showed a film for us. The name of the movie is Braveheart. Well, it was just a movie but somehow in the bottom of my heart something has changed little by little. Again, I have to emphasize that life is impermanent. Maybe one little tiny thing can change a lot even one’s whole life track. In fact, many people have a prosaic life just like me. Some of them maybe suddenly come to realize what they want truthfully because of special moment that left them feeling helpless, and vulnerable, or strong and resolute. A new chapter began since then. But most of people maintain his or her regular life for the rest of time. So although I didn’t encounter some big events to totally change myself and make a difference, I was lucky enough to doubt my previous ideas through a famous movie. And I really thank my teacher for giving me an opportunity to let myself wake up for a proper time. Maybe himself didn’t know his casual behavior could be so significant to a expectant man.

The movie has given me a vague impression of what a man should be like. I was deeply moved and astonished. Despite that I still had no idea of exact purpose in future, at least I began to think about what is my real want. I have read a book talking about two kinds of life style. One is just like a regular process, the other is nowhere which means you don’t know where to go tomorrow or what are you gonna do later. Maybe you can have a romantic love relationship one day suddenly, maybe you can enjoy scenery other people can’t see for their whole life. What did I want? I searched for the answer for quite a long time but without result. So I decided to step outside world and try to look for it. That’s why I’m here now. For some reason, it is also my parents’ wishes to get a decent job through abroad study. But in the bottom of my heart I know it was not only for that but also for giving myself an answer.

And then I know a man named Zheng Shiping, a writer or you can say a freelance. At first, I was moved by his words and sentences. He wrote some stories about his early life and his relatives. Through his depiction, I saw the human world I had never seen before nor had I thought about. When most of writers present a false appearance of peace and prosperity, he plays a role of devil. His characters exposed some dirty facts about the sensitive ages, screaming loudly and radiating dazzling light. He is the representative of modern conscience. And after I knew his life experience, I was completely amazed by him. He had experienced a lot of misery but lives a life on the road to spread the true, the good and the beautiful. He said that the reason he told us those sufferings and revealed the truth in life was not for revenge or passing hatred. Just because what he had experienced taught him how to find kindness and warmth between sufferings and cruelty in life. We have the responsibility to remember those good quality and spread them, bring the world a power of being kind. Along the lines he walked, there were a large amount of people who did the same with him. There he made many friends in the same camp. They do charity work, safeguard legal rights, do salvation and public welfare. They are human beings with a conscience and willing to campaign for it. Zheng said his life was brilliant because of them. Making friends with them just like reading different books with wonderful contents.

  He said what he did was a rebellion to fate’s provision. Even though the process was with head broken and bleeding, but it was the meaning of life. He wants for outside world, wants for freedom, wants for distance. Like a chivalrous expert in martial arts fiction, he has a strong sense of justice and ready to help the weak. My blood seems to be burning, my consciousness as a man seems to be waken. Finally, I can tell my purpose of life.

It maybe Utopian in most of people’s eyes and even can’t get my parents’ encouragement. It’s clear that it’s very tough to catch up with Mr. Zheng. I want to have a try. On the way to travel in Da Li, a famous tourist site, I met a 75 years old grandma who volunteered there. She told me that her own life began at the age of 55 after retirement. Since then, she walked through the whole country with a bunch of young people. She learned how to dive in the sea when she was 65 years old, went to Tibet on foot at the age of 72. “I’d be very happy if one day I die on the road. Because this happens during my real life. What a pity I began it when I was 55!” I was shocked by her words. In Chinese traditional culture, the old are likely to enjoy their family happiness after retirement. What’s more, it not only requires mental strength but also physical power. How can an old woman did such dangerous and exciting activity. Well, I really admire her for her braveness. The most important thing, she strengthened my determination to my purpose of life.

This purpose is not about matters of myself but what I want to do for this society. In microcosm, I want to change from myself and then extend to people around me. Build up a faith that what we do and how we behave can promote social progress little by little or in the contrast, corrode it. By the look of great respect, I wish that I can be a person like Mr. Zheng, carrying out by actual efforts and setting examples by personally taking part. With like-minded people, we experience excellent landscape scenery and our wonderful lives. We do those trifles things but can help others. We fight for our rights and freedom to get this society better. We are immersed in love and hope and spread this kind of sentiments and feelings to other people. When one day we are needed, we are able to united together and fortify a wall of people thus putting influence on a more large scale of range. As long as there is only one person glittering, the world won’t be plunged into darkness.

Although it seems quite stupid and ridiculous for most of people, it’s my honest answers. I study marketing here at this moment which has nothing to do with aforementioned grandiloquence. Well, it’s quite true on the surface. As far as I’m concerned, what I want to achieve demands a lot. And I’m seizing every opportunity to strengthen myself. No matter what areas of knowledge or skills, maybe one day they are gonna come in handy. Also, I’m searching for people who have the same goal as me and work together to get changed from ourselves. I know that beyond the ocean, my parents may have regulated my career and as soon as I graduate I have to obey their plans. I have the most sincere gratitude to my parents. No matter what they want me do do, it definitely does good to me. But there is a thing I want to tell them. I live a life by my own and I never want to waste it for the rest of my life. Searching for the truth and meaning of life is a more preferable option for me. I don’t want to sponge off even though it’s quiet easy, comfortable and decent. I’m gonna follow my heart chasing for a lifestyle maybe not high-end but filled with the true, the good and the beautiful. There is a book satirizing regular life just like pigs living inside hog lot. Those who are not keeping a cool head just only know eating and sleeping all the day. What a dull choice! Since I’ve seen the outside people and outside world, I decide to be a pig jumping out of the hog lot.  

“This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, being a force of Nature instead of a feverish, selfish little quad of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” Just like George Bernard Shaw said, if I always confine my purpose of life to some achievements of my own, I won’t be able to feel the true joy in life. I’ve known what I am longing for and at this moment I just need to try my best from little things. To be more positive and more generous to other people. Study hard, work hard till the day when I am strong enough to contribute to this society and get it better.



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