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A brief introduction to yourself

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- A brief introduction to yourself,文章讲述当我还是个小男孩的时候,我对如何赚钱很感兴趣,因为我想用我的钱来买玩具,而不是父母的钱。我在跳蚤市场上卖掉了所有二手书。当我得到第一桶金时,我开始了解什么是商业和经济。到美国后,我开始学习一些课程,例如财务会计和微观经济学。现在我基本上知道业务如何运作。更重要的是,我意识到经济学无处不在。

目前,我于2013年8月至2015年5月在奥兰治海岸学院(Orange Coast College)学习工商管理。我珍惜这一重要机会,因为我发现这是我真正感兴趣的主题。在该课程中,我系统地研究了所有相关的商务课程,其中的主要课程包括财务会计,管理会计,微观经济学和宏观经济学。实际上,这个工商管理专业涵盖了广泛的部分。在未来,将会有一个繁荣的未来。


A brief introduction to yourself

I was interested in how to earn money when I was a little boy because I would like to use my money to buy toys instead of my parents' money. I sold all my used books on the flea market. I started getting to know what business and economics is when I got my first pot of gold. After being to the USA, I started studying some courses like Financial Accounting and Microeconomics. Now I essentially know how does business run. More importantly, I realize that economics is everywhere in our lives.

Currently, I am studying business administration in Orange Coast College from August 2013 to May 2015. I have cherished this important chance as I found that it is the subject in which my true interest lies. In this program, I have systematically studied all the relevant business courses, of which the major courses include financial accounting, managerial accounting, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Actually speaking, this major of business administration covers a wide range of sections. In the future, there will be prosperous future.

My personal objective will be successfully entering into university of California or better qualified into Owen branch school of UC. I am planning to transfer out of the current college by fall 2015 and into four-year undergraduate university program. Through learning business administration, I believe I will acquire more professional knowledge in this regards. Short-term goals will be like 1-3 years or 3-5 years. When I graduate from university, I hope to land an internship chance of working in the US. My first career goal will join a tourist company in a position of marketing or publicity. There is a huge tourist market for the Chinese tourists. And more and more Chinese people come to the USA annually for tourist purpose. Meanwhile, I can take advantage of my fluent Chinese speaking and listening to undertake some challenging work. If possible, I would hope to stay in the US to continue working here. Long-term goals will be like more 5 years. If I am unable to stay in the US, I will plan to open an intermediary agency of overseas study. Thus I can help more domestic students from China to go into community college in the US and transfer out of this college into four-year university study. In this way, it will not only save more money for them, but will get them better used to the American lives here.

From June 2013 to present, I have interned as a student assistant in the international center of the Orange Coast College. My major responsibilities are to help overseas students from all over the world to come to study in our college. Detailed work includes emailing, telephoning, student insurance, student application and distribution of academic documents. At the very beginning when I joined this center, I had to break through language barrier and kept in mind those rules during the work. Once I ran into any difficulties, I would communicate with my senior leaders and summarize those mistakes in order not to make it happen again. Almost every time when it comes to the periods before or after holidays, I will be very busy in the office since many students will come to submit applications. I will help them answer the phones or reply to the emails so that other people will have more time to focus on other things. In addition to the above, I will also specialize in campus tours for the international students. I can take advantage of my communication abilities to make each visiting student satisfied. And also I will receive some Chinese students or delegations and do some interpretations work for our president's speeches to those delegations.  

Now I can undertake more complicated applications and materials from those students. Up to now, I have already worked in the international center for more than one year. Within this period, not only my English ability has been improved a lot, but also some other abilities like communication, official email writing, telephone languages and methods of high-level management. This working experience has significantly deepened my understanding of management and broadened academic perspectives. Through playing different roles, I have developed an important academic foundation, effective management skills and interpersonal communication. These factors will be important for my working toward a more advanced degree program.

Even though my distinguished academic performance in college has qualified me for an internship in the above-mentioned position, I am very clear about my academic interest program and my future career objectives.  Therefore in my proposed study of business administration, I will contribute my enthusiasm of study and more than one year working experience in the international center, because I can understand requirements of international students. Meanwhile, I am also interested in the student union, where I can develop my advantage to render more help to other students. In addition, active participation in extra-curricular activities such as school basketball team and piano contest have taken up longer time and will promote more international students to get involved.

There's been quite a long time to have an ambition of having a business related career and to study at a University of California. I am now ready to accept the upcoming educational challenges. I believe there will be both a progress at a personal level and one step closer to laying a foundation for my prosperous business future.





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