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Answers to four questions about "Tomorrow is too far"

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Answers to four questions about "Tomorrow is too far",文章讲述在读完短篇小说《明天就是太远》之后,作者Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie的叙述和描绘非常精致,准确且令人着迷。角色的观点是不可见的,需要加以探索。在这个故事中,一个女人揭示了隐藏多年的痛苦秘密。秘密是关于她哥哥死亡的真正原因。故事结束后,十八年后,该名女子因祖母的去世而返回尼日利亚。她没有告诉Nonso死亡的唯一证人Dozie,她在Nonso死后感到非常糟糕。从整个故事来看,我的结局始于女性的心理变化。


Answers to four questions about "Tomorrow is too far"

After reading the short story ‘Tomorrow Is Too Far’, what the author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, narrates and depicts is very exquisite, accurate and gripping. The character point of view is invisible and needs to be explored. In this story, a woman reveals a painful secret hidden for years. The secret is about the true reason of her brother’s death. At the ending of this story, after eighteen years, the woman came back to Nigeria because of her Grandmama’s death. She didn’t tell Dozie, the only witness of Nonso’s death, that she felt very terrible after Nonso’s death. Based on the whole story, the point at which my ending begins lies in the woman’s psychological changes.


Alternate ending of ‘Tomorrow Is Too Far’

When Dozie asks you how your life has been since Nonso’s death, in that moment, different kinds of feelings instantaneously rise in your mind. Those feelings may be involved with regret, sadness and shame etc. You cannot wait to tell all of your feelings to Dozie because he may be the only person who can understand you and share the pain torturing you during all those eighteen years. However, you can't say out all the time. You are wordless. Dozie gazes at you in silence. Then the atmosphere is so quiet that you both can hear the heartbeat each other. The silence lasts for a long time. In this period, you try to communicate with Dozie many times. For no reason, you feel that he has the same expectation as well. But later you just find that you even have no courage to conduct direct eye contact with him, let alone communicate.


Gradually, you begin to recall lots of sleepless nights when you twist and turn and see the scene in which Nonso died perform again and again. It is visible before the eyes as it happened yesterday. At the same time, you remember your various dreams where Nonso appears within those years. Among those dreams, Nonso would smile at you and passionately invite you to play with him. When you are bullied by other boys, he always put himself forward. Sometimes, Nonso would query you angrily that why you can cruelly do such a thing to him because he trusts and loves you so much.


Under the circumstances, the most miserable thing is that you can’t tell it to your mother or anyone else so that you have to bear it alone. It is really difficult for you to live through all those eighteen years. Now, back to the Nigeria again, you suddenly realize that it may be the best chance to deal with the true secret of Nonso’s death based on the saying that it is better for the doer to undo what he has done. At this very moment, you are more eager to put an ending to this event than before. As a result, you muster up all your courage and look up. You look at Dozie and stutter that you really have had a very hard time during those years and most of the time, you just want to commit suicide towards yourself in order to finish all the things. However, it is not so simple to end everything. Once, when you have got ready to kill yourself, a question occurs to you that who could look after your old mother after your death. Since the experience of Nonso’s death and the divorce with your father, she cannot withstand a single blow. Thus you can imagine that she may be impossible to make a living. Then it’s clear that your death is not allowed. Dozie listens to you quietly and seriously. He says nothing. You know that you don’t need him to use words to comfort you. What you truly want is a person willing to accompany you and lend an ear to you. You have so many things to release.


Gradually, you burst into tears just like a ten-year-old girl. You ceaselessly apologize to Nonso, your mother, your Grandmama and your father and hope that they can feel your empressement and forgive your fault. At this moment, Dozie turns round, embraces you tightly and whispers that he is also very sorry to everyone.















Answers of four questions about ‘The American Embassy’

In the story ‘The American Embassy’, Adichie well presents a woman’s mental activity and thoughts in detail. The character point of view can be discussed from many sides. Generally, the story tells the apply process of a woman’s asking for asylum visa. Its background is the escape of her husband and the death of her son. As for the ending of the story, the woman gives up the apply chance during the visa interview. The point at which my ending begins lies in the woman’s complicated and tangled emotions.  


Alternate ending of ‘The American Embassy’

“Ma'am, could you show me some evidences that the government is involved. As you know, nowadays, the combat between ethnic groups is drastic. It is not easy for us to judge one thing. You must prove you would not be safe if you go on living in Nigeria.” the interviewer looked at her and said patiently.

“I have said that my son is the best evidence. You can go with me and I will show you the evidence. ” She said with a straight face and a blank brain. She didn’t know why she would say these words to the interviewer. She just knew that her son Ugonna was only four years old and he should have been with her now.

“Ma'am, I’m so sorry for your son again. If you really want to obtain the asylum visa and begin a new life in America, please just show me the proof. I would like to help you.” The voice was so calm and kind that, for an instant, she suspected whether the interviewer took her words seriously although what she said was not much.

For no reason, the words “new life” began to appear in her mind on and on. “Yeah, a new life could save me. I need to start a new life which may help me totally forget who I am and forget I once had a son named Ugonna.” She soliloquized.

“Ma'am, Ma'am, have you listened to me?” the interviewer tried to get some attention from her by waving hands. ”

“Of course, I have listened to you. You said I could start a new life. You said I should show some evidences to you…”

“So…” the interviewer paused subconsciously.

“I have told you that I would like to show you the evidence, my son, if you go with me.” she said in slight excitement

“But that is not enough, Ma’am. You must show me more specific information and details, or I can’t help you”.

“You indeed can’t help me because you are not me and you can’t have personal experience of the loss of loved ones. I don’t know what evidence you want exactly. I just know the government casually kill a person-even a child without any reliable reason. So I don’t know why I need to show you any evidence. Is the evidence of the death of my son Ugonna, an only four-year-old boy, not enough? So what really do you want? Please tell me. Please tell me!” Her voice became more and more agitated. She repeatedly told herself to stay calm and that the interviewer had nothing to do with the death of her son. However, she strongly felt that she couldn’t control herself. She wanted to shout and cry without thinking about other people’s existence. There were so many things depressed in her heart these days. Just at that moment, she felt that she must release them today. However, finally, she chose to shut up because she knew nobody was willing to listen to her story since everybody was so busy with his own things. Nobody could truly feel her painful feeling.

As a result, she turned around and straightly walked to the door of the American embassy. She didn’t want to apply for asylum visa any longer. She didn’t want to meet her husband in America any more as well. What she wanted now was just to come back home quickly and she knew that her son was waiting for her to cook his favorite food. She saw him smiling at her. Then unconsciously, she picked up the pace.





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