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Photography and painting

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Photography and painting,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了摄影与绘画。现实主义绘画与自然主义摄影之间是一种非常亲近的关系,它们都是以客观的方式描绘现实的生活,但很难说自然主义等同于现实主义,它们之间的确有着很大的共性,现实主义的出现深受摄影的影响又滋养摄影,可见摄影与绘画之间的关系是何等密切。

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The birth of photography is not only a new device to sublate and discard the old culture caused by the progress of industrial civilization. "without the emergence of photography, there would not be the birth of impressionistic painting and abstract painting," said sugimoto. It is the development and progress of photography technology that inevitably promotes the progress of modern art.

With the application and promotion of photography in the 19th century, all people can freely use this new technology. Moreover, this mechanical device that can be used for painting is better than that painted by painters at that time, which was regarded as a great threat by painters at that time, and at the same time, it constantly impacts the psychology of audiences at that time. Expel old technology new technology, and above old technology, this is the law of history, photography took over the record history theme paintings and classical portrait of memory, and other functions, and even artists began to use pictures as a painting material, through the photographic equipment will be painted to depict the object reflected on the paper, the development of science and progress directly influenced the artists' techniques and artistic conception.

Firstly, the birth of photography and the mutual penetration of painting. In 1839, shortly after daguerre announced the invention of photography in Paris, talbot, an Englishman, made the same claim in London. At the beginning of the birth of photography has given great impact to painters, but for some open artists, the rapid development of photography makes the unique ability of accurate reproduction of objects is quite attractive. Some painters use scenes as material for their paintings, while others simply give up painting and turn to photography. British painter and poet William bell Scott said in his autobiography: "every movement has a genius of movement, just as every flower has a seed, the seed of pre-raphaelites is photography." And the photographer Dante? Gabriel rossetti is one of them.

Rossetti looked to the pre-raphael painters as role models, creating symbols to counter the growing material tendencies of European society. Rosetti USES photography to depict things with an open mind. He boldly USES the materials he takes as a reference and makes subjective treatment. Therefore, the existence of photos cannot be directly felt in rosetti's paintings. As can be seen from the works, rossetti paid less attention to the natural appearance, and more attention was paid to the introspection and description of the inner world, a style clearly seen in his later works "bita beatriz".

In addition, nadal's work Sarah behnhat is enough to prove that photography is fully capable of capturing the personality of people, and we can still see the influence of painting on photography in his works. Faithful to the high standards of classical art and its superb lines, nadal combines photographic accuracy with the elegance of the lines of the pleats, which resemble ancient Greek sculptures, creating a sense that there is nothing standing between the model and the viewer. His work George sand combines photography and abstraction in the same line style. The subtle differences between light and shadow make the picture especially clean and neat, which is the characteristic of nadal's portrait photography. Although nadal was aware of man's existence as a subject in the objective world in the mid-19th century, the style of his works was still influenced by classical painting. With the major breakthroughs in natural sciences in Europe in the 1850s, art forms were also undergoing earth-shaking changes. Photography, as both an observation tool and an observation method, had a great impact on the development of the next generation of mainstream art style -- realism.

Secondly, people's concept has changed. At the end of 18th century and the beginning of 19th century, natural science in Europe entered a period of comprehensive development. The industrial revolution represented by Britain, France and Germany basically reached a perfect level. Science began to go ahead of technology. The middle of the 19th century from the experience of the development of science and natural science into a scientific theory, and after one hundred years of accumulation, cytology, physical geography, plane solution for the evolution of thought provides rich arguments, as early as before the Darwin had more than 40 scientists put forward the theory of biological evolution, finally by rafael nadal and a book published "on the origin of species". The progress of science not only brings technological innovation, but also makes people realize the awakening of self-centered consciousness, changes people's concept, and finally influences the creative style of art and literature, making artists' creation free from any idealism. Creation main body begin to pay close attention to depict the ordinary people and objects, more and more artists began to illusion of classical mythology, exotic and historical themes, artists think art should show people the real life and the actual itself, new science brings new ideas to make the middle of the 19th century people have a kind of new way of life, hope to be this kind of life art.

Photographer le carre's most influential work is his seascape photography. Delaroche also took numerous portraits of landscapes, city buildings and people in his early years. In 1857, le carre began to turn his lens to the vast sea. He exposed clouds and waves separately, and organized them into one image, so that the light perfectly echoed the sea waves and composed the magnificence of nature. The realist painter courbet would see le carre's photographs and begin to focus on realistic scenes and ordinary people. Steve · courbet, is one of the few in depicting the reality before Darwin's biological theory of evolution, people in real life the painter, his paintings forthright, bold and unrestrained, reject the doctrine of classical painting and myth thought, he in order to create to understand things, to the nature, with nature and artificial creation object in real life, in a new article verve and wireless technique to show the dignity of the ordinary people and nature, published his new daily life laid the foundation for the development of the realism. He was considered a public enemy of art in the mid-19th century, and many believe that photography was the cause and breeding ground of the revolution. Realism painting and naturalistic photography is a kind of in-laws relations between them are the way of objective portrays the life of the reality, but it's hard to tell naturalism is equivalent to realism, indeed have a great commonness between them, the emergence of realism is under the influence of photography and nourish the photography, visible of the relationship between photography and painting is ambiguous.

The end of the 19th century natural science led to the development of optical in color science research, color affects the artist at that time, directly promoted the painter artistic language shift, haier's 19th century Germany's feeling of color, the French shaffer's "on color contrast law" and "color and its application in arts and crafts" for the time of the artists provides a scientific theory of optical, painters all natural phenomena should be how to observe, from the Angle of light for all colors of light, and the color is applied to an unprecedented new level. Were developed in the late 19th century paintings of realism to perfection, artists devoted to color is looking for new ways, the development of photography also make realistic lost the advantage of painting, combined with the progress of modern transportation means, along with the expansion of social capital to the east, a lot of photos back to the east Europe, through the image presented Oriental social form and way of life and enlightenment of western artists' creative inspiration. Artists turned their eyes from trust-seeking "figurative" painting to more exploration of the "abstract" spiritual field of art, and depicted it with a painting method that emphasizes light and color. From then on, impressionism painting school entered the stage of history.


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