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City sculptures

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- City sculptures,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了城市雕塑。城市雕塑是城市艺术构成的重要元素,是艺术地记录城市历史和文化的最有效方式。城市雕塑发展受到不同的历史、政治和文化等因素影响与作用,结合不同的功能和概念,就有了主题性和非主题性等多种表现形式。传统时期城市雕塑更多地表现为纪念性和宗教性,体现了单一性和统一性。而近现代时期在继承传统的基础上,出现了非主题的城市雕塑,体现了多样性和更多的不确定性。

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Urban sculpture is an important element of urban art and the most effective way to record urban history and culture. It is an outdoor sculpture. The development of urban sculpture is influenced and influenced by different historical, political and cultural factors. Combining different functions and concepts, it has many forms of expression such as thematic and non-thematic.

In the traditional period, urban sculpture is more represented as thematic, commemorative and religious, reflecting the unity and unity. In modern times, on the basis of inheriting the tradition, non-theme urban sculptures appeared, reflecting diversity, interest and more uncertainties.

In ancient Greek city sculptures, human performance was the main part, Greek myths and idealization were the core, and the city sculptures were simple, elegant and harmonious in style.

Urban sculpture in ancient Rome paid attention to religious form expression, advocated imperial authority, paid attention to utility and practicality, and paid attention to grand form and decorative effect.

The medieval city sculptures of Western Europe embody their mysterious and joyful styles with different characteristics of Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque and gothic sculptures.

The Italian Renaissance city sculpture, which is formed under the humanism thought, eulogizes the life, eulogizes the hero, the performance praises to the human creativity, the city sculpture is full of optimism and confidence, such as the statue of David designed by Michelangelo in the plaza cioli in Florence. Baroque city sculpture is the main style of Europe and America, the form of strong contrast, the pursuit of movement, exaggeration and luxury.

The European classical period city sculpture took the ancient Greek and Roman city sculpture heritage as the model, displayed the major social theme, advocated the heroic spirit, and formally pursued the rigorous, solemn, full of passion.

Rodin's life was a life of attack and ridicule, understanding and support. But he faced it all right with a great personality. Rodin climbed all his life and finally reached another peak after Michelangelo. Rodin believed that "art is emotion". All of his works prove this concept and reveal the rich emotions of human beings. As such, rodin was the most outstanding romantic sculptor. His greatness, however, lay in the depth of his thinking: he had none of the ills easy to see in romanticism, such as superficial passions, empty exaggerations, and false connotations. For modern people, he is the last sculptor in the old era, and the first sculptor in the new era. One of his feet remained in the courtyard of the classicism, the other in its modern setting. It can be said that rhodan has trained his mature and powerful hands in the classical period, and opened the door of modern sculpture for the new era with his creative spirit that is not bound by tradition. Three shadows is a group of sculptures at the top of the gates of hell.

After the 20th century, more artists participated in urban sculpture, who did not want to be bound by tradition. The artistic language of urban sculpture also gradually turned to abstract, exaggerated and diversified exploration and expression from traditional mono-realism, representativeness and symbolism. Not only the subject diversification, especially in exploring a new material, the sculpture as a form, and the sculpture as a modelling the spatial form of expression, to explore the generated assembly, installation and pop art sculpture sculpture, out of the city sculptures of various morphological denotation of public art and other new concepts. Moreover, urban sculptures in various countries pay more attention to the integration of natural regional features, urban history and culture with the city, and emphasize innovation and individuality.

Based on the strong artistry of urban sculpture itself and the fact that it is inseparable from architecture, landscape and planning in today's urban construction, we believe that today's urban sculpture creation should implement the creation principle of "environment, space, culture and benefit", and seek for quality and proper quantity!

The construction of urban sculpture used to be the representative of the "quality era". As long as the sculpture itself has a high artistic level, it is a good work. Now not only the required level of work, but also to see whether the city carving and the surrounding environment integration. The environment here includes natural environment and human environment.

Space is a limited three-dimensional space, which has four dimensions due to the addition of time. It pays attention to the following principles and rules: exploring features, forming sequences, appropriate echo, highlighting center, comfort scale, etc. For example, Michelangelo, the European Renaissance master of sculpture, positioned the human height as 8 heads long. The length of human body in China is usually 7 to 7 1/2 heads long.

"Culture is the precipitation of history, which persists in cities and buildings, melts in people's life, has an invisible influence on people's ideas and behaviors, and is the soul of architecture". As the spiritual meaning of architectural form is rooted in cultural tradition, we should carefully perceive the following three cultural types: forward requirements; Harmonious, moderate; Turn back. Select "forward requirements"! City sculpture is the cultural card of a city. Walking in a city with sculptures, you will be infected by a strong cultural atmosphere. Each city has its own unique cultural connotation, and sculpture is the most representative and symbolic sign of the city's cultural heritage. The magnificent momentum of giant sculpture can even become a symbol of a city. Before creating each piece of work, you should go to the local customs to learn about local customs and practices. Such as han meilin's design from dalian tiger beach "group tiger" to zhejiang shangyu cao e river bank "da shun farmland", all is not his works through hardships.

It is a reasonable realization of structural materials. Due to the large volume of the need for material, structural knowledge of the integration, so as not to be a castle in the air!

According to shandong tong, there were only two city sculptures in the early days of the founding of shandong province, and now there are ten thousand. At least a quarter of these sculptures are poorly made.

Reasons for the level of authorship. Such as access to the national qualification certificate of professional sculpture rarely, plus as prescribed by the state council makes the 184th order of the People's Republic of China national 1st class registered architect sculpture design qualification is one of the few, but there are a large number of unqualified amateurs, grandiose urban sculpture production, including migrant workers, masons, amateur art lovers and so on.

Another important reason for the flood of low-quality city sculptures is "the will of the first hand" and "the will of party a". Experts and citizens are rarely consulted.

Qingdao's city sculpture has always been in the forefront of the country. It is understood that there are more than 1,000 sculptures in Qingdao, of which there are more than 300 important ones. Many of them reflect the cultural implication of the north coastal city with the integration of human and nature. CAI puzeng of sculpture office of Qingdao planning bureau introduces to the reporter, this basically should be attributed to a good system. Qingdao city sculpture has been strictly abiding by the "three systems" : first, the bidding system, the design, creation and construction of important and large sculptures, from the national bidding, to avoid the operation of the secret; Second, the public participation system, for each major sculpture design scheme, by the relevant departments to issue votes, public display, so that the majority of the public participate in the selection, public opinion as an important basis; Third, the expert evaluation system, strict control, to avoid "sculpture waste" and waste. Such as DongHai Road 12 ? 5 kilometers of sculpture art gallery before construction, organized by the domestic well-known experts review committee, from the collection of 1700 pieces of sculpture designs to choose, ensure that the quality of art and sculpture. Moreover, no matter who gets the money, the government is firmly in control of its planning and will not allow it to go its own way.

Example 1: the design scheme of the main sculpture at the west end of nanjing road is good enough for the public to participate. We provide the design scheme of the main sculpture at the west end of nanjing road. After exploring the surrounding environment for many times, the author not only tried to shape the "four dimensions" sculpture shape with the most concise all-in-one feather structure and modern materials, but also integrated poetry, music and other art nature into it, and pointed out the theme with the "couplet poem" -- at this time, the morning wind was rippling and wings were flapping toward the Milky Way. Tonight stars bright, create brilliant!

Sculpture, like poetry, contains ancient and moving legends and the ever-changing reality of urban construction. Harmonious coexistence with surrounding buildings, traffic and other environments, we sang the familiar song together: "starshine ."

Kunming intersection, yunnan intersection sculpture: kunming intersection is adjacent to the Olympic building and people's stadium, highlighting the spirit of tianjin women's volleyball team, hongyang sports culture -- a city sculpture with five rings and abstract women's volleyball team silhouetted yingzi, and the composition of art is clear. Integrated with the environment and culture! The intersection of yunnan is adjacent to the yizhong and people's gymnasium, highlighting the young and masculine beauty and heralding the great development of tianjin by leaps and bounds -- the city sculpture is composed of the abstract men's pommel horse and the "thousand hands guanyin" form of art.


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