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作业代写:Guillermo del toro style of terror

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Guillermo del toro style of terror,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了吉尔莫·德尔·托罗的恐怖风格。在恐怖电影中,生理机能、心理满足的反复交锋让人们在饱受折磨的同时也享受到压力宣泄的快感,发生地和文化体系的迥异造就了恐怖电影的类型化。而墨西哥裔导演吉尔莫·德尔·托罗在光怪陆离的恐怖电影领域自成一派,塑造了黑暗与诗意并存、科幻与现实交织的多元恐怖意境,带给人们超越影像国界的巅峰体验。

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In horror films, the repeated exchanges of physiological function and psychological satisfaction enable people to enjoy the pleasure of pressure release while suffering from torture. The different locations and cultural systems have created the typology of horror films. Mexican director guillermo del toro in the field of the quirky horror movie sui generis, shaped the darkness and poetic artistic conception, science fiction and reality of multivariate terror, give people beyond the peak of the image borders. From aspects such as type, horror theme, analyzing guillermo? del toro movie style of terror.

Guillermo del toro is one of the few world film field monster enthusiasts, the strange, spooky monsters are placed in special environment, make people the shivering and exerted an alternative world. Craze for monsters like del toro director does not see more, with large loans taken by the devil's claw "silver not only let del toro will almost all prizes, Mexican film festival also Hollywood knocked on the door for him, and officially opened its horror movie style writing career. Del toro film style is not invariably, conformism. Instead, focus on innovation, and constantly seek to change, the pursuit of the film narrative structure, narrative theme multiple transformation is the del toro can be presented to the audience a visual feast. Compared with Japan's "ring", "the grudge" is given priority to with ghosts and Europe and the United States such as "saw" and so on is given priority to with violent bloody horror subjects, del toro each film terror style have "cross the truth. which, far and near the different".

The stream of consciousness is a name given by psychology to the character of consciousness flow. Combining with the view of individual consciousness 'spirit analysis, it can be considered that people's consciousness has mobility and stability. The continuous increase of social experience and the accumulation of social experience will keep people's consciousness in constant change, but there is always a dominant consciousness in this changing consciousness that leads to the change of other consciousness and ultimately becomes the decisive force influencing people's behavior. Del toro was born in a Catholic family, love horror story nannies and edge of the penetration of culture, makes it showed at an early age of the disorderly god of the strange power and deep hell is yearning, and make such as "" sleeps in a coffin" dialogue with the devil "absurd behavior. The belief in god's del toro is a great shock, for it from the "devil possessed" crazy situation, family is held ceremoniously exorcism ritual, but it has not eliminated del toro to ghosts, monsters, mania, instead more inspired his love in his subconscious mind. Fascination awareness has been accompanied by del toro grow, until it became a director, at this point, del toro start more crazy with their consciousness to construct an ideal horror movie in the world.

Modelling is to foil the film atmosphere, the important element that explains the film theme, different modelling can convey different visual connotation. Modeling mainly consists of visual image, image and illusion, and specifically involves composition, landscape, color and post-editing. These rich elements together form symbolic meaning, conveying the expression intention of the director and the scriptwriter, so that the audience can feel the emotional effect to be conveyed in the process of receiving the visual information. The director's own ideas have a decisive influence on the modeling effect, and the director's images, colors and layout consciousness will influence the modeling trend of the whole film. Del toro films are various and the modelling of the excellences shape due to its 10 years of experience in makeup, during doing makeup supervisor, del toro learn and master a lot of makeup and special effects, which made him can have room for a variety of model creation. The modelling of sensitive consciousness and the design of the tension, make del toro the exaggerated modelling in the movie no acosmia feeling.

In the movie "hellboy", to maintain the aesthetic feeling of the original film, del toro will be the original author using high-contrast drawing is preserved in the comics, to ensure that the composition of aesthetic feeling, make the black night, dark red and big buildings, actor hellboy lines constitute a highly poetic picture, fully shows the characteristics of hellboy powerful body.

Trying to retain the original model wonders, on the basis of del toro is to imagine the hilt for fantastic legend, his movie everywhere of warcraft in the phantom of the opera. Although these strange shapes cannot give people a sense of great power and shock, they can play a visual infiltration role of "silence wins sound", which is enough to make the audience sigh with admiration. For example, the funny tumor shapes in hellboy series, the vampire shapes in devil's silver claw and the machine armor shapes in Pacific rim can also become special modeling wonders. Del toro to each kind of modelling is very attentively, to meet the viewer to this kind of material the textual research of psychology, he also has carried on the thorough explaination of all sorts of modelling detail. If the mecha modelling mainly comes from the Japanese in the Pacific rim sci-fi drama and animation to his inspiration, given the mecha and monster prone to mecha damaged in battle, del toro stiffness on the mecha modelling is the pursuit of visual rendering, in order to let the mecha modelling combat extremely high impression on the viewer. To give people enough visual imagination, del toro design "can come cloud" shadow can uncover fangyuan mecha modelling and breaking out and be able to lift the sea tide rolling sea monster modelling, let model-much does it one brace up. In "the variant DNA," del toro to cockroach shape modelling of surprise, bared his teeth have humanoid but insects, reveal the dangerous and suffocating atmosphere, cockroach people appear special black cloak and elongated shadow shape. The horror of the film is rendered to the extreme, leaving the audience stunned.

In order to more fully present visual image, del toro spare no effort to dig the elements in the scene space, and carries on the visualization of the creation and use again. Silver in the devil's claw, "del toro with device to shape the vampire modelling, dung beetles in device for media, showing the story there were strange insects. In "hellboy" del toro king's throne is set in the middle of the scene, to highlight the king of supreme power image. On the king's image, del toro showed images of Greek mythology the king inheritance, with gold and red dress decorate the king. While the film adopts a cold tone to the color construction of the human world, which is intended to convey the lack of love in the human world, the world of the elven prince and his sister is full of vitality, which is a golden and magnificent image.

Del toro is Mexican director, but his architecture in the movie the horrors of the modelling is infiltrating the multicultural, not only has the traditional Mexican culture, and Greek culture, east Asian culture and Spanish culture and American culture. The bold collage of the cultures of different regions into familiar elements has also won the unanimous praise of the global audience.

First, alienation and existential terror under the theme of warmth. Is the devil's claw "silver del toro staple of horror films, shooting the film, del toro is still an unknown small director, filming money by borrowing. The film takes the fight between human nature and animal nature as the theme, and creates a great arena of desire for the audience, which enables the audience to see the fierce and mortal struggle between human nature and animal nature. Actor Jesus griess desire exposed human greed side of youth, his dependence on the devil silver claw device for their bodies, descended into bloodthirsty monsters in the future the stage. And the rich merchant who knew this secret, gardia, in order to grab the devil's silver claw device, did not hesitate to kill and smear the living creatures, further revealing the ugly selfishness of human nature in front of desire. Del toro, however, is not only satisfied with the revelation of human greed, throughout the course of the film in addition to the bizarre, legends, brutality and WenQing, actor and granddaughter, intentionally or unintentionally reveals the true interaction among high thick affection, it was originally bizarre horror movie atmosphere been watered down. In monster image with people opposing the del toro let the audience see the beauty of life and wealth cannot compete power. Ending with a sentimental and touching scene of destruction, it not only explains the destruction of animal nature, but also demonstrates the permanence of human nature and the unremitting pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty. Even in the face of alienation, even in the face of destruction, we should not give up our kinship, which is the final theme of this film. Sharply and the positive and negative poles non-trace transformation will del toro as a director of new generation of artistic attainments hesitation, the art of such sensitive nature can clap a immortal. Second, war and sci-fi terror under the theme of children. The obsession with ghosts, perhaps stems from childhood del toro has been emphatically from the perspective of children making a horror movie, but a single children's perspective of horror movies may seem thin and lack of appeal. Del toro borrow war fable cut into the children's perspective of way took two classic film, "ghost tong yuan" and "pan's labyrinth", both films have in common is that using the method of managing performance, highlight the terrorist of the world of children's perspective. Haunted house is a gimmick with ghosts, so the film focuses on the interpretation of ghosts from the very beginning: "ghosts are a tragedy, a pain fixed by eternity, and the ghost of a child "The ghost child school choose the Spanish civil war as the background of the film, although use war fable, but del toro has not mentioned in the film a lot or describe the cruelty of war, but for war orphans perspective will lock in the orphanage, bring children's devastating against war destroyed from the side. The bomb, buried in the middle of the yard and ready to explode, filled the orphanage with a thick, horrible hue. The arrival of carlos pushed the film to a climax. Since carlos saw the ghost of the dead sandy, the pace of the film accelerated significantly. When the mystery of sandy's death was solved, the cruel and cruel xia qiandu became the real ghost of the haunted children's hospital. At this time, xia qiandu was undoubtedly the embodiment of brutal fascism. The twisted humanity was the strongest attack on the war. It was fascism that forced the happiness of children into exile and mutilated children. In the ghost children's hospital, from heterogeneous world of ghosts and gods and is not a source of terror, but instead become a children's spiritual power, the technique of expression is reflected the difference between European and American film director and del toro: he better reveal the film theme in artistic style. Pan's labyrinth, which dates back to the end of the Spanish civil war, is more science-fiction than house of the devil. Little ophelia, who happened to know that she was the daughter of hades, had to challenge vidal, her cruel stepfather, to return to princess status. And wei's life like dirt, wanton killing, ophelia in children's eyes to see more beautiful things, so when the pan to issued the final kill her brother's task, she did not hesitate to choose to refuse, though at last she still die in the hands of the brutality of wei darfur, but her children's naive, kind has been consistently throughout the film. Del toro in the film, set up two representative characters: adult and children - cruel executioner and innocent girl. This image contrast enhanced the narrative effect of the whole film, and finally effectively revealed and responded to the film's attack on fascism.

Third, the theme of romance is darkness and evil terror. Love is the eternal theme in humans, unlike other romance director, del toro put love in the context of terrorist, more show a romantic breath. The story in the film "hellboy" occurred during the second world war, the film still had that villain Nazi officers battles, but the story is over, the son of satan, inner fight between good and evil, the son of satan's henchmen summoned by the nazis, his natural dark and evil forces of chilling, creepy. As the evil nature of the baron of hell's body slowly recovers, his cruelty, bloodlust and savagery become unreachable. With justice on one side and evil on the other, the battle between the two forces left the hellboy with a choice of purgatory. In this horror scene, however, del toro has ably in the film into the pop songs, poems, and the focus of the film transferred to hellboy and Leeds feelings show. Such a romantic transition allows the film to release the horror quietly, adding a lot of human flavor.

Fourth, invasion and disaster terror under the theme of peace. Del toro has been consistently seek the innovation of the film creation, to make up for the defects in the grand historical narrative film, del toro directed the "Pacific rim". This is a film about peace under the foreign invasion from the perspective of mankind. Del toro in the film follows the Hollywood disaster film, but also has carried on the variation, and into the multilateral culture, highlighting the subject of the different RACES have a responsibility to save the world. The film tries to reveal the theme that people should seek pluralistic symbiosis under the background of globalization through the destruction of mankind by war. Del toro's terror in the film style to further sublimation, let the audience feel the mining of war and peace for all mankind problems and thinking.

Horror films meet the needs of the people's emotional catharsis, but del toro clearly not satisfied with the physiological function of the people need to meet, his pursuit of alternative terrorist style to fill the gaps in many horror movies, whether it's warmth under the theme of alienation and survival horror, children under the theme of war and science fiction horror, romantic theme of the darkness and evil terror, or peace under the theme of invasion and terrorist disaster, broke the traditional model of horror movies. Del toro is in in poetic and artistic feelings infiltrate horror films, those strange monsters are all his treasure, it is these treasures and the construction of poetic let his film beyond the general horror movies, become adult black fairy tales of the world.


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