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作业代写:Differentiation in language use

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Differentiation in language use,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了语言运用的差异化。电影电视除了有其专属的技巧语言表达外,社会生活的有声语言仍是其最主要的表达方式。在电影电视发展的历史空间内,语言的差异化是各种电影电视能否取得优势的一个关键。在如今技术已经不是创作障碍的形势下,语言表达上的差异化将成为影视创新的重要途径。

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In addition to the special skills of film and television, the audio language of social life is still the most important way of expression. In the historical space of the development of film and television, the differentiation of language has naturally become one of the magic weapons of all kinds of films and television. Through the analysis of the language of several films and TV plays, this paper puts forward a new approach to the innovation of film and TV plays, that is, how to promote the development of films and TV plays by means of linguistic differences.

At the end of the 19th century, the lumiere brothers of France made mobile film machines with both shooting and screening functions. In late 1895, they first showed their short films to the public in Paris, marking the birth of the film. Since 1927, when the first recorded film, "the king of jazz," opened the mouth of a film that could only see moving images, sound language has played an irreplaceable role in the history of film development. However, more people are always interested in the soundtrack and sound effects of movies, but few people study and pay attention to the polishing and polishing of movie lines. Since the development of film and television, the machine equipment and shooting techniques have become more and more advanced, and the special effects have become more and more gorgeous. However, there are few classic films and television works, and the most fundamental reason is the lack of a differentiated and novel language expression. In today's situation where technology is no longer an obstacle to creation, the differentiation of language expression is bound to become an important approach to film and television innovation.

Film is an art that takes modern science and technology as the means and USES pictures and sounds as the media to create screen images and reflect and express real life and thoughts and feelings in the time and space when moving. Although more and more people agree with the idea of film art, after all, film is more like a hybrid of multiple arts than an artistic genre such as chess, calligraphy and painting. After the birth of the film, art is no longer high in the sun, but a kind of popular art that everyone can talk about, but every classic movie must be known to all. So why are movies so widespread? In short, it conforms to the most basic law of communication. In 1948, the famous American political scientist Harold lars, complement in the process of the propagation of proposed 5 w: "who, what, through what channels, to who say, have what effect." Among them, "what to say" has become the most important factor to restrict the rapid spread of a film and the formation of classics. Below we might as well analyze a few of the use of character language differentiation to achieve classic movies.

Chinese films began to pay attention to the language style of characters from the yellow earth. The film, with its stagnant images and simple characters, simplifies the narration of the film's pictures, and breaks through the symbolic garden formed by the film's development for a long time with simple dialogues. By the middle and late 1980s, a series of film and television dramas adapted from wang shuo's novels had brought fresh experience and attention to the unique character language of domestic audiences. Feng xiaogang's "the story of the editorial department", yingda's "I love my family" and other TV dramas have been entertaining and entertaining the audience.

"The landowner has no food to spare! Let the mules and horses rest now that tenant zhang is here! It is believed that few films can achieve such a language expression with black humor style, and it is this language difference that makes feng xiaogang's "party a and party b" become a classic, and this language style has never been able to get rid of since then. Eight words: stand out, stand out! Later films like cell phone and if you are the one are all of these. It can be said that feng xiaogang's movies are funny without watching them, which is what he gets from the differences in language styles.

In the Hong Kong film industry, there was a time when martial arts movies flooded the screen. Although there were classics, few audiences could be interested in a certain action. On the contrary, what we remember is exactly the character language. For example, "ashes of time", although many people do not agree with the film, but you have to admire wang jiawei's work on language differentiation. "A person has trouble because he has a good memory," huang said. "if he can forget everything, every day will be a new beginning." So he chose "drunk to death", but found it hard to forget: "drunk to death is just a joke she made on me. The more you want to forget something, the better you will remember it. When something is out of your reach, the only thing you can do is not to forget it. You can disapprove of wong kar-wai's movies, but you have to admit his achievements in movies, all of which are attributed to his efforts in sound language. If let someone recalls the film, said on a few main character's name is not necessarily people can remember, but if you can read such a line will certainly make a lot of people blurted out: "there was a sincere love in front of me, I didn't cherish, when I lost my only regret, in the world the most painful thing is this. Cut your sword down my throat! Don't hesitate! If god could give me a chance to do it again, I would say three words to that girl: I love you. If I have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it's Ten thousand years." The wide spread of this line has surpassed that of the film itself, and people have taken great pains to evolve and disseminate this line. The reason is that the scriptwriter has properly applied the expression of language differentiation, which must first conform to the character characteristics of the film characters. I don't know how love works. Until today, I finally realized that love is the most important thing in life. I will die soon. I will love you for ten thousand years. "This is a perfectly normal statement, but it also expresses the regret of the supreme treasure and the love for the white crystal sufficiently, but it is certain that it will not become a classic.

Any unified language will form different linguistic features due to the identity characteristics of social members and the differences between regions and cultures, which is called dialect. As far as China is concerned, there are dozens of different dialects in Chinese without speaking minority languages. Each dialect plays a unique role in the effects of film and television. In the original film and television works, the initial use of dialect was mainly to respect the real image of great people. In the role play of many great men, such as MAO zedong, they all adopted their original dialect. However, this is fundamentally different from the language differentiation of film creation. It is not really a dialect film in the true sense, nor can differentiation be talked about.

The first film that really made many people accept dialect differentiation was the 2006 budget film crazy stone. The dialect of shandong, henan, northeast China and Hong Kong became the biggest success of the film. On the cable car, xie xiaomeng said to the beauty: "whenever I look at the city from this Angle, I feel strongly that the city is the mother and we live in her womb "After the crash, secretary qin said:" dog day, high-tech, driverless! Do not see, do not touch me, can not open do not open!" In particular, the black language style is the most obvious, let's just hear the comedy effect from the accent. Black leather is on the balcony with a telescope to see if there is a security guard, but see someone on the car flirt. So did doug. Black skin say: "hey hey hey, direct top not line, you fee that matter!" If you change a character or change the mandarin, there is no such comedy effect. The success of this film has led us to gradually discover that dialect art films have begun to break through the geographical restrictions, and even people who do not know this dialect have begun to accept and love such films. Since then, more pure dialect movies have been released, the most representative of which is the 2010 henan film and television group's no joke. All the actors in the play are speaking in henan dialect, and "laughing fruit" is very much. On June 10, "chuang" entered Beijing and was shown in more than 50 cinemas in seven cinemas. After watching the movie, even beijingers have learned henan dialect, which can be said to set off a wave of dialect movies. The filmmakers have also taken advantage of the success, with another sequel, "just for fun," in 2011, with equally impressive results. Soon after jiang wen's "let the bullets fly" was released in 2011, it was "translated" into a sichuan dialect version.

As a matter of fact, in the 1960s, China has shot the movie "zhuangding zhuangding", which is mainly based on the sichuan dialect. Later, dialect disappeared from the screen amid a nationwide push for mandarin. However, the success of some local TV dramas has allowed filmmakers to re-see the innovative ways of film and television. There are only two reasons why dialect programs are popular: first, conflicts between languages in different regions can achieve comedy effects; Second, the original ecology represents the most real state of existence. Dialect movies are just like people who have been eating for a long time and are tired of the taste of mountains and seas. They are tired of living in the concrete forest. But not all dialects are as effective on film and television. According to the analysis of some researchers, the places where the TV works of dialect are more active generally have the following characteristics: economic development, heavy and active culture, superior natural geographical conditions, and leisurely and affluent life. Therefore, due to the nature of the narrow dissemination of dialect, it is not easy to use this magic weapon well, while achieving differentiation, more attention should be paid to the refinement of the content, so that it can be too successful to win the whole victory.

The successful application of language differentiation in TV programs can be obtained from the first two aspects of language differentiation.

Since the mysterious box appeared, television has moved movie screens into the living rooms of every home, almost displacing movies. Movies and TV have natural similarities, but compared with movies, TV has the function of interacting with the audience. In this way, the TV language can be almost confused with the language in People's Daily life, which is quite different from the closed character of self-sufficient movie lines. Therefore, the application of TV programs to language differentiation should have its unique path.

In the early days of television popularization, it has been acting as a function of information transmission. Whether it is CCTV's "news broadcast" or the documentary reports of major news topics, most of them are one-way communication, and they are full of Chinese characters in language expression. However, with the endless emergence of information media, the language form of one-way information transmission is gradually replaced by a communication language. Let's just talk about language interaction.

When the technology develops to a certain level, many film and television creators will lose their way and excessively pursue show-off technology. They will play some hype gimmicks that endow the top layer with the strongest special effects and the strongest star lineup, which will be hard to become a classic in the end. And calm down to consider the pursuit of a language style of differentiation may be able to create a film and television classics can withstand the erosion of time. Therefore, the language and culture accumulated over thousands of years is the most extensive and profound treasure-house of creation. It will give TV media unlimited creative inspiration and is a medicine to reverse the vulgarization of TV programs.


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