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作业代写:American zombie movie

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- American zombie movie,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国的丧尸电影。在美国的丧尸电影中,断肢残浆、情欲横流的视觉刺激和情节构造使其深受观众喜爱,但不容忽视的是,影片中承载着深厚的美国文化底蕴,折射出了美国文化的深刻与宏达:民族的多元化造就了美国文化的多样性,多样性又衍变成熔炉文化;对现实社会的恐惧与逃避凝结成黑色文化的残暴与血腥,用抽象的达达主义形式再现美国民众的不安与焦虑。

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American movies often present a distinctive "American idealism sentiment creation", tried to in macro image narrative, standing on the position of a certain culture of history fu, construct the structure of "myth" about the idealism, "people want the projection system" and "the undisputed world authority". Culture is an important part of film projection. Moreover, these people naturally believe that people from other cultures should think and act in their own way. [as is known to all, the United States is a federal republic, made up of more than 50 states and many overseas territories, a large number of different cultural backgrounds of immigrants to build an inclusive cultural tradition in the United States, the hybrid form a high degree of melting pot culture, so that American culture has set up a unified, in multiple unity and mingled with the unique charm of its own.

The American historical and cultural traditions of the melting pot culture are vividly depicted by dismemberment and combination of "the best of mankind" with a deviant and bloody method. The mad scientist in the film, Dr. Frankenstein, is dedicated to creating a perfect pair of wonderful men and women. For this reason, he dismembered and collected all kinds of human organs to assemble the new human body. Abstract, unrealistic thoughts come true -- the "best men and women" who live in the fantasy world are resurrected, in part, to fit all the doctor's desires. The absolute denial of human decomposition and reconstruction in realism is absurdly true in the film, which actually reflects the process of cultural and historical changes in American melting pot culture. 13 fragmented colonies before the war of independence to some extent, is the body's organs, the war of independence is the suture needle "human organs", an operation completed the embryonic form of the "human", after repair, gradually formed today's prosperity in the United States.

Individualism is the core of American culture and the root of various value orientations. This long-standing individualism, utilitarianism, it is difficult to constitute a separatist ethnic melting pot, even if reluctantly constitute the appearance of cultural fusion, it is hard to go deep into the people's heart, cannot be truly mainstream ideology communion symbiosis. But the melting pot culture in the United States has finally been refined, largely thanks to the "American dream". As some scholars have pointed out, "American dream" is an ideal that runs through the history of the United States and best embodies the American spiritual lifestyle and the American national spirit. It exists in the mind of the American people all day long, encourage people to yearn for freedom, equality, progress and success, and for the destiny of the "American dream" to continuously forge ahead, to the division of the national culture gradually, finally realizes the confluence, thus forming a multicultural fusion hybrid. It remains to be seen whether the American dream has come true. "Because poverty, racism, limited individualism and equality collide with the reality of America every day." But anyway, all ethnic groups in the pursuit of the "American dream" efforts on the road, enough to make the multicultural American society values into a fresh the mainstream ideology of adapted to the people of all nationalities, and realize the melting pot culture make up.

Every good movie reflects different lives, reflects different truths and reflects the true meaning of life. Zombie movies are no exception. The zombie genre has not only captured the attention of audiences and ensured box office revenue, but also paved the way for expanding the reach of Hollywood films. The walking dead is full of intense contradictions and darkness, falsehood and terror. These are the human fear of enrichment, the current social reality about the death penalty or sin, these factors like dark is the lifeline of human fear heart, carrying all human unease and panic. Black culture is the culture that any kind of hidden existence, quoted out with every kind of culture, and in the process to release their own evil heart, this also explains the black culture is inevitable in the film.

Incest and eroticism are typical of the whole film's black culture. Dr Frankenstein married his sister's close relatives and created "the ultimate couple". A lecherous wife who has cheated many times in her marriage and has sex anywhere, no matter the time. An assistant rapes a servant and a "good woman" at will. Wild sex, prostitution, such images can be seen everywhere in the film, full of hormones. This challenge to ethics is another form of protest against the existing American democracy. As is known to all, the United States regards democracy and freedom as its mainstream values, but in fact, there are still many people who insist on anarchism all the time. But America's divided political system has proved difficult to achieve its ideal goal of anarchy, so they can only hope for the individual visions in the film. Therefore, it also creates the drama effect of ignoring ethics and passion on the screen.

It is also another manifestation of black culture to carry out spiritual persecution on children, causing their psychological distortion. Film with his two children to play the game of cloth dolls beheaded for start, and then saw mother intercourse with others, but also to the human body of father's daily cutting, the process of organ harvesting, cruelty, indifference, enchanting, wild experience gradually so that they form the extreme distortion of world outlook, the outlook on life and values, become dark castle bloody rule for the next generation of successors. Imitation is the nature of children, and the rebellion against society enters into children's eyes in a fierce form, which easily erodes their young minds by the darkness, causing the distortion of human nature. The United States on the streets of little vagrants, drug addicts, alcoholics, in his own way all the time on the human nature into the American society of indifference and evil, this is their dark elements, and the darkness of a generation ago genetic factors. They will fear of society in the form of a kind of curing finalize the design, present in the human vision, make it become part of the social order, to hope for a true American society of democracy and freedom.

Innovation is the soul of a country and the inexhaustible motive force for its prosperity. It is the truth of national development and the truth of world progress. Dare to think and do the United States is always at the forefront of the path of innovation, and become the leader of innovative countries. Since the first industrial revolution development, the United States have already formed strong innovative culture tradition, with innovative mainstream values and spiritual pillar of the U.S. economy is in the industrial revolution, catch up with Britain, became the first power of science and technology of be worthy of the name and the first Nobel powers. Therefore, innovative cultural concepts play an important role in American cultural society.

Daring to imagine and take risks is the basis and premise of innovation and the most amazing thing in the film. Dr Frankenstein lifelong committed to collect to create perfect men and women, the human organs with dismembered and stitching the basic operation skills, such as blood clots, organ building can speak "live" moving "dream job", at the same time will be a strong terrorist atmosphere is blended in among them, forming a closed loop back through the network, Dr Fear and feel powerful fantasy and adventure. Physical separation in the film even head loss will not kill people, only a dead heart is the most lethal weapons, it also confirms lose fantasy from the side and the power of the spirit of adventure and innovative cultural support, and life will lose the value of existence, the spirit of innovation is to dare to dare to do in the heart of the United States. Guo moruo once said, "science needs creation, fantasy, fantasy to break the shackles of tradition, and science to develop." Americans have fantasy, adventure, enterprising, scientific innovation spirit have already broke the gate road blockade of thinking, built deep innovative cultural values, form the sparkle of American culture.

The mainstream values of American innovation culture are ultimately shaped by every ambitious and adventurous American citizen. And the risk of strange mentality and the challenge of new things can lead to the birth of every thought, perfect, mature, the final form of innovative culture results, has a long history in the form of innovative mainstream culture. In addition, the utopian thoughts advocated by americans have filled them with strong hopes for a better future, urging them to keep moving forward and never turn back. In this way, it can also reduce the heavy shackles of history and culture, and encourage the new generation of young people to open up a new round of innovation with the courage to think and do with a simple mind. In this way, the innovative characteristics of American culture will be deeper and longer.

In conclusion, broken mutilation pulp, flesh out the visual stimulation and structural rise of the zombie movie plot, but should not be ignored, in the film bears profound American culture, reflects the profound of American culture and HTC: ethnic diversity has created the diversity of American culture, diversity and development into a melting pot culture; Fear and avoidance of the real society condense into the brutality and blood of the black culture. The anxiety and anxiety of the American people are reproduced in the form of abstract dadaism. The spirit of daring to fantasize and take risks contributes to the tradition of innovative culture and forms the mainstream values of American society's innovative culture. Melting pot culture, black culture and innovative culture, no matter what kind of cultural form, is for the United States social cognition and understanding of the cultural values, is also a zombie movie accumulation splendor of American cultural characteristics, is worth us to focus on.


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