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留学生作业代写:Environmental Science and Technology

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Environmental Science and Technology,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了环境科学与技术。环境科学与技术这一学科门类,随人类社会工业革命后而逐步产生,在其发展形成的过程中, 就不断吸纳综合所有其它学科的进展来丰富自己的内容 ,从而汇聚成最广泛的多学科交叉无边界集成的学术领域。不过,它也正因如此而至今尚未能建立起得到科学技术界共识的统一格局体系,仍处于各学科共聚一堂的局面。于是,它目前仍不得不处于类似我国春秋甚至战国时期群雄并起的发展态势,由多门学科来共同完成着环境保护这一人类生存和生产密切攸关而赖以持续发展的事业。

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The subject category of environmental science and technology, which comes into being after the Industrial Revolution of human society, gradually absorbs the progress of all other disciplines to enrich its content in the course of its development, thus converging into the most extensive interdisciplinary and borderless integrated academic field.

However, it is because of this and has not yet been able to establish a consensus on the scientific and technological community of the unified pattern system, is still in the various disciplines of the situation. Therefore, it still has to be in a similar period of China's spring and autumn and even the Warring States era of the development trend, by a number of disciplines to jointly complete the environmental protection of human survival and production is closely related to the sustainable development of the cause.

Today, some famous geologists argue that the Earth has entered the Anthropocene era of geology in the 19th century due to the constant consumption, damage and pollution of resources and ecological environment, and global climate change is endangering the real environment of human existence and the anticipated hidden trouble. Developed countries have experienced the upsurge of ecological environmental protection aroused by the book of "Silent Spring", a great deal of human and material resources have been spent kuznets the peak of the curve, and the situation of environmental science and technology has been created simultaneously by many disciplines. At present, some advanced countries seem to have entered the stage of latent phase, such as soil and water sediment remediation and new chemicals food pollution protection, but in a large number of developing countries, such as China and India, are facing a severe deterioration of the ecological environment in the period of economic development and environmental pollution is difficult to reconcile and win- How to overcome this difficulty in strategy and tactics is precisely where the environmental science and technology disciplines need to be further expanded to give full play to their power. At present, this science and technology in the original geoscience, biological ecology, chemistry, engineering technology and other basic disciplines, on the basis of the expansion of the trend is worth paying attention to along the following several directions, and the integration of each other to achieve difficult to partition the overall effect, which is the inevitable trend of all disciplines.

Combined with the subjects such as economy, law, ethics, sociology and even Eastern and Western philosophy, it is more powerful to influence and standardize the relevant political policy and ecological environmental protection strategy, to explore the green cycle economy, the regional model of urban-rural complex ecology, and to discuss the general principle of "ecological socialism or ecological capitalism"

Make full use of the technology of satellite remote sensing, numerical information, simulation mode, multimedia image, and other new means, such as Internet, large data, artificial intelligence, try to describe the change of large scale environment system by digital quantization, to accurately explain and forecast the environment dynamic and disaster;

Closely follow the life sciences such as toxicology, genetics, molecular biology, and the progress of science and technology, such as micro-interface, biocatalysis, quantum mechanics and nanotechnology, in particular, using modern atomic molecular structure identification instruments to further clarify the microscopic mechanism and essence of environmental process, thus more pertinence, To effectively solve environmental hazards and human health survival and species diversity of continuity.

It is the integration of various disciplines of innovative technology to the combination of boxing-type engineering technology expansion: For example, a variety of clean new energy, electric mobile transport, carbon breathing battery power supply, medical micro-robot, food and new drug health protection, new transgenic safety varieties, environmentally friendly nanomaterials, water basin pollution control, soil and sediment pollution remediation, Water quality and atmospheric special pollutant control, as well as various low energy efficiency control and eliminate environmental pollution of new technology integration.

As the new and not yet inflow branch of environmental science and technology, the author of "Environmental Water science", which is engaged in research and exploration, is naturally more characteristic of the whole category, and grows up in its almost all-encompassing and uncertain atmosphere. Hopefully, in the great development of science and technology innovation in the 21st century, in the multidisciplinary convergence of the huge flow, to find their own a stream of scientific and technological integration of the location, and thus can be integrated into the solution such as: political and economic strategy, global climate change, atmospheric haze, river basin water and soil sediment repair, the proliferation of novel transgenic chemicals, Ecological and biological Toxicology risk assessment, food and drinking water health supply, and so on, many environmental protection areas in the key aspects of water quality problems.

Water this singular material, because of its special molecular structure form, in the liquid gas solid state and even super energy conditions can be cross-border existence, play with other species of strong binding function, so in the universe almost nowhere to even become a judge of the existence of life indicators. It is unique in the Earth's ecological environment, and plays a key role in all material transfer and transformation. As the problem of haze in the environmental science and technology is being highly disturbed in our country, the process of formation and spreading involves the water quality conversion process in the granular micro-interface layer and the two-time pollutant formation mechanism.

Water quality is the behavior of the combination of the aqueous molecule and the substance, which contains two meanings in the Chinese language, namely property and quality. These two aspects are both environmental science and technology research and environmental protection policy control application of the indispensable factors.

Both water quality and water quantity are fundamentally related to each other in the function of water resources. Water pollution will reduce the availability of available water, and when resources are plentiful or scarce, the environmental capacity and demand of water quality should be alleviated or deteriorated. In the field of discipline, water science and hydrology, hydraulics should be juxtaposed with systems. The dynamic calculation model of water quality combined with water flow is the current development trend of the comprehensive evaluation of aquatic resources.

"Environmental Water Science" integrated integration of the edge of the relevant disciplines into a comprehensive vision will eventually become a reality.


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