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留学生作业代写:The pursuer

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- The pursuer,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了《追逐者》。《追逐者》是约翰·柯里创作的一本小说,讲述了一位年轻男子为了追逐爱情,不惜去寻求爱情水,以求获得其可望而不可得的爱情的故事。小说里的老者反映了人类心中的阴暗面,为了吸引艾伦购买爱情药水,老者先取得他的信任,用艾伦的欲望诱惑他,声称爱慕的女孩会对他死心塌地,最终艾伦被骗。

John Corrill, born in England in 1901, later emigrated to the United States, famous for short stories. His language is often witty and ironic, but the subject of depression is impressive. His short story "The Pursuer" tells the tale of a young man who buys love potions from an old woman in pursuit of an admirer.

The archetypal criticism should analyze the psychological experience and emotional pursuit of human generations, and further dialectically analyze the efforts of mankind to break through the prototype. This paper analyzes three different characters in the pursuer through the theory of myth archetype criticism, Ellen, the elder and Ellen's adoring female, so that the readers can understand the characters more comprehensively.

Satan, as the antithesis of God, represents the dark forces of ambition, evil, temptation and depravity, reflecting the dark side of human mind. Jesus called Satan "not only the original murderer, but also the father of the liar." It is the biggest liar "," is a crafty fellow, it stubborn, ferocious cruel, is the enemy of mankind. In the lost Paradise of the Bible, he became the ancestor of the Serpent's Seduction, Adam and Eve. He starts with a woman with a weak will and power, and makes eve suspicious of the result of the stealing, and Eve's line of defense becomes weak. Then emphasize and enlarge the benefit after stealing food. With Eve's help, Satan would be easier to seduce Adam. The characteristics of this treacherous, sinister and provocative language are apt to be the image of the old merchant. First, the old man assumes a polite, warm hospitality image. This is similar to Satan's outward sexual temptation in the face of Eve. When dealing with people, explicit behavior and image are the basis. At the beginning of contact with people, the elderly and Satan have chosen to their own more favorable explicit behavior or image. In order to attract Allen to buy love potions, the elder first obtains his trust. When Alan questioned the elder, the old man immediately introduced a bottle of more powerful potion life cleanser. It can wash the xijinqianhua of life, let a person imitate if new. This power is only available to God. But the God-given life is precious, and it is not measured as money here. It also shows that the old man's image is similar to Satan's. After Alan believed in the old man, the elder began to seduce him with Ellen's desires, claiming that the girl who adored her would be dead to him. Potions like the butterfly effect, can lead to a series of chain reactions, prompting buyers again to buy more expensive potions, so the elderly do not use English goodbye, but French "farewell."

The prototype theory holds that the prototype has a fairly stable structure, but it appears each time in the form of displacement deformation. The writer of any era will replace the deep structure of literary archetype into works of different value standards according to the needs of his social times and the personal feeling of life. With the development of literature, literary critics and writers have begun to pay attention to the heroic side of Satan's dark power yearning for freedom, courage to challenge authority, and even goodness. The old man of this article also has the bright side. First, the old man is portrayed as a polite and knowledgeable image in his speech and behavior. This is different from the ugly image of Satan in traditional literary works. As a representative of evil, Satan ultimately does not destroy but build a new human world. In Milton's Paradise Lost, he also said that Satan's goal is to overthrow the dictatorship of the powerful, to gain real freedom, and to rule the human world with his own rules. Just as the old man created the detergent for life. We thought he was destroying the purest love of mankind, and he could not ignore the hope that he would bring people a better life.

In Genesis, Eve in the temptation of forbidden Fruit and the lure and deception of snakes, defying the ban to steal food forbidden fruit, by God's punishment, was expelled from Paradise, since then opened the human hard work, suffered a prelude to suffering. Thus, the woman's view of guilt has been determined in its teachings since the day Christianity was born. "A woman's inherent passive inclusiveness, she is a fertile and not creative body, her ability is her weakness, so cheating women is very easy to do ..." Women are created after men, and thus spiritually young men. "This means that girls are destined to drink love potions, being restrained by men, constrained by the family." She will love Ellen, live for him, and take care of him. "No matter how much she would have had fun before, it would have been like a personal change," the book wrote. Nothing to think, nothing to do, just want to be alone with you. "After the love of water, she will care about you, will be very concerned about you." You will be the only joy in her life. "Her care for you will be so meticulous!" She will not let you tired, will not let you sit in the air, she will not be careless of your diet. If you are half an hour late, she will panic, worried that you are not killed, is not a witch to fascinate. ”

God created the first man in his own image, Adam, who carries all the love of God. Adam was tempted by Eve to steal the forbidden fruit under the lure of Satan. As Apple is to Adam, love potions are forbidden to Alan. The novel begins by describing Allen's nervousness and inner apprehension. This sense of nervousness is the feeling of eating forbidden fruit. Allen knew it was morally immoral to buy the potion. But in the end did not overcome their desire to buy potions. God punishes Adam for life, toil and death. After buying a love potion, Alan also has to shoulder the burden of supporting his family account. To buy more expensive potions to make up for the mistakes of love potions, he must work hard to save, just as the old man wanted to say Adam's life "if one thing satisfies the customer, when he needs something else, he will come back again, even the more expensive goods, as long as it is necessary, he will scrape up enough money to buy." ”

The Bible is a classical work which influences the western literature, many of which are helpful for readers to understand literary works. It no longer treats the plane personage in isolation, but is connected with oneself human nature, more comprehensive understanding author to the character's modelling. Through the prototype contrast, the reader has a more comprehensive understanding of the character image of the novel, and can further understand the subject thought of the article.


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