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美国作业代写:Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了小说《威格利大叔在康涅狄格州》。在塞林格的短篇小说《威格利大叔在康涅狄格州》中,埃洛依斯对故去多年的恋人沃尔特难以忘怀,她甚至丧失了对丈夫和女儿的爱与耐心。然而,孩子是母亲情感状态的投影,埃洛依斯透过自己的精神牢笼伤心地看到女儿由于缺失细致的母爱而变得闭塞、陷入固执的幻想,母女间各自的执拗引发的一场大哭带来的是情感的洗礼与顿悟。

Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State,威格利大叔在康涅狄格州,essay代写,paper代写,美国作业代写

Salinger's short story "Wigley uncle in Connecticut State", Elois to the deceased lovers Walter Unforgettable, she even lost the husband and daughter of love and patience. However, the child is the emotional state of the projection of the mother, Elois through their own mental cage sad to see the daughter due to lack of meticulous maternal love and become blocked, into the stubborn fantasy, mother and daughter of the stubborn cause of a cry brought about by the emotional baptism and insight.

American writer Jerome David Sailing's short story "Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State" in 1953 and other short stories were included in the novel Story collection "Nine Stories." In 1949, the work was adapted by MGM's film company to "wishful thinking", but Sailing is extremely dissatisfied with the film's adaptation, commenting that "wishful thinking" renders "similar scenes completely different and exaggerated", "The big story is distorted because the characters ' lines have been changed", and " Small plots are distorted by the indirect revelation of the inner activity of the character. Salinger's dissatisfaction even through the "Catcher in the Rye" hero Holden's dislike of the film to vent, so that Salinger has never sold the film copyright. The literary text has many imaginary space for the reader, once the film becomes a fixed interpretation of the original text, especially bad is that this kind of interpretation generally has the different degree of misreading to the original text. The domestic rare about "Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State" related comments, but it is not an important work abroad. The two-line depiction of women's inner world is a special part of the story, in which a few traces of Zen and the figures of the family are interspersed in seemingly ordinary scenes of life, which are worth reading and finding the shadow of ordinary women's emotional life.

"Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State", Elois and Mary Jane is a pair of girlfriends, they were close roommates at university, but neither of them read to graduation. Life is rich, exquisite Mary Jane at any time open the mobile roof of the car, to find live in the suburbs of New York City Merritt Boulevard Rich area of Elois chat and drink, but both of her life and marital well-being of the shell. Elois's lover, Walter, died unexpectedly in World War II, and Mary Jane's marriage lasted only three months, both of whom lost her old love. Walter was Elois's boyfriend at college, she had an important position in her heart, and she thought, "he is the only one of the boys I know who can make me laugh." The service of Walter was unexpectedly killed in World War II, making her very miserable and unable to get out. After World War II, Elois married Louis, but Louis, as a husband, did not walk into Elois's heart. Elois had told Louis about Walter, but Louis was more interested in Walter's rank and was not interested in who Walter was. Elois also became secretive, unwilling to tell her husband that Walter was a second-wait soldier, and would not let him know the exact cause of Walter's death and death. She thought that if she told Louis Volte to die, Louis not only did not understand her mood, but also became a "tomb-robbing Ghoul", full of sarcasm and satire on her old lover, Walter, even though Walter had died.

Elois locked himself in a cage of his own spiritual world, becoming a lack of love and patience, she often criticizes her daughter Ramona's behavior, criticizing the maid for not knowing the placement of the goods and how to clean it, criticizing her husband's IQ, jealousy and appreciation of literary works, refusing to pick up her husband's home and sharing dinner, Even Elois's maiden Honey, Mary Jane, thinks Elois is "getting more and more hardened." But Elois is not really heart hardened, she saw in the Ramona eccentric behavior of the emptiness of their own, in the understanding of Ramona at the same time his heart also restored to the past soft, Ramona cried, Elois also cried, she repeated over and over "poor Uncle Wigley", is the recollection of the lost Walter left Memories, is also the mourning oneself trapped in the spirit the prison. At the end of the story, Elois sobbed and asked Mary Jane whether she had been a "good girl" before. Mary Jane did not give a reply, and the author did not comment, but this is the beginning of Elois to salvation. Ramona insists on giving half the bed to the imaginary lover Mickey, her fantasies were Elois negative ―― "You give me sleep in the middle of the bed, hurry up," Elois ignored the scared Ramona, grabbed Ramona's two ankles dragged her to the middle of the bed, and ordered "close the eyes ..." Do you hear me? Ramona obeyed, but silently wept in the darkness. Ramona's reaction was like Elois's freshman year when he was mocked for wearing an outdated brown-yellow skirt, when Elois "cried all Night," and Ramona also hid in the dark. Ramona's cry made Elois think of his rudeness, but also to Ramona full of guilt. Drunk Elois to the daughter's glasses over and over again said "poor Wigley uncle", tears wet Ramona lenses, in the tears to realize the epiphany. Ramona insists on giving half the bed to the imaginary lover Mickey's behavior, similar to the Elois in the heart has always remained an important position for Walter, this nihility of perseverance brings only pain.

Elois miss the deceased Walter hard to extricate himself, daughter Ramona has a kind of study, has fantasized about two male friends, that is, Jimmy and Mickey, to fill the emptiness. In Elois's eyes, daughter Ramona is a not talkative little girl, so Elois complained that "she told no one, she is a secret king." But when Mary Jane communicated with Ramona in a mild and friendly manner, Ramona could still communicate. In contrast to this is Elois, Elois to Ramona shout loudly, language is full of "Don't do that" "Don't Do" "Do not Do" "Stand Up" command language, and Ramona response is more to stay in their fantasy world. Ramona wears thick glasses, want to tickle itch itch, want to dig nostrils to dig nostrils, like a free little witch, just no playmates, so she did not play companion imaginary out a boyfriend Jimmy. She dreamed of Jimmy Eating, bathing, sleeping, and sleeping close to the bed, afraid to turn around and crush him, just as Jimmy was. According to Ramona's description, Jimmy has a pair of green eyes, black hair, no mother, no father, no freckles, and a sword. John Wink believes that own Jimmy to Ramona provide a "world of emotional", Ramona will no longer be constrained by their parents, and Jimmy's Sword is "power and romantic image", is the Ramona need to be protected and love symbol. The sword also showed that Jimmy was a manly "army hero", akin to Elois's boyfriend who died in the Army's service.

Ramona told Mary Jane that Jimmy had the car crushed, at the same time, he said, "he was holding a bone, it would not put it," as if the illusion of Jimmy's death does not let her have much grief, attracted her to the thing is a bone refused to put the dog. At night, Ramona leaves room for a new fantasy partner to sleep ―― another boy named Mickey. Ramona's heart always needs a companion, whether he is called Jimmy or Mickey, which is different from Elois's emotional reality. The deceased Walter has been living in the heart of Elois, bringing her happy memories and regrets of death, yet she has never had a new soul mate back into her inner world. But Ramona different, she did not experience the real death and has the so-called boyfriend, she is only a little girl, her behavior is all fantasy, but a little girl so small completely rely on their own imagination to obtain the balance of the mind, let Mother's Elois spirit collapse, Ramona's seemingly childish illusion is a mapping of Elois mental prisons. Elois holding up Ramona glasses cry, Ramona also due to Elois's shrill reprimand and tough dragged back to bed in the middle of sleep and frightened crying, they are because of their own inner world is mapped and interference and weep. The bedside table in front of the Ramona bed was Ramona glasses, is the story of the character of the evolution of an external object, at the end of the story of the original neatly placed glasses were Elois the lens of the back, the lens will cause damage to the lens, just as Elois to Ramona damage.

The nine story has a network of glass family figures above every independent story, in the story, or in the story mentioned, such as "the best day to catch a banana" in the suicide of Seymour, "Uncle Wigley in Connecticut State" in Walter, "down into the boat" of Bobo and Weber. Walter, a witty soldier, has his own humorous understanding of things in life, with the language features of Holden characters, making Elois very happy. For example, when they took the train from Trenton to New York, he put his hand on Elois's belly and said that her belly was so beautiful, but he hoped that an officer would appear to order him to extend his other hand outside the window, and then he reached back and told the conductor to straighten his chest, He could not tolerate a man who did not respect his uniform, even though he did not entertain the conductor, but Elois found it amusing. And that he had a sense of humour about his "rank", saying that he was in the opposite direction from the others in the army. The first promotion was not more than a few staves but the sleeves were ripped down, and when he became general, that is naked nude, "his only remaining is the belly button in the eyes of the small infantry uniform buckle." However, the reality seems to be a joke to Walter, Walter was not a glorious sacrifice in battle, and the cause of death was something unrelated to the frontal combat: when he packed a small Japanese stove, "a stove filled with petrol and a mess exploded in front of him", And the reason he did it was that a colonel was sending it home.

The Zen thought, which runs through the story of nine, is also embodied in the words of Walter Wigley, in Connecticut State, through the glass family. Bernis Godestein thought that the Zen thought in "Wigley uncle in Connecticut State" embodiment is Elois said that Walter wants to make the matter fair, the fair in the Zen does not want to separate the joy and the pain, but the coexistence of happiness and pain. The humorous Walter, speaking of "rank", said that the general's rank was not awarded to five stars, it's an infantry button in the eye of the belly button, which means that from the Zen point of view, the higher a person's fix, the less it is to embody the status of his ego, and the belly button's eyes indicate the place where meditation is, no longer absorbing scattered thoughts.


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