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留学生作业代写:A Brief Study on Global Terrorism

2017-07-05 来源: 51due教员组 类别: Paper范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- A Brief Study on Global Terrorism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了全球恐怖主义问题。恐怖主义,就是实施者对非武装人员有组织地使用暴力或以暴力相威胁,通过将一定的对象置于恐怖之中,来达到某种政治目的的策略和思想。如今,全球恐怖主义的危害越来越大了,时不时就会有新闻报道哪里哪里遭受恐怖袭击,所以解决全球恐怖主义问题已经迫在眉睫了。



On July 14th, an unexpected atrocity happened in Nice, France, killing dozens and injuring much more people. Together with previous serial terrorist attack, this breaking news again call people to question on the roots of terrorism and measures of how people of all levels should respond to it. Companied with complex feelings, such as grief, terror, and confusion, people started to separate into two main groups in terms of reaction. One is constant commitment to core values of civilization in democratic societies, no matter of what terrorists lead brutally inhumane acts to innocent people; The other is outrageous reactions, comments, such as revenge acts, denouncements, and discrimination to Muslim.

In this paper, the author would like to explore the roots of global terrorism from the perspective of global studies. Integrated with the social and political objectives after second world war, the paper will also reveal how the world continue to maintain and protect the desired values, such as universal human rights, racial equality, and social justice. At last, the author will conclude with how the civil society and government can react in face of terrorism.

II. Colonialism and Terrorism

In this great test of enlightened civilization, Europe is suffering from the intensifying dilemma between traditional populations and increasing number of immigrations. And France, “the country with the largest Muslim population in Europe” becomes the recent target, which has been experienced from the hardest hit. In retrospect with the history, however, France and other European countries have been the most rapacious conquerors---they suppressed and exploited indigenous habitants, making numerous residents fall into slavery and even killing thousands of thousands innocent people.As Stephen Kinzer (2015) commented, “Many factors, personal as well as political, shape the twisted terrorist mind. Religious fanaticism and resentment over social exclusion are among the most potent. Nonetheless the legacy of colonialism lurks behind the current wave of violence in Europe.”

Secondly, although people are arguing that no any subjects could stay the same in the long human history, there are other themes which remains unaltered, such as poverty and discrimination. Industrialization and information technology may seem to reshape the global development, pushing human society into a new high level. Yet at the same time, it undeniably widens the economic distance between developing and developed nations. In the era of post-colonization, even though a hundred new nations gained independence for themselves, the conflict still exist as a permanent global issue.

When one gets used to perceive history or the modern world in a banal and commonplace way, it is extremely difficult for them to conquer the comfort zone psychologically and rediscover the truth in the real world. Nevertheless, the unfortunate fact is that the globalization process is described through a certain historical narrative, which often connected with local regime and power. Therefore, it is important to explore the history truth by using independent analysis. “By learning to connect the present to the past, and decentering and re-contexualizing Eurocentric historical narratives, we begin to see that the process of globalization is not natural and inevitable as we have been led to believe.”(Philip McCarly, 21) In conclusion, the roots behind terrorism would be multifaceted, after all, the world has never reached such a period of hyper-connected. Even the immigration cannot be simply concluded as from one point to another, from Third World to First World, or vice versa. “Immigration, transmigration and return migration have become so widespread and complex that immigration can no longer be said to have a clear directional flow.” (Philip McCarly, 4)

III. Terrorism after WWII

The definition of terrorism is, broadly speaking, the use of brutal violence, usually happening in public places, so as to gain a political, religious, or ideological aim. The 9.11 terroristic attack happening in New York, United States shaken the public’s consciousness and people suddenly recognized that terror did not fade away. To be worse, it could also happen in highly democratic societies. After that, all walks of life started to reflect in current highly cooperated society, why terrorism still occur so close to each of us, unarmed and innocent citizens? Is there any effect that some core values that governments have been promoted to society, such as mutual cooperation and understand, rational equality, social justice and universal human rights? Since after second world war, International organizations and transnational social movements which focused on social issues at a global level has kept rising. Human rights have never before been placed as such as high emphasis in the human history, yet the conflict between different values, different religions, different political belief still exists and presents a trend of being intensified.

“Significant portions or the population of the United States and Europe believe that immigrants are politically unequal to citizens.” And this statement is obvious no new today. In fact, the democratic countries have been in the dilemma of how to prevent terrorist attack while sticking to the promise of protecting human rights in the 19th century. It is said that “Europe’s current crisis is its increasingly forced to choose between its liberal democracy and the fact that its provision of certain rights is absolutely limited by territorial, political, legal, and economic borders. The real crisis is that one cannot have both.” (Thomas Neil,161)

IV. Conclusion: Challenges and Opportunities in Face of Terrorism

People, such as policy-maker, the pubic, and mass media, from different background may act entirely differently in terms of their identity, cultural background, and stances. It, however, raises challenges and opportunities for government management and citizens on how to react to the terrorism. After 9/11, United States takes the entire counterattack scheme and curtails civil liberties for migrants. Yet the result does not look promising. Nowadays, facing the similar dilemma, I personally would argue that some of those outrageous comments and limitation set for migrants cannot contribute to a stable society as government expected. It, on the contrary, represents another form of avoidance and escape to something that has already threatened so much. In other words, it can be equated as new “barbarism”. In face of such critical moment, “should it be transformed, following the demands and needs of global migrants, in a more cosmopolitan direction, or increasingly fortified, securitized, and nationalized, responding to attacks by terrorist groups?”I think my answer lies with the same as the editor in Our Best Defense Against Terrorists: Stay true to what democratic societies really stand for.

On one hand, the government leader, policy maker and agenda-setting media should absolutely take care of post-traumatic victims and relatives from the terroristic attack; meanwhile they should also stick to promote migrant welfare, preventing another round of racial or ethnical discrimination in the new young generations. On the other hand, I think it is significant for people to understand and rethink the world around us. As well all know, we currently live in a period of highly-connected, hyper-immigration, radical multiculturalism and religious pluralism, and if we do not de-center our way of thinking, it is rather difficult for us to understand people different from our own background. To put differently, perspectives on this world does not have to be justified as right or wrong---they can just be different from our conventional way of life, therefore trying to understand and respect differences with a kind and warm heart.


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