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留学生作业代写:Laura Marling’s music career

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Laura Marlings music career,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了劳拉·马林的音乐生涯。劳拉·马林出生在英国,因为父亲的影响,从小就开始学习吉他,也是父亲将她带进了民谣音乐的殿堂。劳拉在2007的英国独立乐界浮出水面时年仅16岁。由于在她的MySpace上发表单曲后而引人注目。一把好嗓子,一把原声吉他,以及创作民谣的天赋,她通过大量的巡演获得更多的关注。

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As the word “pop” appeared along with the evolvement of modernization from the late 19 century, when unprecedented changes were taking place, under the influence of the industrial revolution, urbanization and immigration across the world. The pop music like jazz, rock’n’roll in the modern sense resulted from a complex interplay of social and cultural forces that can not reduce to a simple algebraic formula. (Garofalo,) As we know African American injected the decisive blood to pop music which white men spread and flourish. 

However, cognition goes different when talking about folk music. They almost existed as a nation begin to speak. They come from the mysterious vulgar stories, the cradlesongs mothers unconsciously murmur out. International Folk Music Council define it as: "Folk music is music that has been submitted to the process of oral transmission.”(Karpeles, Maud)

In the long history, folk music has been closed connected to native cultures and therefore a higher culture connotation and standard are expected in folk music. That why folk music are priceless treasures to dig.

Based on the specialty of folk music, except the basic instrumental skills, folk musicians are asked for deeper culture reserves and understanding. I’d like to introduce one of my favourate folk singers “luara Marling” to state some serious thoughts the talented singer has evoked me. I can always read the reports and reviews about her with exclamation points, startled by her mature skills on acoustic guitar, her deep voice and her delicate arrangement.

Her officially started her music career at the age of 16. After completing her GCSEs, she left her hometown and settled in the outskirts of London. After collaborating with a series bands, she gradually found her own way unassimilated among them and later made several huge acclaimed albums. Her first honor was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize and won Best Solo Artist for 2011   N/A NME Awards, Brit Awards, BBC Radio, Folk Awards in succession.In Rolling Stone’s review of Marling’s fifth LP, they even appreciated her lyrics as resemblance to Bob Dylan:  It's a flash of lyrical left hooks on a set where the British singer-songwriter goes all Judas, like Dylan before her, recording with electric guitar and broadening her palette without sacrificing her subtly bad ass folkie persona.(Rolling Stone) By nature as an over thinker, Marling prefers some obscure issue, related to religion, ideology and deep though toward life.

As a female musician who independently chases her music career at such an young age, as vivid as an interview has described “ It strikes me how very solitary she looks up there, a young woman travelling the world without the usual retinue of band and crew, her isolation somehow emphasised by her calm, modulated voice and air of self-composure.” (Rolling Stone)Laura Marling reminds me of the legendary Godmother of Punk “Patti Smith”. Besides the similar magnetism in their voice and their poetry temperament, I notice the resemblance to their experience in youth on the way towards arty career.

After arranging a good family for the unprepared baby and drop out of teacher training school,Patti left for New York with little money in her pocket. While almost 30 years later, another girl Laura left her family in Hampshiae, from which above I guess road towards dreams stay the same over the years. Youngsters have to leave their beloved family and get out of their childhood and start the adventure in the wild world where opportunities and resources cluster. This tendency is kind of crowd acting in 1960s and 1970s, and today it is no more appear such visible but still big city show its Unstoppable attractiveness.

In Patti smith’s autobiography <Just kids>, she spent a lengthy piece of writing to describe her childhood full of wonders and games in colorful book stories that make sweet dreams. She particularly emphasized her distinctive imagination that she made up many fairy tales and her strong feeling and loneliness towards surroundings that nearly arose some acute agony. Her literature love prepared for her later music expression "rock poetry," which implicitly aligned the techniques of poetry with a socially deviant lifestyle involving drugs and the performance of gender ambiguity. (Noland, Carrie Jaurès)

While laura, in the paralleled world, her father brought her to the world of folk music when she was a little girl. She described it as “a bit of blessing and a bit of curse, I wouldn’t slot myself into the age-apropriate genre”. Though as she regarded it isn’t age-apropriate, she gradually developed her precocity, which embodied in the terror of death at an early age. Laura express her loneliness in the song <darkness descends>. As lyrics read“You listen to them whine and moan About everything you can't understand ”“But darkness descends once more into my life” one could find her isolation and the unfilled gap between her peers.

People who report women artists or women in whatever industries, will conventionally highlight their female identity, Laura isn’t an exception. She does prove some feminist thought in her action as well as in her creation. Not allowed to enter a homosexual bar, she went straightly in front the door of a sex shop and started performing. With sensitiveness born within woman’s temperament, in the song <devil’s spoke>, she sings “To have someone be so admired I threw creation to my king” and “but I’m your keeper, I hold your face from light” satirizing those who rely on their husbands and loose self consciousness and moaning towards men who regard their mates as keepers. In another song <I speak because I can > she illustrates the same topic through a resented story telling, in which old-lady-like Voice rings with bitterness. In this story ,she describes a wife who lost her husband and then was push back to situation at sea. By story telling and some metaphors, she expressed her thought in a euphemistic and inspiring way, indicating obviously feminist awareness has gone far in her mind.

Though strong emotion hidden behind these lyrics, Laura didn’t perform in a sharp way. While the same theme performs in a total different way 30 years ago. The feminist movement arrive at the peak at 1960s, which  also reflected to music. Girls no longer bare the restrains to music genres. The music genre “cock rock” led by Joan Jett, sing < cherry bomb > loudly and with erotic implications. The 1970s icon Janis Joplin, an opposite image compared to isolated Laura, described as “Joplin created her identity as a tough, wild, hard-drinking party girl.”(Carson, Mina et al.)

For in that time, involvements of girls in a band are regarded as bizarre in public’s view, Janis have to start with an acoustic guitar instead of the noisy, bumbling machine she dreamed. I guess her public identity later is kind of an intended rebellion against the inequity .

As people always say that“ a long history hidden behind the folk music”, but I want to express “a long history hidden behind how women pick up their guitars”. Laura has experienced the conventional unfitness within an artist and gradually been accepted. Her experience implies specialty in this time and general character in all time of choosing to become a female musician. Though, struggles and parting remain the same, but today’s society has developed, more space and focus are given to the “second gender”.


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