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Research on American Support for Gun Control

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文-Research on American Support for Gun Control。本文讲述Newtown是位于康涅狄格州的一个安静小镇,该州位于美国东北部。人们很难将这个地方与令人震惊的射击事故联系在一起。 Sandy Hook小学的学校开枪事件发生在20121214日,导致严重后果,有28人被杀,包括20510岁的孩子(Sen 346-350)。这是美国历史上最灾难性的学校枪击事件之一。除了那些学校枪击事件外,在美国还经常发生其他许多枪击事件。所有这些使枪支管制话题一次又一次地回到了公众舆论的前列。


Research on American Support for Gun Control


Newtown is a quiet town located in the State of Connecticut and this state is in Northeastern America. It is very hard for people to connect this place with the world-shaking shooting accident. The school shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School happened on December 14, 2012 and it led to the severe result that 28 people were killed, including 20 children who were just at the age of five to ten (Sen 346-350). This is one of the most disastrous school shootings in the history of the U.S. In addition to those school shootings, there are many other shooting accidents frequently occurring in America. All of them make the topic of gun control return to the forefront of public opinion again and again.


In fact, the problem of American gun control has a long history. America owns the largest number of private port arms in the world and its families often hold a wide variety of guns (Kleck and Bratton 496-504). The controversy triggered by gun control not only shows the standoff between self-defense and social defense, but also reveals the entanglements and game between civil rights and public power (Spitzer and Robert  44) . People against gun control think that the right of people’s owning guns is inherent, which can object to tyranny and safeguard civil rights. However, based on the serious consequences brought by these shooting accidents, supporting gun control is very necessary for America.


It is evident that there are innumerable links between guns and gun-related crimes, especially in violent cases such as murder and robbery. Thus conducting gun control can greatly reduce the gun-related crime rate and enhance public security (Kleck and Bratton 496-504). Many cases can well prove it. From the year of 1865 to 1963, four presidents who are Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy all died from shooting. Besides, Martin Luther King, the warrior for civil rights, was also killed by shooting, which further make American people have to face a variety of miserable conditions brought by guns (Wuest 123). Since entering the new century, shooting accidents still emerge in endlessly and related reports are not uncommon. According to statistics from S. CDC, just in the year of 2005, within more than 31000 deaths related with guns, murder cases accounted for forty percent. And in 2012, school shooting cases happened one after another, which highlights the urgency of gun control again (Cukier and Sheptycki 3-19). As a result, it is very essential to conduct gun control because it can effectively bring about steady declining of violent crimes and improve social security.


On the other hand, one important point needs mentioned here. By reviewing the former discussion on gun control among American politics and the folk, people can easily find that in America, guns are given special meaning and the right of owning guns has been written into constitution (Sen 346-350). So it can be seen that this social problem not just remains in social level, but permeates into every level of politics and economy. That is the main reason why it is so difficult to conduct gun control smoothly in America. Up to this day, gun control has already become an extremely controversial problem in America just as mentioned above. The power of supporting and objecting to gun control respectively launches drastic fight in the federal and state and local (Sen 346-350).  


     However, supporting gun control is still imperative. Here it will put forward some technical measures which may help to conduct gun control (Cukier and Sheptycki 3-19). Firstly, it is to establish a detailed nationwide registration system towards guns and ammunition. Secondly, it is to rapidly conduct strict identity verification once people buy guns. Thirdly, it is to carry through harsh punishment towards gun criminals. Finally, it is to vigorously carry out the technological study on Smart gun, which would make guns “recognize” people. Through the identification of fingerprint, magnetic field or password, this can let people, especially children and criminals, hard to make use of stolen guns to conduct crimes



All in all, current domestic political environment in America may give rise to more difficulty to gun control. However, from the vision of long-term development, along with the social progress and constant improvement of urbanization, the public would have a stronger acquaintance towards gun perniciousness. Then the voice of supporting gun control would be higher and higher. Correspondingly their power can expand increasingly. Gradually the balance of power would begin to incline. This is the general trend of the whole development. The development since the last century 80's, especially the breakthrough in gun control in the 90’s well explains this point (Wuest 123). This is due to the great change of American social state at present. As a result, the situation of turning every man into a soldier would not conform to the times development.




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