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The greenhouse effect is an environmental problem

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文-The greenhouse effect is an environmental problem。本文讲述温室效应是全球环境问题中最受欢迎的问题之一。温室效应是一种环境问题,当地球大气中的某些气体捕获热量时就会发生。根据科学解释,这些特定气体可以让光进入,但可以防止热量散失,就像温室的玻璃墙一样。而且由于人类活动,城市生活水平的提高导致更高的能源费用和更大的公用事业费用。诸如二氧化碳之类的温室气体排放部分是由于燃烧煤炭,石油和天然气以用于运输和电力而产生的。在低层大气中的温室气体越多,被捕获的热量就越多。


The Greenhouse effect is one of the most popular issues of global environmental problems, nowadays. The Greenhouse effect is an environmental problem that happens when certain gases in earth’s atmosphere trap heat. According to a scientific explanation, these certain gases let in light but keep the heat from escaping, like the glass walls of a greenhouse. And because of human activities, improving living standards in cities lead to higher energy bills and a larger draw on the utilities. Greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, are created in part by burning coal, oil and natural gas for transportation and electricity. The more greenhouse gases are in the low atmosphere, the more heat gets trapped.

However, there are two points of view concluded from the greenhouse effect. Some experts believe that global warming is the most significant effect of greenhouse. From this perspective, scientists have spent decades figuring out what is causing global warming, and they have looked at the natural cycles as well as events that are known to influence climate. They claimed that water vapor and carbon dioxide are two major reasons that cause with trapping heat in the lower atmosphere and increasing global temperatures via the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases cause global warming by reducing the emissions of infrared radiation to space by the earth and its atmosphere. They insist and highlight the damaging impacts that human activity can have on global warming. On the other hand, with decades of global warming studies, some scientists argue that the amount and pattern of warming that is been measured cannot be explained by factors mentioned above alone. Additionally, they figure out another cause of greenhouse effect, called global cooling. They think that greenhouse gases with atmospheric dust cause an umbrella effect, and protect the atmosphere temperature from the solar radiation. According to a study published in the current Journal of Geophysical Research, some areas of southeastern Spain, where has many greenhouses with sunlight-reflecting white roofs, have recorded the average local temperature with a drop tendency by an average of 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit per decade since 1983, despite rising temperatures in the rest of the country.

In my opinion, the greenhouse effect changes our life whether it is called global warming or global cooling. In the first place, the rapid rise in greenhouse gases is a problem in urban areas as well as certain surroundings with industrial facilities. Big cities are particularly vulnerable to climate change because of a characteristic phenomenon known as the “Heat islands” in which artificial heat from car exhaust and factory emissions creates a local greenhouse effect, and the intensity is greater in winter. The urban heat island, as a main character of modern urban climate, is increasingly severe with the improvement of urbanization and continuing  stimulate local energy power facilities. This city’ s certain climate change will lead to more extreme kinds of weather conditions. In the second place, the greenhouse effect will not only change human’s life but also the complex natural communities, because it is changing the climate faster than some living things may be able to adapt. In addition, the climate changing with wet conditions provides a comfortable surroundings for the spread of decease. In the third place, when the planet is warming, from North pole to South pole, the heat is not only melting glaciers and sea ice, but also shifting precipitation patterns and setting animals on the move. With no doubt, ice is melting worldwide, and sea levels are expected to rise between 7 and 23 inches (18 and 59 centimeters) by the end of the century, if global warming continues. Additionally, hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger, which let floods and droughts will become more common in the century. Droughts harm crops, diminishing food variety, nutritional content, and availability, while floods can severely impact local food supplies and fresh water available for people to survive.  In marine waters, the climate changing processes and the extreme weather events will increase in frequency and intensity, and most well known of these is the El Niño phenomenon in the South Pacific. Some diseases, such as malaria carried by mosquitoes, will spread, because of unstable ecosystems.

As we all know, environment and climate are the most important factors to our daily life, I figure out some solutions to decrease the Greenhouse effect. The most important step the central government should take to reduce carbon pollution is to set practical, feasible limits on the major sources, such as cars and power facilities. Only when government sets up strict policies and laws to establish limits for canon pollution can national economy target for reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants. This also can be done in a flexible way that is fair for each state and would result in very significant reductions. In the second place, the central government should create green buildings and industrial facilities so as to meet strong new energy-efficiency standards that maximize energy savings. For those existing homes and commercial spaces, government can retrofit them to save energy by weatherizing and installing energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems. The benefits from retrofitting existing buildings are huge. It is said that retrofitting every house in the country would cut as much global warming pollution as taking a half a million cars off the road, and would save more oil and gas than we could extract from drilling in our coastal waters. Thirdly, it is benefit to build walkable communities near public transportations instead of far away communities in suburbs. The government should invest in and expand public transit, such as buses and metros, in order to reduce carbon dioxide discharged by private cars. Less drive times means not only less pollution discharged to air surroundings, but also less money spent on gas and more time for people to take exercises. When people begin to walk to the store, the office, or the movie theater instead of driving, we slow down global warming efficiently. Last but not the least, the national government should invest in green jobs and discovery of new energy. Investing in clean energy industries, such as wind and solar, as well as energy efficiency programs and retooling manufacturing plants can lead us out of crisis and into a new clean energy economy. What is more, investing in clean energy technologies would produce more jobs than similar investments in oil and gas. Investments in clean energy would also helpful to create a clean and secure energy future as well.

On an individual level, we can protect our environment and improve our daily life by changing our live habits. First of all, we can break our oil addiction and retool plants to manufacture the fuel-efficient cars, including hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The electric car is one of the best choice to improve carbon dioxide emission. It is described that the electric car is no noise, no vibration, and acceleration is better than the gas version of the car. Additionally, cars that drive on electricity, such as plug-in hybrids, dramatically cut oil use, reduce global warming pollution and save money for cars’ oil cost as well as oil maintenance. It is not only helping improve air quality but also improving living standards. Secondly, we should put an end to use disposable products. Avoiding single-use products—— disposable razors and cameras, plastic cups and plates—— can be a good example of the ways we improve our surroundings without enjoying convenience at the expense of the environment. We should also learn to identify toxic waste by classification. The more detail we deal with waste, the more recycle energy can be reused. Thirdly, adults should form good habits for children. For example, planting trees can be a good custom to inherited. Saving energy should also be developed since childhood. Saving water resources and paper resources are both helpful to reduce waste, which can decrease incineration dust efficiently. Moreover, people should be banned to consume wildlife animals. There are different kinds of living things in worldwide, making this colorful world. People’s bloody kill of wild animals change the balance of biosphere, which affect our own living surroundings as well. Without variety kinds of creatures, the earth will not exist forever and human beings cannot survive continuously. As a result, it is a so important step to forbid citizens to consume wild animals that control nature and human sustain development.

In conclusion, the Greenhouse effect contribute lots of unmanageable climate changes and nature disasters. However, there are still countless method to decrease speed of global warming or other climate changes. Only when human beings realize the sources of pollution and shift living patterns can people survive with nature peacefully. That is my discussion and argument for the Greenhouse effect —— the global warming —— and causes by finding current research status, existing problems and solution in this field.






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