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The argument between philosophy and morality

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下面51due教员组为大家整理一篇优秀的代写范文- Morality,供大家参考学习。这篇文章讲述的是自从哲学出现以来,关于道德的争论就一直存在。然而,道德之所以能经得起人们几千年的质疑,并毫无疑问地保持在至高无上的地位,有很多充分的理由。但是,当谈到美好生活的标准问题时,道德的训词是否仍然像往常一样坚定?对大多数人来说,道德是行为的方向,但它似乎更像是人们渴望自由的一个框架。自由,我的意思是,更被理解为在一个更加重视和强调个人价值的时代背景下实现自己梦想的愿望。而这样,要求人们内敛,以建立在大多数人基础上的繁荣的旧式道德价值观,在理论上与暂时的社会价值观背道而驰。

The argument between philosophy and morality

The debate over morality has long been existed so long as the appearance of philosophy. However, there are plenty of good reasons for morality to stand people’s question for thousands of years and remain in a supreme position beyond doubt. But when it comes to the question of the standard of a good life, does the precept of morality still stand strong as it always does?

For most of the people, morality serves as directions of behavior, but it seems more a frame in the time when people crave for freedom. Freedom, by which I mean, is more comprehended as the desire to achieve one’s dreams in the background of a time when individual value is attached with more importance and emphasis. And in this way, the old-fashioned value of morality that requires people to be introverted in order to build the prosperity based on the majority of the people is theoretically against the temporary social values. Human beings only live a short time in the world, why cannot enjoy their own life? What’s more, when people are not constrained by all those moral commitments, they tend to be more inspired and ambitious, which would contribute to more breakthroughs and progress in the development of the human civilization. Also the great author Duma has written in his novel “Tragedies in the world happen usually in the highfalutin name of maintaining morality.”(Dumas, Gosse, & Uzanne, 1902) Moreover, the tragedy of cannot knowing and obtain more due to the precept of morality is also blocking people from being advanced and objective. In this way human beings are trapped in their own psychological warfare. Thus, if people crave for a good or better life that they want, morality is not considered a necessary component to build one. 

Secondly, morality is not supposed to be applied in large scales, it serves as a higher level of advanced consciousness. Only if one is well educated in the aspect of morality as well as other domains can he well apply morality in the daily lives.But in the reality, there one more thing to protect the humanity, the law, and it is more comprehensible and less complicated, it tells people more clearly what is right and what is wrong. As the time goes by and the crowd’s consciousness began to awaken, people struggled to maintain their own right to do the things they want. And among all those rights they have been fighting for, even when they have been proved to be legal, some of them are not precisely moral, but that’s how laws are defined, they are the bottom lines of morality, they were not built to protect the doctrine of morality. Thus, the society and the laws sometimes just acquiesce the happening of unmorality within an arrangement. So from the very basic of living a good life, which is considered to live a life dutifully and legally, at least one do not have to hide from the policeman all day long and worry about being arrested and put into jails, one do not have to put so much emphasis on the ethics issue, all they need to care about is on the legal level. Thus, as long as people obey the law, morality is not considered a necessary component of a good life. 


However, even though the position of morality in the life has been questioned, people still need to have a faith to keep all the humanity and their kindness. To ensure that, morality is inevitably required in lives of high quality. 

Firstly, to live ethically is to live with self-respect and self esteem, which is so important in one’s good life. Cultivation and self discipline are never criticized, they are the symbol of civilization which marked the great evolution human has made from the prehistoric savages without any sense of shame into the modern people who talk and behave properly in all kinds of occasions. Morality helps one to know what is proper or improper, which differs from the laws that only tells people what is right or wrong. In this way, morality instructs people to do the things they should do and avoid the things they should not do. It came to the level of obligation, which demands more than the requirement of the rights instructed by laws and legal. It is not difficult to tell the duties from the laws, they are in two levels of humanity requirements. When people behave properly, they gain respect not only from others, but also from themselves. Gradually all the disciplines go into habit, which drives people to live a regular life, healthy, meaningful and absolutely happy. What’s more, self-respect and self esteem is the very basic of many other ventures that may lead to a good life, once they are gained based on morality, people would feel more confident, more active and energetic. People cannot escape the truth that a life with more energy and disciplines are much more improved than one without, that is to say, such lives are better. Even when one craves for freedom, they need to respect them self and shoulder the responsibilities. Thus, morality does serve as an important role in a good life, even though it does conflict with the purpose of life, it provide a better self to live that live. 

Secondly, morality is what keeps the whole world order running. People all around the world speak different languages which make them cannot understand each other, they live in remote places that make them cannot meet each other. However, sadly, when they finally meet and speak to each other, they find that they share the same ethical beliefs. It is not surprising when two countries with different beneficial purposes spare effort to do one same thing out of ethical reasons, it is quite clear that this is no coincidence, morality is universally existed. Personally speaking, I regard such existence as the consequence of the development of humanity. Those are the emotions that people born with, they are among the very nature of human beings. In the modern society, those elements of the human emotion still matter in all kinds of occasions, they bound people and tell them what to do in order not to make the world a competently chaos. People can hardly deny that the wars happened due to the degeneration of morality in some regions, and people commit crimes because of neglecting the ethnic. Laws are the protection of the society, but morality is the protection of the whole human beings. Thus, morality is absolutely among the essential elements of a good life, otherwise human would lose their nature and become machines that were built for their own purposes and the whole world would lose its order. 

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