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Immigrate to Canada

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Immigrate to Canada,文章讲述最近三到四年,移民到加拿大的人数逐年增加。这表明私营企业,自雇家庭和企业高管向加拿大移民的强烈意愿。这种现象的原因是什么?这是否意味着Cnanda完全平等。根据我的研究,某些原因是祖国的职业压力,良好的生活环境,诱人的养老金计划安排以及潜在的,国外的大量机会。但是,我们需要更多地考虑背后的潜在问题,因为它受到许多因素的影响。


Immigrate to Canada


Recently three or four years, immigration to Canada increases annually. This shows the strong willingness of immigration to Canada of private enterprises, self-employed households and business executives. What are the reason for this phenomenon? And does it mean Cnanda is totally equal. From my research, certain reasons are careers pressure in motherland,excellent living environment, tempting pension plan arrangements and potential, abundant opportunities abroad . However, we need to think more about possible problems behind because it is affected by many factors.

From economical perspective, I think that the fundamental reason for allowing for immigration is to strengthen economic development in the domestic, so in my personal opinion, this will lead to some inequality. There are different kinds of immigration policies and they are adjusting with time, and all kinds of immigration policies have a quite high threshold in the requirement of immigration.  But they are also reasonable because limited and scarce resources and space. However , totally from policy, some kind of demanding requirements do exist because it attracts more talented and richer people immigrating in, which may change the original situation. The ultimate reason of raising the threshold in this regard, apparently in order to stimulate their economies, bring more job opportunities. Does it really make it? It needs our more research.


From cultural perspective, multicultural lack of substantive policy ,which is the opinion from Peter S. Li. He has often criticized multicultural policy in the study, it has really aroused my interest. In a word, he thinks although Canadian stress on individual rights, on this basis, the immigrants have the fight for equal opportunity. This is part of the development of a democratic society, but it also has limitations. 1971 Canada launched a multicultural policy, which is highly valued in the world, because this is the first Western countries about the culture of equality policy. However, the background is also important. Initially, multicultural theory is mainly for fighting for independence in the late 1960s.

However, this policy has only said that freedom of choice of each minority, and no substantive content and special significance. Government dedicated a multicultural organization, but initially did not know how to do, but in a very fragmented way to support the development of minority cultures, such as singing, dancing, learning foreign languages, which we called "museum culture", ie a species remain in the past, the surface and dead culture. Canadian multiculturalism policy has now implemented for decades, but you can not say that the right to multiculturalism. French as an official language in the law is the language of rights, but did not implement multicultural policies on specific rights, it is quite empty and macro concept. Although we have a multiculturalism policy, but did not give the minority language minority benefits. You will work and gain income, minority languages does not help, but while he British, French, they may have a high income. The labor market is a melting pot, you only have to learn the official language in order to maintain life, society and the environment without the support of minority languages. Individual rights is very developed, but there is no minority rights as a collective, but in the real world, individuals are often seen as a member of the group. This suggests that individual rights and collective rights are related, even contradictory. So, I have been criticized multiculturalism policy along these lines.

From ethnical perspective,

Actually, sometimes immigrants do not need special support, they need to be racial equality and eliminate discrimination in employment. Some sociologists recognize that race is not an essential (physiological) concepts such as skin color, hair, etc., race itself is not the cause, but a result of socialization. They use racialization to represent this meaning, that only after the social interaction of different ethnic groups. Institutional racism is associated with economic, political and ideological factors associated with a particular historical period. This understanding of the race, resulting in the study of race relations of inequality, but also have a huge impact on the later ethnic studies. About this, it has many debate. Race is a biological classification of mankind, whose external physical characteristics, but without the level of good or bad; while the external characteristics of racism or racial society sucked ideological errors concepts and theories. However, Western feminism and female are not born, but rather a product of socialization perspective; Also, the class can not exist alone, but in social relationships with other groups formed.

From the history,after the 1960s, due to the Canadian immigration policy instead score standards rather than accept immigrants with regional and ethnic criteria, non-European immigrants is growing rapidly, gradually British and French Canadian nation's mainstream country, become multi-ethnic countries. Now every year about 250,000 -30 million immigrants came to Canada, 60% -70% from Asia and Africa. Evaluation of past immigrants mainly to see what their contribution to the Canadian economy, immigration policy is also formulated accordingly, this is a very utilitarian standards. But some experts propose that this is a short-sighted interests, because the country do not use the value of long-term perspective of immigrants. Immigration is an investment, investment is also important in the future of the country. Like raising a child, you not to see any return within a few years. For example, language and cultural diversity of Canada helps its understanding of the world and links. Outside the economic realm is not that none immigrants contribute to, but because we do not have statistical methods and measures by which these contributions, these contributions have been overlooked, which is required to be academic attention.



In addition to these two perspectives, sociologists have other different aspects about the relationship between immigration and sociology such as immigration and employment, social class and immigration , and something like that. How to explain the effects on society from  immigration , it still needs more methods. But ,we can confirm that exch coin has two sides, all

We need to do is more deeper practice and learning , trying to contribute more equal society.



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