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The early immigrant culture of the United States

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- The early immigrant culture of the United States,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国早期的移民文化。美国移民文化主要强调的是追求民主自由,崇尚开拓竞争,讲究理性和实用,尤其强调的是个人的价值。美国是一个移民国家,其祖先来自世界各地。美国文化的形成与这些移民有着密切的关系。移民带着自己的文化传统来到北美这片肥沃的土地。各种文化的交融和北美生活的叠加创造了美国独特的移民文化,而早期的移民文化为当今美国主流文化的形成奠定了坚实的基础。

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The United States has a large number of ethnic groups, including people from different RACES and countries, with different religious beliefs, people call it "melting pot". There was a time in history when people from all over the world flooded into the United States. They bring to the United States their own cultural, political and social patterns and attitudes, different academic and religious backgrounds, as well as their national arts, sports, festivals, and food. All these have greatly enriched American life and gradually penetrated into American culture. Immigrants have entered various fields of American life. While having an impact on American society, they have also changed their inherent way of life to some extent, thus jointly creating a unique culture -- American immigrant culture. How did this culture come into being? What connotation does immigrant culture have again? In this article, we will discuss these two aspects in detail.

The first people on the American continent were the Indians. No one knows for sure how and when they got to where the United States is now. Scientists believe the first movement to the Americas began about 25,000 years ago, when tribes in Siberia crossed the bering strait to Alaska in search of new hunting grounds or to escape pursuing enemies. The bering strait was a land area that was later submerged by the sea. Before the discovery of the new world, Indians had lived on this land for thousands of years. They hunted, fished and grazed for a living.

The second movement of the American continent began in the 16th century with European colonial expansion. On August 3, 1492, Columbus was sent by the king of Spain to sail out of the Atlantic ocean from the Spanish port of burrows, heading due west. After 70 days and nights of arduous sailing, land was finally discovered in the early morning of October 12,1492, a new continent unknown to all. His voyages were important events in history, opening up a new world for Europeans and spreading western civilization to the new world.

With Columbus' discovery of the new world, countries all over the world competed to establish colonies and became an international competition. Based on Columbus' discovery, Spain claimed the territory of America, then conquered new lands and established a kingdom, plundering endless wealth from the Indians. In 1497, another Italian navigator John capote, was appointed in the British king, arrived in today's Canada, the British government immediately announced to all UK throughout North America. To strengthen regulation, the British began to establish permanent settlements in North America in the 17th century.

Immigrants who live permanently bring their own culture to the United States, greatly enriching American life. Immigrants come not only from Britain but also from Germany, Switzerland, France and many other countries. They poured in large Numbers. Although they all spoke English, their own culture was not completely abandoned. These immigrants united to create American culture, which is the integration of European culture in the new situation.

Early settlers, most of them puritans from England, came to America to escape religious persecution and harsh social conditions. In England they did not accept the doctrines of the church of England, which brought them inconvenience and danger. Therefore, freedom and independence were the pursuits of these early immigrants. Their pursuit of freedom and independence was reflected not only in religion but also in economic and social life. The early settlers who crossed the ocean to America experienced the hardships of living in the new land. Their belief in individual rights and freedom became stronger and stronger. On the one hand, they want a strong government that maintains peace and order to ensure private property; On the other hand, they want to have the greatest possible freedom and independence, which has become their principle and belief. Their dream came true with the declaration of independence and the victory of the war of independence. Individual freedom was one of the most fundamental and important values of early American immigrants. Some scholars called it individualism.

As a country built from the wilderness, there are many opportunities for development because of its rich natural resources. But the difficult environment makes immigrants realize clearly that it is extremely difficult to live alone, and cooperation is their only choice. They worked together to reclaim wasteland and build houses. Therefore, the spirit of cooperation has become one of the important values in American immigrant culture.

Opportunity is a magical force that draws people to America. It attracted not only nobles who dreamed of building new houses in the wilderness, but also skilled craftsmen such as carpenters, bakers and tailors who could not find work in their hometown. Above all, it appeals to Europe's landless poor and homeless. It gives people hope that they can live a better life in America than in the old world. It took half a century for the first British immigrants to set foot on north American soil and establish the United States of America to realize their hopes. The north American continent's desolate natural environment, inspired them to work hard, so that they gradually formed a hard-working character; The exploitation and exploitation of the rich natural resources in North America gave birth to their pioneering spirit. Among the immigrants, many people are tired of the old cultural traditions. They come to America with a rebellious spirit. Most of them have no traditional conservative ideas, and the dangerous wild environment forces them to give up some cultures and traditions in the old world. Adventure became a way to change their way of life. Gradually, the American spirit of adventure has become a tradition. They see adventure as an opportunity to develop, and life as a journey of constant adventure and exploration. This spirit of adventure has permeated every aspect of American life. Americans emphasize the spirit of innovation. They believe that opportunities are everywhere. Apart from laws, they believe that most traditions are barriers to their development and they are eager to challenge them. Unlike China, India, Britain and some other countries, the United States does not have a long history and splendid civilization. Therefore, Americans are willing to accept new ideas and things quickly. They challenge tradition and authority, always thinking, "I'm the expert or the authority," that's the American character.

Because America was not ruled by a king or queen, no one had a privilege in this new land. On the condition of equal opportunity, only one's ability can determine his wealth. Therefore, equality, competition, is the pursuit of early immigrants in the United States. In the Americas, colonies had vast land areas but few labor resources, so every free person had a chance to gain economic independence. Many immigrants from continental Europe brought bourgeois liberal ideas to America. Generally speaking, Americans do not envy others, but praise and admire the rich. America believes in the maxim that a man's wealth shows his ability. In the early history of the United States, many immigrants from Europe chose to settle in the United States because they believed there were more chances of success in the United States. In their original countries, their personal success was largely determined by their social background, but in American society, there was no hereditary aristocracy, and success was entirely determined by the efforts of individuals. Most of the early settlers realized their hopes and dreams in the new world. Tens of thousands of immigrants have succeeded in establishing personal beliefs about equality. Everyone is deeply attracted by the new phenomenon in this new society. As they learn more about American society, they find that personal equality is a fundamental belief in this country. It is true that equality of opportunity is very important to personal success. In order to get equal opportunities, everyone has to pay the price, one of the price is fierce competition. If we think of life as a marathon, then we know very well that every runner has to compete with others, including the strong, the weak and some geniuses. A man has no chance of winning unless he runs the whole distance hard. Those who finally win the competition are called "heroes" and respected by others. At the same time, those who are afraid of competition and fail in the competition are regarded as "losers" and spurned by others. In the United States, competitive pressures start in childhood and continue into retirement. Facing all the competition is part of their growth. The pressure of competition makes Americans more energetic, but it also keeps them in constant anxiety and tension. It is not until they retire that they can get rid of this pressure.

When the first settlers arrived in North America, they found the environment harsh and were cut off from European civilization. They are more pragmatic in order to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. To exploit this fertile virgin land, immigrants need to break with convention and solve practical problems. Under this historical background, pragmatism philosophy began to take shape in the United States. In the eyes of Americans, practicality and effectiveness are the truth, while success is the truth.

American culture is built on materialism. A comfortable life is an American goal. They have a strong sense of superiority in front of those whose material living conditions are inferior to their own. When Americans talk about a person's values, they usually use material values as a common criterion. The root cause may have to do with the purpose of the early settlers who came to North America, to live a better life. Of course, most immigrants don't get rich overnight, and many lead miserable lives. But overall, the vast majority of Americans have improved their quality of life relative to the past. When the early settlers came to this virgin land, they were surprised by the rich natural resources of North America and believed that if they worked hard, they could survive in this new land and realize their dreams. To some extent, material wealth is the best reward for their hard work. Wealth is also an important way to prove one's ability. The constitution of the United States at the end of the 18th century declared that the amount of material wealth reflected individual differences in ability. It is the dominant value of American society. Entrepreneurs are respected, businessmen become popular heroes, and everyone wants to be rich.

The United States is a nation of immigrants. Its ancestors came from all over the world. When people move to the United States, they not only change their geographical position, but also change their original customs and culture in order to adapt to the new environment. Because the difference is obvious, people will not pay attention to unity. Day after day, Americans have developed a high degree of cultural tolerance. They can tolerate different opinions, different attitudes, different customs and different cultures. Politically, this tolerance is the pursuit and protection of freedom; Religion, is the harmonious coexistence of different beliefs; In life, people of different nationalities coexist peacefully. In America, everyone can choose different ideas, beliefs and lifestyles. To some extent, people can keep their own traditional customs. For example, jews celebrate their religious holidays and Christians celebrate their own. For another example, Chinese Americans in Chinatown live and work in Chinese, Vietnamese immigrants in "Saigon" in their own way to do business, a variety of activities. Americans' tolerance is also linked to their frequent migrations. As we know, in the westward movement, the early pioneers migrated from east to west and south to north wherever there was an opportunity. Continuous and frequent migration made them always in a state of "flow", which required them to have a strong ability to tolerate and accept different phenomena. In addition, the westward movement has broadened their horizons and made them understand more different customs. Slowly, they begin to empathize, to understand and accept these different customs. Americans are tolerant. Few Americans impose their will on others. For example, in a family, the husband may be a republican, but he never forces the wife to change her political views in favor of the Democrats. Similarly, a mother may be a Catholic, but she will not force her son to convert. This spirit of tolerance is not uncommon in daily life.

To sum up, the formation of American immigrant culture is closely related to the development of the United States and has made great contributions to the development of American history. The United States is a melting pot, where immigrants maintain their own language and culture while sharing the same culture-a unique American immigrant culture.


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