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Polarization of public opinion

2018-09-30 来源: 51due教员组 类别: 更多范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Polarization of public opinion,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了舆论极化。舆论极化本身是社会主流价值观相对缺失的表现,它的蔓延会加剧社会的撕裂感,使人们越来越难以在重大社会议题上形成主流价值判断,进而导致社会凝聚力的进一步丧失。 就当下而言,避免舆论极化倾向进一步恶化的关键,在于理性多元求同存异的公共辩论空间的构建,以及信息披露的公开透明规范。

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"Refresh posts" have been a noticeable phenomenon on Chinese social media for some time. These articles, which are "crazy" forwarded by WeChat friends, WeChat group or weibo, generally have eye-catching headlines, sensational "facts" and "flowing logic". Inspiring chicken soup, tragic stories, prosperous crisis and sensational plots are also standard elements.

However, such "refresh posts" are often quickly turned upside down because of the inherent logic loophole and some natural facts. Under careful and rational readers' textual research, it is easy to cause a sharp reversal of public opinions.

However, more worrying than "refresh posts" is the phenomenon of social public opinion polarization generated around "refresh posts". From the one-sided forwarding and praise when a "refresh post" appeared to the one-sided trampling when the plot was reversed, public opinion fluctuated rapidly in two extremes, fully reflecting the impetuous mood of the society and people's "partial hearing and partial letter" mentality.

In the period of China's social transformation, the polarization of some public opinions is not only reflected in the vacillation between the two poles, but also the opposition between the two poles. Around the brush screen "and followed by social issues, people in the debate often resort to emotional language and logic of the simple and crude, first impressions are most lasting default position, and according to the ideology and value judgment to choose sides, the resulting believers trust, infidel constant or not, while ignoring the fact itself merits and logical reasoning is thoughtful.

The polarization of public opinion itself is the manifestation of the relative absence of social mainstream values, while the spread of public opinion polarization will aggravate the sense of social tearing, making it more and more difficult for people to form the mainstream value judgment on major social issues, thus leading to the further loss of social cohesion.

Rome is not built in a day. The formation of public opinion polarization is caused by multiple complicated factors. It also requires long-term and patient efforts to deal with and resolve it.

In today's era of scarce attention and fragmented information, it's hard to settle down to peruse articles that tell the story through solid research and expert analysis. Social media's attempt to capture people's attention has led to the emergence of a cluster of headlines. Under the pressure of business model in the era of mobile network, the emphasis on click-through rate and traffic has also led many "we media" and even institutional media to seek more "out of the box" reporting and comment style for "attracting fans".

It must be admitted that some posts can be refresh, indeed because they touch people's nerves and cater to people's long-repressed emotions. This is closely related to the differentiation of interest groups, the occurrence of social contradictions, the spread of anxiety disorder, and the divergence of future expectations after pareto improvement.

In other words, the superposition of media technology, business model and social reform has promoted the polarization tendency of public opinion. The historical intolerance and even oppression of different opinions also lead to the fact that the public debate space of rational pluralism seeking common ground while reserving differences is still a scarce commodity.

The multi-cause pattern of public opinion polarization is destined to deal with and dissolve it without a quick grasp of the plan. The construction of a harmonious social atmosphere is inseparable from the construction of a harmonious society, which needs to cross the middle-income trap, the construction of a civilized society of equal wealth, so that the rich can settle down to the poor, and the achievement of these goals will take time.

For the moment, the key to avoid the further deterioration of the tendency of public opinion polarization lies in the construction of the public debate space of rational pluralism seeking common ground while reserving differences and the open and transparent norms of information disclosure. The biggest counter star of polarization and the best medicine for rectifying prejudice is pluralism and transparency. When people are accustomed to the collision of different opinions and the expression of different interest demands, they can find reliable authoritative information release channels, which can largely avoid the polarization and polarization of public opinion.

The construction of a quality public debate space requires a pluralistic and inclusive mindset, which is equally important to the participants and managers of the space. The multi-interest society itself demands the pluralism of public opinion. On the premise of not violating the relevant laws and regulations, it should be treated equally without discriminating between the two.

In recent years, some extreme populist and nationalist rhetoric, under the banner of ideology and the cloak of political correctness, often can go unimpeded in the cyberspace for a while, forming seemingly strong public opinion pressure. On the one hand, it impacts and interferes with China's national policy of reform and opening up; on the other hand, it undoubtedly promotes the tendency of vicious nature of public debate space.

Ideology and political correctness are not in themselves endorsements of radicalized speech and any radicalized speech should be administered without discrimination within the framework of the rule of law. The selective management of extreme speech in cyberspace will just aggravate the trend of polarization of public opinion.

On the one hand, the extreme populist and nationalistic rhetoric connected will continue to launch similar remarks can hide, on the other hand that contain negative information and emotional language "brush screen 1" will get reverse blessings because of those posts, originally enlarge distorted facts and cut straight for curved logic, but also because of post "martyrs" identity and become "authentic", some even under heavily censored by unidentified truth readers more forward speed and strength, it is certainly greatly from objective results against the original intention of network public opinion space management.

At present, the most effective solution to the trend of the polarization of the public opinion space, especially the network public opinion space, is the construction of the rational pluralistic public debate space, the open and transparent and normative authoritative information disclosure channels and mechanisms, as well as the establishment of the non-discriminatory management framework under the rule of law.


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