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Assignment代写:The comedy of a French director

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- The comedy of a French director,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了法国导演的喜剧特色。21世纪以来,一些法国青年导演拍摄的喜剧已然成为法国电影产业的重要支柱,而电影作为典型的文化产品,已经基本形成以美国好莱坞大片为领头羊的全球化趋势。法国喜剧片更多的是从现实主义视角出发,将对社会现实的关注融入影片主题,抛弃了为喜剧而喜剧的单纯模式,以轻松的节奏反映社会问题,赋予了喜剧片更多的社会现实意义。

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As the most productive and abundant narrative resources in mass culture production, genre film is indispensable to the French film industry. The successful localization of French films has made French comedies a shining pearl in the film industry, and the humorous genius of French films is admired by movie fans all over the world. Under the general trend of globalization of film culture, the localization of French comedy has cultivated a group of loyal audiences in France and even among the world's movie fans. The elimination of stylization, the realization of innovation in selecting topics, the integration of social reality into the perspective of films and the adoption of reverse narrative thinking are all key factors to promote the success of French comedy films. In both theme and form, it innovates and develops the comedy genre, constituting a new pattern of contemporary French films.

As one of the earliest countries with films, French film culture has a long history. Since then, French films have been hit hard by competition from Hollywood films. Since the 21st century, many outstanding young directors have stood out and instilled strong personal and French humor in their films.

Generally speaking, comedy deviates from realism and USES exaggeration and absurdity to arouse the audience's ridicule of ugliness and expectation of beauty, so as to achieve comedy effect. For example, many excellent American Hollywood comedies adopt the above artistic methods. While French comedy, there was a significant difference in high box office of the French comedy in recent years, they are more from a realistic perspective, will be subject to the attention of social reality into films, abandoned the simple model for the comedy and comedy, but with relaxed pace reflect social problems, gives the comedy more social practical significance.

France, for instance, the director Danny byrne's film "welcome to the north", the film became a French its best film in the history of the cinema. About a French post office director Philip was accidentally transferred to the south of the north a town in the story, the north and south of France at that time the cultural differences is a very serious social problem, between north and south has for hundreds of years is difficult to eliminate regional discrimination. Film seemed easy humor, north to the south of the cultural differences caused by a variety of misunderstanding as the punchline, eventually to the hero successfully eliminated the local people's prejudices, end of a life of happiness. The film takes the real problem of regional discrimination between the north and the south of France as the theme, which can arouse the resonance of the French audience and arouse people's yearning for a harmonious life after the elimination of regional discrimination.

Similar theme film and film of the same directors "nothing to declare", the film focused in France and Belgium border checkpoints, set in the eu, the frontier inspection station will be cancelled, working in the Belgian reuben is extreme nationalist, he hated all of France, and his French colleague just fell in love with his sister, a series of contradictions triggered many farce. The film depicts the reactions of people from different countries at the time of the establishment of the European Union from a realistic perspective, which naturally can make the European people who have experienced that reality know nothing about it.

Mr Levy the director's work at the cash "cannot touch is more profound realistic contradictions can be incorporated into this movie. The film tells the story of lower limb disability between rich and poor white black care story, story line into the black and white ethnic conflicts, class contradictions and the rich and the poor is disabled and healthy people of physical differences contradiction. When the story puts two such disparate people under one roof, many ironic but thought-provoking plots emerge that make the audience laugh even more thoughtfully. France's racial discrimination, personality needs of disabled persons, the life of the poor rights, due to the realistic social problem put in front of an audience, and overcoming in relaxed and humorous way, guide humanity with comedy movies typically happy endings to be good. Under the same social background, the audience naturally feels the same and has good expectations for the severe social conflicts.

In addition to the social background of the reality, and is also related to the reality of ordinary people immediate problem is French comedy director preferred topics, such as PASCAL directed by Mr. Du's family comedy film on the other side of the bed. The film is set in the boring period of marriage that almost everyone will encounter, and it resonates with many people in the seven-year itch. The hero and heroine in the film eventually to switch roles this slightly bizarre way back once the passion and in the correct position in a marriage, marriage to resolve many of the contradictions in relaxed and laugh. The choice of topics based on real life and the happy and relaxed plot are two key elements of the success of the drama at the box office.

Also close to the real life of ordinary people are clapish's trilogy of youth, Spanish apartments, Russian dolls and Chinese puzzle. The three films feature zaville's struggle from college graduation to his 40s. Firm's youth is a miniature of the modern youth youth all over the world, almost contains the puberty to ideal confusion, confusion, to work for the tangle of love and marriage and the reality of the struggle of life. This series of film's most precious is true, although is a comedy film, but not for reality in order to enhance the comedy and exaggeration, but into the real details of daily life and interpersonal, every joke has a realistic background, which makes the film stand out from the many superficial shallow wulitou comedy.

Although French comedy films include realistic perspectives, comedy is a genre film after all, and it cannot get rid of its inherent mode in the treatment of plot and ending. For example, many excellent French comedy movies are present the problem of social reality, won the domestic audience, but also provided in the form of comedy "method", to solve these social problems in these detrimental to social development or personal growth overcoming negative factors, finally, still happy ending. Obviously, such a "solution" is a surreal, in real life, not all the contradiction can be resolved, will not because of someone's efforts to eliminate racial discrimination, class struggle also won't because some people live in harmony and solve, marital conflict and growth of struggle is not as easily as in the film, but in its essence, the value of the comedy is that relieve pressure and inspiring, French comedy for some surreal processing is contradictory.

French life rich romance and exquisite for emotional films have become one of the strengths of French films, the French liberal romantic love since ancient times, therefore, affection diffuses light comedy emotional films by the French audiences of all ages. Such films magnify human nature problems and beautiful emotions for artistic treatment, and present them on the big screen in a relaxed and humorous way, immersing the audience and giving them a long aftertaste. French director Emmanuel le morey works present almost every Angle of the French contemporary relationship, its representative work at the beginning of the art of love is love story when heart wonderful, win the favor of me is the temptation story and betrayal, "kiss me" the encounter outside of marriage, "address change" about experiencing twists and turns will harvest of love. Morey's works do not have too complex plot design, nor too sharp dramatic conflicts. The film is more about depicting the different emotional problems between the two sexes with the exquisite details of life.

French love comedy and romantic comedy in Hollywood blockbusters for reference, such as PASCAL ShuMei eloping plan B, and PASCAL Mr. Du's on the other side of the bed. Both films have adopted the leading role of comedy duo set pattern, finally also comedy finale of the way to the end, but the social value of the two films is that they map the French social concept of marriage, love and sex. In particular, on the other side of the bed, the film explores serious issues of sexual orientation and emotional responsibility in marriage through the seemingly absurd setting of couples exchanging places.

It is worth mentioning that the French films, which have always been good at writing about human nature and emotion, have not forgotten about homosexuality. Because of the small market audience of gay films, many excellent gay films are art films, while few commercial films choose this theme. In 2013, ji about koryo Ann's commercial boys and ji's about to become the same dark horse at the box office. Ji about mu Korean director Ann from, created a small was raised as a girl the boy image, his appearance and movements are very like a girl, even the mother doubted his sexual orientation, and regard him as a girl. In fact, guillaume is not gay. He loves girls. After finding out about her sexual orientation, guillaume began to struggle with her mother and fight for her sexual orientation. The film chooses such sensitive themes. Although it is dealt with in a reverse way, it throws a problem to the society. It is so difficult to truly respect a person's sexual orientation. The film dug deep into guillaume's confusion and struggle from a delicate perspective, and supported jokes and misunderstandings one after another. Behind the humor, however, it deeply reflected the real human nature problems.

Unlike traditional Hollywood films, French comedy movies are not limited to a story line, the handing down and the whole narrative structure will also take this model to a certain extent, but it is usually beyond simple handing down the main vein. In short, the French comedy film has its unique loose narrative style and unique audio-visual presentation. Some French comedy has set a story line, but is not a simple plot revolves around the main line, it is not every plot in order to promote the principal contradiction savings, but will be in the process of narrative, many strands are derived from the plot, will deviate from the main line set anytime and anywhere. Although this setting will weaken the main contradiction of dramatic film, scattered story line of cohesion, but such a delicate and trivial let some loyal audiences feel more real, and even regard it as a kind of original French romance.

Such as lauren Thai director rudd's comedy "Paris naughty help", the film's storyline is very simple, the little hero nicolas mistakenly assume that mom and dad to have a baby brother rather than his, he around to find a way to stop this thing. Based on the comic book little rogue nikolai, the original work is made up of many short stories, and it is difficult to draw a story line that is consistent with the transition. In the film adaptation, if you deliberately create a story line with ups and downs and arrange many plots to push the conflict to break out, you will lose the innocence and leisure of the original work. As a result, the film took a faithful to the original loose on the narrative way, through many seemingly has nothing to do with the theme of trivial to represent the child's wit and naughty, it happens that the rendering of these details became the part of the film with special flavor, also make the characters more lifelike shape, let the audience in stitches.

The conventional model of Hollywood movies is to set the story line, develop the drama conflict, and solve the emotional problem in the process of resolving the drama conflict. While French movie otherwise, compared with dramatic conflicts, the space will be more weight of details the human emotion, in the French film, often appear to promote or dissolve the dramatic conflicts with emotional twists.

Such as Emmanuel le morey's win the favor of me, beautiful and emotional conflict between Jacques caused that the biggest conflict, and finally because of beautiful and repentance and belief in love, dramatic conflicts get natural dissolve; And lisa ? o in the "terms of endearment", the contradiction between the mother and daughter broke out achievement, the conflict in the story line, in the same way, without any dramatic shift, the trivial life details of mother and daughter two people to establish a new relationship models, conflict is resolved. French film director creation, not just confined to tell a story to the audience, they will focus on practical problems and the thoughts of human emotion into the film, make the film more profound. Focusing on the depiction of realistic background and the presentation of delicate emotions, it is inevitable to break through the single narrative structure.

The free and romantic thinking of the French also influences the narrative thinking of the French director. French comedy often does not follow the set pattern and the so-called inherent framework. Film "eloping plan B", for example, the whole story is presented by others described the viewpoint, and the film's end, the heroine of the story as the plot of absurdity and noisy, but the description is true or just to fabricate, director, but did not give a definite answer, as if just told a story to break the marriage walls.

French comedy films break the inherent framework of genre films, which makes many excellent films with unique perspectives and narrative modes emerge in the film works. Elegant rambling French emotional appeal and free along with the gender of thinking deeply penetrate the French comedy movie, this kind of film rhythm and creativity are more in line with the aesthetic of the French local fans around, is a successful film localization practice.

To sum up, with the help of the many outstanding young French comedy director, French film localization of practice achieved great success, the localization of the type of film development for other countries to make the demonstration. French comedy film based on the social reality, and presents the human nature and emotion, not only the French comedy to win the support of local audiences, more gift itself above the film comedy of practical significance. At the same time, the looseness and freedom of narration make it easier for the audience to feel the romantic and casual French sentiment, and make the theme of the film penetrate into people's hearts through more detailed description. French comedy films have successfully broken the inherent model of Hollywood comedy films, created a unique comedy form with French characteristics, and constructed a new pattern of the French comedy film industry. The success of the localization of French comedy films is worthy of our discussion and reference.


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