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Assignment代写:Internet Public opinion violence

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Internet Public opinion violence,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了网络舆论暴力。网络舆论暴力是指一些网民在非理性情绪的控制下严重损害热点事件当事人合法权益,在其物质或精神上带来伤害并严重损害网络环境的行为。网络舆论暴力由网络舆论和舆论暴力组成,往往会使事情偏离了正常轨道,它表现的更为极端、破坏性更强,造成了不少悲剧。

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With the rapid development of Internet technology, the network has become a new medium, and the network public opinion has been evolving. However, because the network supervision system is imperfect, the network information is difficult to distinguish, the netizen is irrational and so on, the network public opinion often deviates from the normal orbit, it behaves more extreme, the destructiveness is stronger, has caused many tragedies, the network public opinion violence's harmfulness gradually obtains the people and the government attention.

Now, the advent of the information age, the Internet with a rapid trend of development, the network has evolved from a pure technology in the past to the current emerging media, the second way people communicate. Based on the large population of China, the wide application of Internet determines the increasing number of Chinese netizens, according to the China Internet Information Center, "China Statistical report on the status of Internet development" shows that by December 2016, the internet penetration rate reached 53.2%, China's internet users are 731 million, equivalent to the total population of Europe. Compared with the former gossip and the newspaper's expression and the comment, the network convenience and the openness decides that it becomes the most important carrier which reflects the social atmosphere and the populace psychology, simultaneously also enhances the party and the government power effectively. The continuous development of network public opinion brings positive influence on the development of society, it may also cause some negative effects. Now more and more citizens gathered in the forum, microblogging and other public opinion platform, pay close attention to the social current affairs, and express personal views, but because the views of the incorrect expression, comments often evolved into curses, and gradually triggered into a network of public opinion violence.

Internet public opinion violence refers to the behavior that some netizens seriously damage the parties ' lawful rights and interests in the hot spot under the control of irrational emotion, which bring harm in their material or spirit and seriously damage the network environment. Once the network hot spot event appears, "The Butterfly Effect" will appear quickly, causes numerous Netizen's forwarding or the comment. There are those who use this event to satisfy their desires, to publish radical speech, or to be blinded by the irrational feelings of the minds of the people, they will disregard the facts, fabricated some of the lack of corresponding factual basis of the speech, once the spread of these statements will be arbitrarily misinterpreted, resulting in a storm of opinion.

The network public opinion violence is composed of the network public opinion and the public opinion violence, "the word" violence "is different from the traditional means of solving the problem by force, it is roughly divided into three kinds, first, some netizens to the hot events to publish some inflammatory and offensive remarks, misleading investigation trend, seriously obstruct the further resolution of the incident Second, the language violence that exists on the network, that is, the parties to the incident abuse insults, siege defamation, exposing private information and other bad behavior, resulting in network public opinion often deviated from the normal track, violated the moral bottom line, in a form of violence, and seriously damage the party's spirit; Three is the reality of violence, That is, some netizens who pretend to be righteous, harass and contain the relatives and friends of the Incident parties, and act badly, which seriously affects the daily life of the parties.

The development of the network public opinion accompanies the human flesh search, the network navy, the network pushes hands, the rumor and so on the appearance, already such as the scourge, lets many people talk about the public opinion is like evades the snake. For example, early human flesh search first case, Nanjing child abuse case or recent Kimi depression suicide, Linyi female college students fell to death and other events, all on the internet caused a very poor response. Below I will analyze the causes of the Internet public opinion violence from the subjective and objective aspects, analyze the present situation, and put forward the targeted measures.

Freedom of speech is a basic civil right guaranteed by our Constitution, compared with the traditional expression way, the network speech greatly broadens people's expression space, everyone has the freedom to express their opinions, but the anonymity and virtuality of the network let the Netizen get rid of the binding force that the real society should obey, their speech gradually become unbridled. Taking the most regrettable Kimi suicides of last year, for example, because of a few improper words, its micro-bo scold voice, Kimi unbearable, eventually suffering from depression and suicide, in his friends and circle of people in mourning voice, several friends because not issued a memorial statement by netizens crown "moral kidnapping" hat, suffered a network of public opinion violence. Coincidentally, similar incidents, highlighting the chaos of the network today, the poor quality of Internet users, mood and other characteristics, in part because of the Netizen's speech 0 responsibility.

The value judgment and the moral judgment of the mainstream of real society are the benchmark that people judge right and wrong nowadays, when the incident happened, netizens were keen to judge the moral aspects of the event, but they were influenced by the limitation of cognitive ability and the fluctuation of individual's subjective will, they were judged by morality, on the basis of no factual basis, These extreme comments will quickly spread and prevail, and once rumors are made, other netizens have been infected by extreme speech, but also to vent their emotions and publish more offensive speech, such as "certain to die", "human flesh he" "roll out ..." and other malicious words to the party's spirit has been greatly harmed, Makes the normal public opinion to become the abnormal network public opinion violence, also profoundly reflects the Netizen network literacy low.

For example, the female driver in Chengdu was beaten from the beginning of the woman was beaten to the man wronged, the whole event of the reversal is unprepared, netizens in turn, why not to reflect on whether they are to make men wronged of the promotion, the reflection of their words on the woman's injury is difficult to recover, in fact, when the incident occurred, What we should do is to understand the facts after a rational analysis rather than a group of verbal "violence", verbal violence not only does not benefit from the development of the whole event, but also pollute the entire network environment. The event accomplished not only the farce of this male and female, but also the farce of the whole netizen.

Network pushing hands employed in order to meet the health benefits of public relations companies or individuals, through the topic of speculation to create false information, or for the wrong speech, or to attract the public eye, so that netizens unwittingly acted as accomplices, seriously misleading the values of netizens, fooled the use of the vast number of netizens compassion and justice.

The development of network technology brings great convenience to the dissemination of information, and it also brings more possibility for the occurrence of the violence of the network public opinion. The development of broadband technology to facilitate the access of practical information, the spread of speech faster and faster. Weibo has become one of the most influential media in China, with an unstoppable trend of rapid popularization. In Weibo, each person can publish information independently, forward and comment on other people's information, and the free interaction between people will generate a huge topic discussion circle in a short time. After the hot events, through the Infinite "forwarding", "comments" and "point praise" triggered the effect of the explosion, the event to climax.

With the development of social economy in our country, the social class is more diversified, the gap between rich and poor is widening, and different classes have their own interests. The universality of the subject of network public opinion decides that all sectors of society can participate in the discussion of social hot events. Middle and lower class as the main body, because of their greater interest needs, with rough and extreme language, express their attitude and appeal, in the center of the public opinion to form some kind of mainstream opinion, so that the original direction of development of the event has produced a deviation.

Although the network media has changed the traditional media dissemination way, but the traditional media still occupies the dominant position in the information dissemination. When the hot events deviate from the due track, the traditional media should make a statement according to the facts, let the truth be revealed in the world, reduce the harm of the public opinion to the incident party. However, in reality, the traditional media or take a neutral attitude, or disregard the facts to forward the relevant information, did not play the public opinion "lead person" role. At the same time, relevant incident processing departments such as the Public Security Bureau, the Court, and so on, due to the failure to take the right treatment measures, from the side to further promote the network of violence.

Take "The operating room self-portraits" the controversy incident as an example, the radio and television stations in the case of the hospital and doctors interviewed, only according to the Netizen explosion material on the matter, resulting in the incident quickly become a microblogging hot topic and major news website headlines. Many netizens have been bombarded by the behavior of the doctors in the operating room, including personal attacks. The facts eventually surfaced, but the damage to the parties could not be remedied. We can clearly see the consequences of the failure of the traditional media in the reflection of the public opinion caused by the media.

In recent years, China has promulgated dozens of of legal documents related to network communication, these documents have set restrictions on the operation and communication conditions of network media, but have found that there are 57.22% in the investigation and research on "the Understanding degree of the law and regulation of the Internet public opinion supervision of the national Network". People do not understand the laws and regulations of China's network supervision of public opinion, nearly half of the respondents to the national network of public opinion supervision laws and regulations almost unfamiliar, small, it can be seen that when their own suffering from public opinion violence, people do not know how to seek legal help, only silently bear, triggering more violent attacks on netizens.

The network public opinion and the public opinion violence only one step away, slightly careless, a stone arouses the thousand layers wave, will cause the network public opinion violence event. So how to find a check point, let the network public opinion exert positive influence and reduce the occurrence of public opinion violence, correctly play the role of network media, is the problem that we need to solve, below I put forward some suggestions to cause analysis.

The analysis of the cause of the subjective, the psychological phenomenon of the netizens ' impulsive, paranoid and changeable, is the important reason of the violence of the network public opinion, the public opinion reflects the people's desire for fairness, democracy, good ethos and so on, so social managers should pay attention to and treat the opinions of netizens correctly. Actively and properly handle the hot spots of Internet public opinion. At the same time, the government can use the network to interact with Internet users, to understand the views of the public, to provide better service, to ease the social unhealthy mood, to promote fairness, so as to further enhance the prestige of the government, can reduce the spread of harmful speech in the event of events, and create a harmonious Orderly network environment.

People accustomed to the virtual network life, the speech has become unconstrained, in the "whether to restrict the freedom of the Internet public opinion," the study found that 76.39% of the people think that should restrict the freedom of speech online, of which 52.78% of people think that should be properly limited, From this we can see that the implementation of the real-name system of the network has been the people of the public, will be addicted to the network of false information users pull out virtual network, improve the accuracy of personal information, to publish more responsible words, to avoid malicious slander others speech, then the interaction between human and people will become more

As the subject of network public opinion, netizens are the main participants and agents of network public opinion, and the correct and positive morals and good qualities are beneficial to participate in the network better. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of the network public opinion, the Government and relevant departments should strengthen the education of the moral quality of netizens, instruct the netizens to surf the internet, improve the identification of the true and false of the Internet information, and the administrators should punish the netizens who maliciously publicize the improper speech and play a vigilant role

In the contemporary rule of Law Society, the concept of rule of law has already been deeply rooted in the public, although China has promulgated relevant laws and regulations on network dissemination, but there are still imperfect places, the majority of the people of the promulgation of the law is not understood, not reasonable use, therefore formulate and perfect laws and regulations, the network public opinion in accordance with the law Increase the publicity of network laws and regulations, so that netizens realize the importance of law-abiding, let netizens knowing usage, create a good network environment, so that users of various event norms freely express their views are particularly necessary.

Looking at the incidents of cyber-public violence happening today, the voice of the party who was wronged and forced to apologize is still lingering in our ears, everyone is the subject of Internet public opinion, any of our emotional words can give innocent people an indelible injury, others, if we are hot event parties, You may be able to appreciate the tremendous pressure the victim is under. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the education of netizens ' quality, and the Government should strengthen supervision, form a complete management system, perfect the relevant laws and regulations of the legislature, and the occurrence of the violence of network public opinion can be effectively curbed.


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