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Assignment代写:Australia's traditional festivals and their culture

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Australia's traditional festivals and their culture,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了澳大利亚的传统节日及其文化。澳大利亚悠长的历史造就了丰厚的文化底蕴,特别是其传统节日,令人十分向往。澳大利亚的元旦是在夏季,因此庆祝方式和活动是非常独特的。神秘的土著舞蹈作为节日的开幕,之后就开始盛大的冲浪比赛,还有大型的车展和烧烤大会。


This article mainly introduces the festival culture of Australia. First from her location factors, historical factors and the development of economy leads to the theme of festival culture from its historic festival and so on National Day to all kinds of traditional festival culture, the permeability of each national culture differences, and a brief comparison and the festival culture of China.

Australia lies between the south Pacific and the Indian Ocean, and is made up of islands such as the Australian mainland and Tasmania. It faces the coral sea and tasman sea of the Pacific Ocean, west, north, and south three facing the Indian Ocean and its edge, and the coastline is about 3. 670,000 km. It covers an area of 762,000 square kilometers, making up the vast majority of Oceania. Although it is surrounded by water, deserts and semi-deserts account for 35 percent of the total area of the country. The country is divided into three regions: the eastern mountain, the central plain and the western plateau.

Australia's earliest inhabitants have the world's longest continuous history of culture, and its origins can be traced back to the last ice age. Although Australia was invaded, she was developed by six separate colonies in 1901 and developed rapidly and eventually developed into a developed country. The development of economy has laid a certain material foundation for the development of culture, so Australia's cultural development is also quite rapid and prosperous. The long history, the integration of various cultures, the ascension of human wisdom, and the common results of various factors have produced the rich cultural deposits of Australia. Especially its festival culture, rich and colorful, the implication is profound, it is truly fascinating.

Australia has a national holiday of nine days, but states also have their own festivals.

January 1: New Year's day. The festival is the same as our New Year's day in China, to congratulate the New Year. The difference is that we celebrate New Year's day in the winter, and Australia in the summer, so the way and the activity will be different. January is a month of national revelry for the red-hot Australian. In the biggest city, Sydney, mysterious hot aboriginal dance ceremony blew the horn of carnival, dancers are dressed up, wearing the original man with all white mud, coated with round ring around eyes, with branches in ankle, a small piece of fur around the waist. The woman wore flowing robes and wore hair. Aussies have always been very respectful of the culture and traditions of indigenous tribes, and have deliberately set this celebration as the opening ceremony of an important festival, with a grand scale, bringing together the most famous performers in the country. In addition, the huge thousands of surfing competitions have also stirred people's heartstrings, and the grand motor show and the delicious barbecue are a feast for the eyes and mouths. Creative australians will make all kinds of National Day clothes, wear them and wear them on their heads, becoming a unique sight on the streets of Sydney.

January 26: National Day marks the anniversary of the entry of whites into Australia, but in some states, it also comes close to the weekend of Monday, and Friday as a national holiday. Australia is originally inhabited by indigenous people. Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands arrived in the early 17th century. In one year, Dutch sailor ebel tasman painted a nautical chart of parts of the coast of Tasmania. William dampier, an Englishman, landed on the west coast twice in 1688 and in 1699. In 1770, the British royal navy captain James cook took a "hard" to scientific expedition to the south Pacific voyage, intended to draw has been called the "new Holland" figure on the east coast, and announced that this place to the land of Britain. On January 26, 1788, 11 boats from Arthur Philip's "first fleet" sailed to Jackson harbor, Sydney. The vessels carry about 1,200 prisoners, marines and their families. The white men set foot on the land of Australia, and Philip became the first governor. It is now known as Australia day. In the next 80 years, a total of 159,000 British convicts were deported to Australia, so the country was nicknamed "the country of the prisoners". On January 26th it became Australia's founding day, also known as "Australia day".

On the National Day, all countries will hold different forms of celebrations to strengthen the patriotic consciousness of their people and enhance the cohesion of the country. Countries should also congratulate each other. On the National Day of the 10th anniversary, some will also expand the celebration scale. To celebrate the National Day, governments usually will hold a National Day conference, by the heads of state and head of government or foreign minister to preside over, invite in local excellencies and other important foreign guests to attend. January 26 is Australia's National Day and the largest annual public event in the country. Every year on this day, australians will celebrate and promise to create a happier, more prosperous new life. Colorful celebrations were held in many Australian cities that day. In Sydney harbour, thousands of athletes and swimmers participate in a swim across the harbour. In Hyde park, Sydney, there are entertainment and food festivals throughout the day. At the Sydney Olympic park, the popular music festival brings audiences into the ocean of music.

March 28 - March 31: Easter, beginning on the bad day of Jesus, lasts four days. Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. In Europe and the United States, Easter is the second most important festival after Christmas. According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after the crucifixion of the crucifixion.

Easter celebration in Sydney Australia its Show as the center, generally for two weeks, held in the Olympic park, 2000, by the farmer and his livestock and all over the country for a period of time we spent together, with live hatched chickens, piglet eat milk, milk, shearing competitions, horse riding, car, air amusement circle, etc., and fashion shows, children gift bags, etc.

April 25: the Australian New Zealand regiment day commemorates the death of the Australian New Zealand troops in the kaliboli peninsula, which was borrowed from Britain by the British in the first world war. Snow pear is the same old soldier parade, which is held in CBD of snow pear. Veterans wore MEDALS of all sorts and proudly marched along the sides, lined with flags and cheering crowds. Many couples took their children to the event to feel the atmosphere, and many of them descended from soldiers' doors. Every television channel broadcast programs about antipodean corps, AFL is (a) of the football game there is also a solemn ceremony before the player representatives delivered a speech to express respect for those who gave their soldiers.

June 9: queen Elizabeth's birthday, queen Elizabeth's birthday, is set for the second Monday in June, so that she can only have a rest. Only west Australia is September 29.

On the first Tuesday of November, the world famous Australian horse race - the Melbourne cup grand prix.

December 25: Christmas day. I'm sure everyone will be familiar with Christmas. The westerners are red, green and white for Christmas, and every family will decorate it in Christmas. There are Christmas flowers and Christmas candles in red. The green is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas, with the cut down of the fir, cypress like a tower of evergreen tree decoration. It was hung with colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers and lit candles. The red and white one is Santa Claus and he is the most popular figure on Christmas day. Before Christmas Eve, western children put a sock in front of the fireplace or on the pillow, waiting for Santa to put the presents in their socks after they fall asleep. Playing Santa Claus is also a custom in the west.

December 26: opening box festival, opening the Christmas gift box, in south Australia, becomes "declaration day".

Two of Australia's other national festivals are especially popular, with one being the April 25 "nshak day" - the Australian soldiers' day. The other was the first Tuesday of November, the day of the Melbourne cup, the world-famous Australian horse race. Melbourne, the birthplace of the national horse race, has declared the day a public holiday, and other parts of the country have stopped working to see the horse race.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Australian culture, to experience the Australian festival culture is the most true feeling, still need to do a deeper understanding, if have the opportunity to go abroad to go to Australia personally experience is good too!


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