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Social media in education

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 下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 --Social media in education,文章讲述社交媒体在教育中成为一个相对较新的概念,一直是许多教育者、教师和家长关注的中心问题。在它存在的短短时间里,世界各地的人们都欢迎它作为一个不可或缺的补充。在这篇文章中,它将探索社会媒体在教育系统中的作用,包括它的好处和挑战。


Social media in education, become the relatively new concept has been the central concern of many educators, teachers and parents. In the short time that it has existed, people all over the world have welcomed it as an indispensable addition. In this article, it will explore the role of social media in education system that includes its benefits and challenges.

Recent newspaper about Jennifer Flinn (2015) shows that In Mississippi campus, many teachers use social media to convey information effectively and attract students in the classroom. Some scholar mentions that conveying material using social media and other social media unnecessarily complicated process of teaching. He also mentions in the past he has been active on twitter, expressed his opinions on many controversial issues and gets as many as 10000 twitter followers. He said he contact university make him more cautious about his post social media sites, this will be reflected, whether positive or negative, at MSU. In the other hand, he argues that use social media into the classroom, become some teacher crutch, from the actual teaching. However, he said, he admitted that all of these are great tools, some teachers use in a beneficial way for students to learn. Meanwhile, the other scholars like Gayle said that social media can be used to promote the use of the individual, to make them more recognition as a professional future employer which means social media often plays a role in obtaining jobs, even, the job interview. In the campus, the student use social media in their personal life that leads teachers should make efforts to satisfy you for social media level students.

However, there is some teacher against the social media in the classroom. For instance, some teachers made some class policy to prohibit the use of any electronic equipment. He also said that that his students have to listen to his lectures, and the pen to write on the paper, taking notes. Social media is not necessarily become the class barriers because there is always be distracted in class, even in mobile phones make it easier and interesting. The importance of social media in the class room shows that students learn how to use social media cannot be overstated because every one right on social media sites of life always online and create potential employers can track marks. Social media in the classroom is important because it is very important to have an online presence of self-promotion, in the process of looking for a job. In some data, it shows ninety-three per cent of recruiters will focus on social media information, they are going to interview people that use Facebook, twitter or sets distribution is very important. Social media, social media is not only a way to communicate with people, it is to use different tools to achieve different goals, is a way in the world. However, the social media still take some problems. For instance, social media has negative mental illness because these Shared what is social networking websites is one of the best cases, does not necessarily reflect real life. Social media will increase number of bullying, suicide, and in the middle of the first generation of depression and mental illness on social media and grow up.

The overall evaluation of a point of view’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is called SWOT analysis (Bertoni, 2012). SWOT analysis is a well-known, popular, and in an organized way to provide qualitative information. SWOT framework model has been a lot of people as a clear and direct way to describe the information, from the internal point of view, through the advantages and disadvantages and the external opportunities and threats for perspective. Flexibility allows companies to show the advantages of the SWOT analysis, the combination of different weaknesses, opportunities, threats. The combination of these different will offers a variety of views and provide the starting point of strategic planning (Fernandez, 2009). In addition, the information from the SWOT can identify is an important part of a decision process factors. SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly used tool, help the company to determine the operational strategy (Ghazinoory, Abdi & Azadegan-Mehr, 2011).


It can strengthen the friendship. Studies have shown that 52% of young people who use social media say it helps to enhance friendship, and only 4% of young people say their friendship has been hurt, and 29% of social networking users believe that social networks make them more outgoing and cheerful (Bosman, 2011).

It can provide a sense of social belonging. A study by Griffith University and University of Queensland found that, compared with the history of their peers, although now the United States has fewer friends, but they are less lonely than before. They don't feel so alone, and they are more sociable, partly because of the use of technology.

It can provide real support. The tolerance of the network is able to help marginalized children, whether he is an unusual point or not "cool" the topic of interest, or struggling with gender identity issues. Suicidal adolescents can even get high quality network help. Once in a forum, users of the network community are through voice conferencing software appealed to a young people give up thoughts of suicide.


In the other hand, the social media in the education system has some limitations.

It will reduce the interaction between people and people. Not only do you reduce the quality of the people around you, but when you focus your attention on electronic devices and not on people, people will soon get bored. Finally the people around you don't want to go out with you. A great increase in your attention to the people, the frequent use of social media, the Facebook on the state to attract the attention of others is easy to become a bad habit. It is easy to "praise" and notify the endless competition to you empty.

It also distracts you from your study goals. It is easy for people to be involved in social media, so that they neglect the real goal of life. Especially young people, it is easy to pursue the star status on the Internet rather than through useful skills to come and go for the dream job.

In own experience, social media is the most simple way to damage the creative process. When viewing social media sites, especially Tumblr, the brain is in a state of numbness, and the effect of the unconscious is similar to that of the TV. If you want to work more efficiently today, shut those applications! And it will be exposed to cyber bullying, people are feeling too comfortable on the Internet, it is easy to say that some of the real life is usually not to say things. Even if you don't say it, you will inevitably come into contact with them. Cyber bullying is increasingly rampant, people even off the net than before to be rude (Grosseck& Holotescu, 2011).


Social media provides a variety of learning methods for more people. The traditional teaching mode is in the specified place, the fixed crowd from the teacher to impart knowledge to students. Teachers teach the curriculum knowledge occupies the main position, by writing on the blackboard or other forms of multimedia explanation of curriculum content and form is relatively simple. Social Media broke the traditional teaching methods, teaching methods to highlight the use of modern technology, through social media and mobile devices. Without the traditional teaching plan, people choose to study content and study time according to their own time (Hanna, 2011).

Education internationalization is the inevitable trend of the development of education, the American University attaches great importance to international exchanges between students, they are from different countries to recruit students, but also to transfer their students to other countries to learn communication. The rise of social media promotes the development of higher education,


Social media is about the relationship. Social media such as technology is neither good nor bad. How it is used often reflects the depravity of human society. Social media is mainly about the contract connection of our present community. However, all school oral publicity for their future. Parents believe that their parents say. The basic principle of fishing is where to go fishing.

Social media's development will lost some interest groups. Social media appearance is a huge impact on traditional education, but it will also hit a lot of interest groups, many universities in the real world may be due to the development of media social crisis, therefore, media social this new life with many people's interests, its development process is bound to be a certain resistance. Under the aegis of the "network and anonymous disguise", youth is becoming more and more on the Internet to behave recklessly. When through social media communication between teachers and students, teachers and students often become the victims of harassment (Kietzman, 2011).


Social media has been everywhere which proves that about 75% of American students are using social media. There is no doubt that our students, especially junior high school students and high school students, the vast majority of social media accounts. From a professional point of view, social media can help educators to improve the network, so that they can participate in important discussions, but also expand the learning approach, and even provide a platform for the course of research. Social media products and services can be used as a teaching tool, but there are also a series of important issues to consider: privacy, the right content, security, as well as educators for the use of these products and services comfort. Whether you think it is good or not, should be used and recommended by the students to keep an open mind, so not only can broaden our horizons, but also reflect your respect for the students, you care about what they value.




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