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American graphic design values

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- American graphic design values,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国平面设计的价值观。上世纪末,美国平面设计界掀起了在非商业的社会事务中重新界定设计的思潮,平面设计师们正在努力摆脱因追求片面商业利益而造成对社会的负面影响,并力争通过独特的设计语言和强大的视觉传播影响力对人类社会文明的进步起到积极的促进作用,从而确定了平面设计的新价值观。平面设计以其强大的视觉传播影响力和新的价值观,对人类社会文明的进步起到更积极的促进作用。

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The rapid development of graphic design in the United States in the past 100 years is obvious to all. In particular, after World War II, a large number of famous European designers and thoughts of thought flooded into the United States, which perfectly combined the modern design concept of Europe and the prosperous market economy of the United States at that time, thus giving birth to the "creative industry". Subsequently, the unprecedented prosperity of economy, technology and consumer culture gradually established the leading position of the United States in the field of graphic art design in the world. In modern graphic design history of the world, occupies an important position in the U.S. emerged many designers and design organizations, such as Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, emigre magazine, Landor, etc. Moreover, many design organizations originating from Europe have created the greatest success and influence in the United States, such as Pentagram, Massimo Vignelli, Stefan Sagmeister and so on. In the commodity economy, "American graphic designers are dedicating their creativity and imagination to various products and commercial services". Their commercial graphic design works are often in line with the psychological needs of the consumer masses and integrate beauty and interest. At the same time, graphic design, as a very influential medium, plays an imperceptible guiding role in the consumer culture and social values of the United States and even the world.

However, since the beginning of the 21st century, many American designers have come to realize their responsibilities in a developing and changing society. They believe that designers are easily guided by customers and pursue one-sided interests. In addition, due to the competition in the consumer market, "a large number of commercial print ads have formed an inevitable visual pollution in some form, and graphic designers are often condemned as the makers of junk ads and the destroyer of the environment". This phenomenon has become the biggest challenge in American graphic design field and has aroused the greatest attention. Most notably, the 2000 top priority design manifesto, signed by 33 internationally renowned designers, is an updated version of the 1964 top priority design manifesto launched by British designer Ken Garland. This design declaration advocates that graphic designers should not lose themselves in commercial design and should make their own professional contributions to society and culture. It also advocates that graphic designers should be concerned about the ecological environment damage, social problems and cultural crisis brought by the globalization commodity economy that they have never seen before. In addition, The Living Principle proposed by American graphic design association in 2009 provides a sustainable theoretical framework for designers, entrepreneurs and education workers. This framework analyzes and studies the four major factors that influence the healthy society and ecology, including culture, economy, environment and the public in detail, and excavates and explores many Suggestions to promote the sustainable development of the four factors with design as the power.

In the past ten years, we have deeply felt this cultural trend in the design field in the graphic design work and teaching in the United States. This does not mean that we just design some public service advertisements, but consider the impact of graphic design as a means of information transmission on social culture as much as possible in each creative process. This includes the positive impact on consumer culture and consumer behavior, consideration of the recycling or reuse of products and packaging materials, consideration of long-term economic benefits, or promotion of an equal and diverse cultural environment, etc. Although most graphic design works in the United States are commercial, the new era design concept has been generally accepted and advocated by modern designers, their customers and the whole society. In particular, many designers realize that this new design concept has become the source of their creative inspiration.

At present, many graphic design organizations and artists have initiated the trend of redefining design in non-commercial social affairs. For example, the American graphic Design association launched the Design for Good campaign, calling on designers to use the power of Design to change and guide people's consumption habits, pop culture, life concepts and moral values, so as to make a positive contribution to the healthy and sustainable development of their communities and the whole world. The graphic imperative, which was designed by Elizabeth Resnick of The Massachusetts institute of art and design, is an exhibition of non-commercial posters in The United States. It is a collection of 40 years of internationally renowned designers with visual metaphor, satire and black humor unique design way to stimulate the public to a variety of social problems, political problems and ecological problems reflection. In addition, the Canadian designer Bruce Mau's "Massive Change" yingcheng back and forth in 11 set of multi-media device design, information, market, environment problems such as an art, it integrates the designer for the future of graphic design ideas and inspire thinking of social life in the future, which leads people to comprehend our common humanity, understand the different cultural differences and the elimination of cultural barriers.

In such a changing era and influenced by non-commercial design trend, another design educator sun Lin held At the Boundary design art exhibition in Atlanta in September 2011. Supported by the university of western Michigan and the university of Atlanta center, "on the edge" aims to reflect the integration of eastern and western cultures, promote the integration of diverse cultures, and explore social and cultural problems and countermeasures by means of graphic design and creativity. The whole exhibition is divided into three parts: space, time and silence. The "space" part mainly explores how foreign cultures are assimilated and absorbed by the native American culture and show different cultural identities in different Spaces. The "time" part is composed of five groups of projection video. Through the subtle observation of the experience and predicament of modern immigrants, they express the confusion of new immigrants to the dominant culture in a dynamic picture. The "silent" part highlights the font design to show the impact of the new immigrants' own language and culture and the cultural identity they feel in the new environment. All the works exhibited are based on the experience and observation of modern immigrants. The language, materials, and creativity of the design bring aesthetic pleasure to the audience, and make the public realize that cultural diversity is the basis and motivation for sustainable development of culture. From this perspective, it also provides a good reference for Chinese graphic design.

In short, we believe that in the near future, graphic design reflects the global social culture and ethical values. Graphic design works express designers' views and insights on social issues through unique design language and visual elements. As victor ? horse green said: "a necessary shift designer, this is a than his Nike or unequivocally high-tech fuller can foresee more complex process. It must make people look at economic and social development from the perspective of globalization and deal with the huge inequality in consumption between people in industrialized countries and developing countries. It will fully face the pressures of today's ecological crisis to help us return to a sustainable planet. Undoubtedly, with its powerful visual communication influence and new values, it plays a more positive role in promoting the progress of human civilization.


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