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北美作业代写:Kitsch art in postmodern context

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Kitsch art in postmodern context,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了媚俗艺术。一直以来,媚俗艺术往往被说成是假艺术、坏艺术、文学垃圾等,和坏趣味系在一起。但是每个事物都有两面性,它虽有被批判的一面,但也有其正面功能。后现代社会是个无不包容的社会,在此,媚俗艺术成为常规艺术,所以作为常规艺术每个人必然不能幸免于此。

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Kitsch art is often said to be fake art, bad art, literary trash, and so on, with bad taste. However, everything has two sides. It has a critical side and shows its positive function. Postmodern society is an inclusive society, in which kitsch art becomes "normal" art, as "normal" art everyone must not be immune to this.

The kitsch art is the modern product, since the 20th century the kitsch art prevails. So what is kitsch art? American art critic clement greenberg said, "kitsch art is an alternative experience and a fake feeling." As an art form, "kitsch art" is actually a cultural phenomenon, which contains elements of "kitsch nature" in various arts and cultures, such as contemporary art and pop culture.

Since the 20th century, the vulgar art has been prevailing. How do we define the vulgar art? First of all, from the point of etymology, the etymology of the word "Kitsch" is uncertain. Kitsch, schund, camelote, schlock and cursi all have the meaning of Kitsch art. In China, the word "Kitsch" is the Chinese translation of the German concept of "Kitsch" by German writer milan kundera in the unbearable lightness of life by han shaogong and others. But Mr. Han's translation is also not strictly accurate.

Secondly, as a cultural phenomenon, the art of kitsch has not formed a satisfactory definition of the art of kitsch, although the research on it has been flourishing since its emergence. Greenberg defined it as: "popular, commercial art and literature, including color photographs, cover magazines, illustrations, advertisements, flashy kitschy novels, comic Hollywood films, etc." This definition of kitsch art, fundamentally speaking, the world of kitsch art is a world of aesthetic deception and self-deception, and also contains the kitsch art produced for hedonism and commercialization.

In this post-modern society, which ignores the division and opposition of class and poses unprecedented challenges to traditional values and levels, and demonstrates great individuality and freedom, kitsch and kitsch art have become a "normal" word or "regular art". As Harold rosenberg says: "kitsch captures all art The problem with any kind of art is not hypocrisy or deception, but muscle relaxation and finding an audience that responds to certain rules In the current social system, only kitsch art has a social reason for existence. The creation concept of "create what the public needs" provides an opportunity for kitsch. This makes the kitsch art shows the characteristics of secularization and popularization. And today's "popular culture", "consumer culture" is often pure kitsch art.

As a text, the kitsch art is popular, plain, simple, or repetitive, stale and cliched, because it is to meet the creation of the public. Once kitsch art is technically feasible and economically viable, only the market can restrain the proliferation of cheap or not-so-cheap imitations, which can make everything imitate. Any artistic masterpiece, such as Michelangelo's David, can be reproduced in different sizes and materials for "home use". No one today would be surprised to see a replica of leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa donned glasses or painted with a tiny goatee. In the film world, Stephen chow's comedy films are absurd, funny and absurd. Although they have different criticisms, they are popular with the public. Therefore, they cannot be evaluated with right or wrong, but only according to the objective law of "being is reasonable".

Today's pop culture is often pure kitsch. Kitsch art is socially and psychologically an expression of a lifestyle that appeals to both the upper and lower classes, and, in fact, becomes an ideal lifestyle for the whole society-especially when society becomes richer and more people have more free time. The kitsch art gradually moves towards a kind of relaxed hedonism with great tolerance, often without rules, the reason lies in this pluralistic, tolerant and unrestrained postmodern society.

Moreover, we cannot deny the fact that contemporary life in China has entered an era of cultural consumption. For example, the TV, film, Internet, fashion magazine, various popular programs, advertisements that we accept in our daily life Our lives are surrounded by the products of these cultural industries, and the nature of our lives seems to be largely imitated and reproduced by these images. In an era when pop culture becomes consumption, the disposable, immediate and instantaneous consumption pleasure brought by culture has replaced the spiritual persistence and impermanence of the past culture. The reason for the existence of these cultural modes is to satisfy people's various free consumption and desire for pleasure.

This popular culture of free consumption and hedonic desire, on the one hand, can enable the audience to release the pressure accumulated in their hearts through emotional resonance and experience, or to express the beautiful vision of future life. This kind of entertainment is to arouse the emotional resonance of the audience through entertainment, especially the experience and enjoyment of beauty. On the other hand, what carinescu calls kitsch art is the art of "efficiency", which appears as a convenient way to "eliminate time" and as a pleasant escape from work and leisure.

Modern society is characterized by a pervasive sense of change that makes the future as unreal as the past, as empty, and pleasure the only "reasonable" thing worth pursuing. Hence the impulse to consume, and the "disposable economy". The kitsch art almost every kind of direct or indirect and art culture related matter, can be transformed into the direct "consumption" goods, like any ordinary consumer goods. Karinescu said: "deciding whether a work is a vulgar work of art usually involves considerations of purpose and situation. In theory, even the use of a copy of the Mona Lisa or a slide in the study of art history has nothing to do with kitsch. But copying the same image on a plate, tablecloth, towel or glasses case is unmistakably kitsch. A large number of fine copies of a painting, one by one, in a shop window, will have the effect of kitsch, as they mean the availability of commercial quantities. Clearly, it was a matter of profit. And the kitsch culture is precisely to see this point, so only in the current brilliant, rampant popularity. Many cultural products also have their commercial nature.

Chinese contemporary "kitsch art" is far from a mature art form. It was influenced by the social, political, economic and cultural development at that time, and this art form showed a strong "kitsch". In many exhibitions of kitsch art, many works show vulgarity, affectation and inferiority. Although it is a parody and simulation of various scenes and situations in real life, it gives people a sense of decadence and vulgarity. This imitation of various current situations in the real society, as well as people's pursuit of material culture in the real society, also reveals people's spiritual emptiness and lack in the context of contemporary economic prosperity, as well as people's inner anxiety and panic in the contemporary society, as well as their confusion about the prospect.

However, the characteristics of the popular, secular, hedonistic and commercial art can give people a sense of humor, irony, criticism and deep thinking, and express a concept of "meaninglessness". This kind of "meaningless" has two meanings, one is that the kitsch can only bring the audience a temporary resonance, but can not bring them long-term enlightenment. Even the resonance of this moment only stays on the superficial aspects such as feeling and perception, which is not very impressive. Maybe it is just a passing memory. All you have to do is turn on the TV and you have an endless array of technically pre-digested images in front of you. 2 refers to the vulgar carrier can not stand the test of time, because it contains too many fashionable elements and excessively to cater to the audience emotional emptiness, so when the social consciousness of psychological change, it was a sensational bearer will be forgotten, and therefore difficult to become a classic masterpiece, can't bear the aesthetic taste of people of different age.


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