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北美作业代写:The revenge

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The revenge,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了小说《复仇》。小说《复仇》是美国犹太裔作家菲利普·罗斯的封笔之作。该小说叙述了一位犹太体育老师巴基的悲惨人生际遇。作者通过对《复仇》的创伤性解读,揭示当代美国犹太民族在“大屠杀”语境下的战争创伤、由于传统道德说教产生的道德意识创伤和身份困惑中的文化创伤。


American jewish writer Philip roth is one of the most distinguished writer in literary world in America today. The novella, revenge, was Ross's 2010 novel. The novel revolves around the 1944 outbreak of polio in Newark, an American jewish community, and tells the tragic story of a jewish sports teacher, barki. This paper mainly analyzes the characteristics of jewish writing in revenge from the aspects of ethnic persecution, moral bondage and identity loss suffered by jewish ethnic groups. Through the interpretation of "revenge" of traumatic, reveals the contemporary American jewish people in the context of "holocaust" of war trauma, moral consciousness due to traditional moralizing trauma and identity confusion of culture.

As the twentieth century American ethnic violence and the rise of the civil rights movement of jewish national consciousness constantly strengthen, American jewish writers also begin to pay close attention to the jewish people suffered all kinds of disasters and traumatic for a long time. The long exile life of the jewish nation makes the jewish literature form its unique writing style of trauma. Philip roth is one of the contemporary American literature prolific jewish writer. As a controversial figure in the history of American jewish literature, rose's writing career has spanned half a century. Similar to many jewish writers, Ross's many works still maintained a distinctive and unique jewish identity and ethnic characteristics, in the literary creation showed relatively unified jewish cultural traits: strong moral consciousness, serious racial persecution and lasting memory.

Racial persecution and to the jewish holocaust caused by trauma is deeply rooted, a typical theme of American jewish literature is for long-term oppression and persecution of jewish history writing. Ross polio by describing Newark area events and characters of bucky misery, reconstruct the history of the jewish people suffered from war trauma memory, reveals the racial persecution and the shadow of "mass murder" is always rooted in the inner depths of the jewish people. Tao jiajun, a famous scholar, discusses the three problems of western trauma culture through the criticism of trauma culture and cultural reproduction. "The contradiction between trauma experience and historical memory, symbolic trauma events and trauma cognition is the first major difficulty in western trauma culture." During the second world war, in order to safeguard the dignity and honor of the jewish people and to save the jewish people from the grave disaster, the jews actively fought with the national spirit of resistance and died. And cantor bucky is due to the eyesight abandoned by battlefield, become one of the few young people in the war. He was ashamed to wear civilian clothes, to see news films about the war, and to see the trauma of the war and the misery of the reality that had struck bakih twice. Newark community paralysis is an Italian deliberately caused by infection, suffering from polio Italian boy struggled to jewish children spread disease is fascist destroy the history of the jewish people. "We are here to spread of polio, we don't want to let you the jews to escape from", "so since when there is a study of banning spread polio, the playground director Sir?" The malevolence of Italian boys towards jews and their contempt for baqui are manifestations of deep racial discrimination, and the spread of polio in the Newark community is a reflection of the genocide.

"The silence of trauma and the voice of literature are the second most problematic aspects of trauma culture." The key is to recognize and reflect on the traumatic events and to make people root out the latent psychological trauma. "Mass murder" is a heavy topic for jews, many contemporary writers expressed the silence, and Philip Ross did not shy away from this area in the works to the jewish people hit the topic, he chose to literature, let people to face up to the permanent traumatic events. He not only hinted at the existence of the holocaust in jewish consciousness many times, but also discussed the fear of the holocaust in his works. "I oppose the fear of jewish children. I am opposed to the fear of jews for a long time. Fear in Europe, that's why jews fled. This is America. Less fear will make us better off. Fear makes us timid; fear corrupts us. Cultivate people to fear less -- that's your job and mine." This is Dr. Steinberg's encouragement and hope for Mr. Baki in his predicament. During a period of wild polio, steinberg chose to stay in the affected areas and encouraged barky to overcome his fear. But his words suggest that the psychological trauma of the holocaust remains.

"The three great difficulties of western trauma culture are the recurrence of crisis." By recreating the crisis, rose has brought to light the psychological trauma of the holocaust. "A crisis is a crisis of existing knowledge, because it cannot reproduce the unrepeatable; In other words, it is impossible to approach, express and talk about the lasting and repeated painful psychological reality and spiritual suffering caused by traumatic events to the subject of trauma culture. Ross breaks through the crisis of representation of traditional cultural narration and USES symbolic metaphor to break the time boundary between the past and the present. In revenge, Newark jewish community and Indian mountain respectively refers to the jewish holocaust and relatively open the United States, Europe and bucky from d chief fleeing yu also pointed to the disaster in the community of people fleeing from Europe to America. Similarly, the scourge of polio among the jewish community of viquique heralds a painful continuation of the holocaust. "Anti-semitism says that because they are jewish, polio is there. All this was the work of all the jews. The community of viquique became a center of paralysis, and jews should be quarantined. Some of them seem to think that the best way to get rid of the spread of polio is to burn up the community of viquique and all the jews inside. When disease prevails, racism becomes more pronounced. Americans take all disease, disaster, punishment due to the existence of the jews, they even think that the best way to escape the plague is burned to death all the jews, this can not help but reminiscent of the Nazi jewish genocide of evil deeds. The jewish nation has suffered trauma today in another way, the past trauma and present overlapping, not only restored the historical memory of the jews, but also exacerbated their soul the traumatic experience.

The jewish people attach great importance to the traditional ethical and moral concepts of Judaism and attach great importance to the strong moral integrity. The moral values that they focus on are derived from Judaism's view of itself as the chosen people of god and the doctrine of suffering for the atonement of mankind. Judaism has an innate sense of superiority and confidence that distinguishes it from other religions. They have long practiced a most holy way of life. In terms of religious belief, they believe that jewish behavior should conform to the norms of the jewish code, so they pursue an extreme moral standard of self-discipline.

The collapse of the spiritual world shook his faith. He could no longer believe that god could save mankind. "God killed my mother when I was born. God gave me a thief father. In my twenties, god made me sick with polio, and he made me infect at least a dozen children, probably more, including Marcia's sister, including you "At the same time, baki vented doubt and hatred of god on himself in reverse. In baki's heart, he has become an accomplice to god's evil, and his doubts and resentments against god are an endless psychological punishment to him. "Polio among the children of the Indian mountain camp is a tragedy, but he cannot accept it. He must translate tragedy into his own guilt. It was this paranoid jewish sense of morality that kept baki from getting away with his punishment, and the result of his persistence was the destruction of his mind and body. The ethical and moral standards that baki abides by are exactly the original sin spirit advocated by the traditional jewish culture. Jewish religion believes that people are born with original sin, so they should take the responsibility to get salvation. Under the influence of this kind of paranoid moral concept, baki constantly introspect himself, chastise himself, and even carry out self-psychological abuse. Eventually this misplaced sense of responsibility so that he abandoned the good of all, bucky refused his girlfriend Marcia company, he believes that "the only way to save dignity is what have rejected all he longed for.

For thousands of years, the jewish people have faced the decline of their nation and suffered numerous persecution and crises, both spiritually and culturally. Although the jewish people have continued their cultural identity through their unique lifestyle and religious beliefs, the jewish people have been suffering from cultural trauma after more than 2,000 years of exile. This cultural trauma is concentrated in the second generation of jewish immigrants. The second generation of jewish immigrants under the influence of American multiculturalism is eager to enter the mainstream of American society on one hand, on the other hand, facing the jewish tradition and the dilemma of American culture, inevitably produced identity confusion and lost. As du bois put it in 1901, "double consciousness" : "it makes one always feel the duality of one's own identity; Two souls, two minds, two irreconcilable struggles; Two kinds of antagonism coexist in one body. In revenge, Marcia represents the modern American mainstream culture that baki yearns for. The existence of Marcia constituted his hope for modern American life. While being influenced by American multiculturalism, baki also inherited the jewish culture tradition. His grandfather, Sam, tried hard to cultivate bakih as a traditional jewish tough guy. He encouraged his grandson to stand up for himself and stand up for his jewish identity. Grandfather from breeding and strict requirements to its making bucky difficult to break through the confine of cage, the power of the traditional jewish culture outweighed the penetration of the outside world, bucky struggling in the culture of the margins of society. This reality of living in the cultural gap for a long time gives modern jews a sense of trauma of being rejected by the world. While displaying the jewish national cultural tradition, Ross also reveals the spiritual confusion, fear and alienation of contemporary American jewish people. Departure from the younger generation of traditional jewish culture, for his "other" is the status of anxiety and fear of anti-semitism highlights them in cultural identity confusion suffered trauma. Baki's fear of anti-semitism is a true reflection of post-world war ii jewish psychology. In the early days of the polio epidemic, Mr. Baki sought to reduce the impact of fear on children in the playground. "It's important not to infect children with the virus of fear," which is essentially anti-semitic fear. Mr Baki's valiant drive away Italian anti-semitism in the playground shows his determination to overcome fear. Bucky wanted his children not to be destroyed by fear, but he was quickly controlled and destroyed by it. After suffering from polio, baki killed his love for his fiancee, Marcia, and he was too scared to get out of the shadow of the disaster. Racial persecution and the holocaust is far away, but it still stay in the shadow of anti-semitism heart all jews, lingering fear made him in the United States policy relatively loose still feel confused about what to do.

The literary works of a certain period are always closely related to the social background, political history and culture of the time, and American jewish literature is no exception. This paper starts from the personal experience of the hero barky in revenge and reproduces the historical trauma suffered by the jewish nation. In his previous works, Ross satirizes the post-holocaust identity politics in a way that highlights the fear of war as the historical source of jewish trauma. Born guilty, the dilemma is the religious root of baki's self-punishment, and his identity confusion and loss under the multicultural background lead to his deep cultural trauma. In this paper, from a perspective of trauma, parsing Philip roth this work, the reasons why the American jewish suffering severe all trauma is a historical problem, bucky trauma herald a generation or even several generations of the trauma of the jews. The trauma of the 20th century -- the holocaust, world war ii, terrorism -- will not fade with time. Only by awakening people's sense of trauma and releasing repressed emotion is the way out of trauma. Literature is an effective means of expressing emotion and healing trauma. Philip rose through the power of literary narration, make people witness trauma, so that the people in need out of the collective trauma.


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