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作业代写:Internet music

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Internet music,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了网络音乐。由于互联网的飞速发展,如今网络音乐成为了一种新的娱乐方式。但目前的网络监察体系并不完善,导致网络音乐作品的质量参差不齐。而且从网络音乐出现开始,网络音乐的版权问题就一直存在,给很多网络音乐创作人造成了消极的影响。所以我们需要加强对网络音乐文化的引导,让网络音乐健康发展。

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The Internet is a vast public communication platform, already broke through the time and space constraints, people can download it through Internet, friend, and friends to share, to provide more music resources and the choice of way to break the traditional way of popular music.

In the traditional route of transmission, a song to household names, mainly through the transmission of radio, as well as the music charts and between people, and the spread of Internet music relies heavily on the dating site, QQ games and music website, communication more convenient.

Online songs play an increasingly important role in the market and play an irreplaceable role in the communication process. Music appeared from the network, network music copyright problem, because the network relative to the realistic environment has a lot of uncertainty, it also causes some illegal businessmen or personal stealing other people's works, this phenomenon to the creators of the works really caused a lot of trouble, so the network songs had to face up to the copyright problem, avoid negative impact to network music creators.

Due to the issue of network works without too many restrictions, so the creators of music accomplishment, singing level and work quality is uneven, although these problems impact is not big, but in the culture of fast food for a long time, the aesthetic level of the audience would inevitably be affected. Such as some spoof song, content is vulgar, blindly to cater to the vulgar taste of people, if this works, will seriously affect the network environment, therefore, regulators must be strictly controlled and checked the issue of these songs and circulated.

As a special group, college students themselves bear too much pressure. Online music with its unique form, because its lyrics straightforward catchy pop, sincere and touching, emotional lyrics characteristic, deep like college students, make students find resonance in the music and the direction, such as "invisible wings", "start again" and so on songs, not only can relieve stress, can also arouse people's morale, to make them face to face with setbacks and difficulties.

University life has different secondary school, the students have enough spare time, some choose to do part-time job exercise myself, some choose to go to the library to enrich your, some choose to play the game, no matter what are you doing, however, we find almost everyone with headphones to listen to music, enjoy the music. The abundant and highly participatory nature of music resources makes music widely spread among college students and greatly enriches their extracurricular life.

College student's ability to accept new things, at the same time, college students are in the youthful age, they like fresh things, the pursuit of individual character make public network music melody and rhythm easily arouse their enthusiasm for music learning and creation. Now most of the network music contains profound national culture and human feelings, in the process of college students read, easy to resonate and stimulate creative inspiration, and inspire their potential mental consciousness, to improve their ideological and moral level and music cultural quality, enhance their national consciousness. Plus network music inclusive and close sex, the more inspired students enthusiasm for music, so that they are willing to invest a lot of time to study and creation, in learning, growing, mature, improve the students' humanities cultivated manners.

Because of the rapid development of Internet, network music became a new kind of entertainment, college students, as one of the most important media, network music has more serious effect on the lives of college students. But our current network supervision system is not perfect, lead to network quality of music works, and college students are a group of the pursuit of personality, like pursuing new things, but more perceptual, easy and network in some of the men and women express emotional songs resonate, such as "the night", "perfume toxic", "the Wolf fell in love with the sheep" and so on songs, not only vulgar and pornographic, some college students lack of rational judgment, mistook it as a guide of emotion and seriously distort their own outlook on life and values.

With the popularity of Internet music, the threshold of the music to make more and more low, a lot of network singer overnight, as the mouse love rice makes chen-gang Yang overnight, and it is affecting many college students have star dream, allows them to make track for a star, too much if they've always got next xingmeng and unable to extricate themselves, is bound to affect his studies. Even some college students wanted to work with those overnight stars, even if you don't learn knowledge can also become rich, there will be hundreds of thousands of fans, so this leads to deviate from the values of college students, the serious influence to the value orientation of contemporary college students.

Due to the popularity and development of music, the cost of acquiring music is getting lower and lower. But the network music with pop music is given priority to, the traditional classical music is less, but is the leading the trend of The Times, college students like to pursue new things, network music press close to life, catchy, simple and lively rhythm, content easy to understand, especially studious, especially popular with college students like and accordingly. Although classical music is beautiful, it requires high performance skills and understanding ability, which is difficult for college students. Therefore, they are far away from traditional bmusic. And college students is the main force of developing and continuation of traditional Chinese culture, but due to the opening of music curriculum system, coupled with the college students' own interest, and the spread of traditional classical music in China and influenced by a large inheritance.

With the popularity of Internet music, the security of the network environment there are more and more serious problem, which requires the government to strengthen supervision, establish effective system, regulate the behavior of media communication. At the same time, the cultural department of the government should strengthen the guidance of music culture on the Internet and create a healthy, civilized and positive network environment.

College students' pursuit of new things to make it full of boundless enthusiasm for Internet music, enjoying music, edify sentiment, at the same time, some bad also erode their soul music works, with their values. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the analysis of college students' psychological emotion, and positively guide them to correctly view music, rather than blindly follow it. In addition, the college students to clear their own self-image, set up the correct values, outlook on life and world view, to take the initiative to appreciate music, with positive and active pursuit of classical music, constantly improve their own cultural connotation and ideological and moral cultivation.

College students' pursuit of the Internet popularity of music and their neglect of the classical music have a lot to do with the unreasonable music curriculum in universities. College of music curriculum is an important way of aesthetic consciousness education of college students, so colleges and universities should perfect university music curriculum system, popularize knowledge of classical music of traditional culture, for the music students through courses in music also give professional guidance, improve their choice of music and identify the appreciation ability. In the face of the lack of classical music, should increase of classical music, and adopt flexible teaching methods, inspire students' enthusiasm of traditional music, train the ability of college students identify traditional enjoy classical music, both help improve the quality of college students' humanities cultivated manners, and help Chinese classical inheritance and carry forward the traditional music.


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