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北美作业代写:The literary charm of "Gone with the Wind"

2018-03-01 来源: 51due教员组 类别: Essay范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The literary charm of "Gone with the Wind",供大家参考学习,这篇论文讲述了《飘》的文学魅力。小说《飘》以美国南北战争与战后重建为背景,以女主人的爱情与生活为主线,将爱情故事的浪漫与战争环境的现实交织在一起,既有爱情的曲折动人,同时也有战争的惊心动魄,将个人与社会大背景结合在一起,通过主人公的顽强奋斗,给人以极大的震憾与鼓舞。《飘》的文学魅力不只是体现在艺术感觉,同时还体现在高超的文学技巧。《飘》的技巧运用使它的可读性增加,故事情节在简单的同时,能够对人产生强烈的吸引,从而达成良好的艺术效果。

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Based on the perspective of literary charm, this novel can be expounded from the angle of text, the feeling of words and the sense of literature. First of all, in terms of the sense of words, the translation results will be different because of the limited personal understanding and level of the translators. There are essential differences between Chinese and foreign language, the deep reason of the difference can be understood as cultural differences, and in the present situation of frequent communication and the improvement of foreign language level, the author's thoughts and feelings can be realized by comparing the original works with the translation. The content of the original description can be played by the individual's understanding of the language and vocabulary. Because of the limitation of the translators ' individual existence, the translation will carry the Chinese cultural color and be close to the Chinese literary characteristics. The work is not only the author's fictitious, but this kind of fictitious also can find the shadow in the life, the story plot always and the life certain content is similar, or says, is in the Life Experience Foundation only then has the story plot. In the works, the author through the description of the details of life, thus digging out the profound meaning behind it. Life in words to describe may not be as wonderful as itself, but the author through language to enable readers to consciously ignore the reading process of life and should have some boring and tedious, and make the reader in the process of reading in the immersive. Works as a whole as a historical picture, magnificent, but in the details of the description is equally vivid, fascinating. It is through the description of the details of life, the works in the magnificent and spectacular at the same time, but also give a delicate feeling, not only reflected in the emotional aspects, the same embodiment in the work of detail. Penetrating Scarlett once said that the war is not a sacred thing, but it is no reason to kill, the cost of money at the same time, even the luxury is difficult to buy, in her view, pleasure is the most important thing, the rest is not related to their own things. Emotional description, Scarlett described Ashley's feelings, stubborn like the wind, and she treats love is to death.

The charm of "Gone with the Wind" is not only embodied in the artistic sense, but also in the superb literary skills. The use of novel techniques makes the readability of the works increase, the story plot in the simple at the same time, can have a strong attraction to people, so as to achieve a good artistic effect. From the work of the character arrangement to analyze, through the portrayal of the protagonist, showing its dedication to love and stubborn, the pursuit of a perfect image of Ashley's heart, for Love can be desperate. In her view of love, marriage and love can be separated, can also be understood as the separation of spirit and body. She did not care whether they had a marriage, but put aside all to love and strive for their own happiness. Her love is free and unrestrained, not bound by the shackles of morals and etiquette. When the daughter and her husband left to wake up to accept the love of Rhett. Even if regret is infinite, even if the heart is hurt, still believe that tomorrow is another day. A bitter understanding makes one feel the same, and she firmly believes that through struggle can fight against fate. Insist on their own will, brave and struggle against fate, with a new era characteristics of the female image arises spontaneously.

In the plot settings, in addition to the character's inner portrayal, but also to the characters of the activities of the description, and the character is mainly through the change of time to achieve. For example, can no longer like a child as stable sleep in the father's house, never wear hats and her, and finally provoked the burden of life. Women's right to be equal to men requires economic independence in order to control life better. The protagonist with his strong will and indomitable spirit of struggle to become a successful woman, in the suffering to complete the value of life sublimation. In the expression of the people's activities, the author attaches great importance to the details of the show, so that the content can be primary and secondary, the combination of weight, the situation, although seemingly scattered, but not lost, can be in the works of the story of the world to swim and daydream.

No matter what kind of work, love seems to be forever around the theme, but the author in the description of love at the same time, the indirect embodiment of friendship, although not as a general description of love, but also to the people envy. From the whole work, from beginning to finish are filled with a seemingly no sentimental feelings, the author in the description of people, strangers get along well, embodies the warmth of the world, but at the same time in love is confused and desolate. On the description of communication, the author does not use a brisk strokes, but through a soothing approach to reflect the youthful spirit of the boys and girls between the aloof relationship. In reading, the author can realize the ending of love, the imperfect emotion is sad. At the end of the author and exquisite description of the parting. Parting is full of regrets and expectations, implicit and introverted. Apart from the scene of the absence of sadness still exist beauty, and the existence of aesthetic feeling to a certain extent so that the sad feeling to be bound, the faint beauty and shallow sadness interwoven together, thus forming a kind of different lyrical mood.

"Gone With the Wind" is the product of the times, but also reflects the changes in American society, through the portrayal of the characters described, will be a period of social and economic, political, historical integration in which the social changes in the environment and personal struggle against the fate of the union together. Through the use of superb language skills, the author created a rich three-dimensional character image, through the description of the details, so as to excavate the deep meaning behind it. The protagonist's dedication to love, unyielding and struggle for fate, profound infection and affect the reader. For such a foreign language masterpiece, through different translations, also shows the imprint of different times, but also reflects the Chinese social and cultural changes in the times. From the point of view of translation, need to integrate into the traditional culture, but also have a variety of techniques and methods, both to ensure that the popular understanding and also to ensure that its literary value, for the future translators, the need to constantly upgrade their ability to be more valuable works exhibition now the world, reflecting the charm of literary works.


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