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留学生作业代写:In the Heart of the Country

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- In the Heart of the Country,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了小说《内陆深处》。《内陆深处》是南非作家约翰·马克斯韦尔·库切创作的长篇小说,小说讲述了南非殖民时期一个偏远农庄的家庭生活,充斥着女主人公玛格达作为殖民者的女儿的内心痛苦与焦灼,散发出浓烈的创伤气息,从普通家庭生活折射了南非殖民者与被殖民的生活以及殖民后裔与殖民者之间不可协调的矛盾。

In the Heart of the Country,内陆深处,essay代写,paper代写,美国作业代写

The writer Coetzee's in the Herat of the country focused on the family life of a remote farm in the South African colonial era, filled with the intense trauma and anguish of the heroine Magda's daughter, The ordinary family life reflects the irreconcilable contradictions between the South African colonists and the colonized lives and the colonial and colonial descendants. This article mainly uses the theory of trauma, from the colonial trauma, family trauma, to analyze the heroine Magda's traumatic experience.

Nobel laureate Coetzee, a South African writer, published a series of novels about the life of South African colonialism, most of which focused on the works of "shame" and "Waiting for barbarians", with relatively few studies on the country in the Herat. The novel in the Herat of the country tells the story of the white woman Magda and his father and the black slaves, the heroine is a long enduring loneliness of the old maid Magda, she could not face her father and the maid had a relationship, so take the extreme way to revenge her father, Murdered his own father. But for two black slaves she had a complex feeling, both to approach and not to know how to approach, and the contradictions between the colonists and the colonists could not be reconciled eventually led to become slaves Hendry play and oppression of the object. Finally, in constant confusion and pain, Maggie became almost insane. The study of the Herat of the country focuses on the analysis of the feminist perspective, with few interpretations of Magda's trauma. This article is now on the protagonist Magda's trauma to read in the Herat of the country's traumatic theme.

In the novel, Magda lived in an incomplete family, and her mother died during childbirth due to her father's oppression, thus creating a state of absence in the family, which was a big shadow for Magda. "She is a gentle lady, blond, and she is a stone-hearted brawny woman with a dark complexion." She ruined all my maternal motherhood, left me with this furry shell, and the words of death chattered like peas. I stood in the empty kitchen, hating him. "The loss of a mother in childhood has greatly affected Magda's heart." In addition, Magda's father's indifference to her and the relationship between her father and the black slave Anna also inflicted great harm and excitement on her. She felt that all of her life is forgotten and dust-laden, father and his relationship with the stranger, this kind of no communication between the father and daughter of the relationship makes Magda long in a lonely depressive state, "H-shaped mansion, I spent my whole life ...." And my trail was just moving from one room to another, loomed a few servants, walking around the Cheng's father and his always-faced widow-like daughter. "No, we can't talk, we must sit in silence, chew the food, consume time, and our eyes, his black eyes, skim over for four weeks." Moreover, the father's relationship with Anna out of his own lust further stimulated Magda. When Magda tried to communicate with his father, his grumpy father even fought against Magda, "The big hand running down my arm and gripping my elbow." I was forced to stoop, and I bumped my forehead against the door frame. "Magda endured violence not only in the physical but also in the spirit," was beaten not by flesh but by humiliation. I became violent because of the humiliation. " This series of family traumas eventually angered Magda, who took an astonishing approach to ending the trauma of the injury by murdering her father. Judith Herman in "trauma and recovery" that the conflict between the denial of terrorist events and loud speech is the dialectics of psychological trauma. On the one hand, the creators tried to suppress traumatic memories, denying the existence of traumatic events, and they needed an outlet to release pent-up emotion. Magda's Act of killing the father was a manifestation of repression caused by the release of the trauma.

From his own experience, Coetzee's novels focused on the post-colonial period of apartheid, the change of the colonists ' relations with the colonists, and the trauma of the different groups, and the works in the Herat of the country are no exception. In the novel, Magda, as a descendant of the white colonists, also suffered a heavy postcolonial trauma. Colonial occupation of South Africa, blacks lost land and freedom, long in the oppression of whites, slowly become slaves. The relationship between exploitation and exploitation has left blacks and whites in a state of opposition. Magda said, "I am the heir to this land, and it was my ancestors who discovered this land and built a fence." Motivated by desire, we can only make a response: captive, enclosure, possession. "South Africa has long practised apartheid, and blacks as slaves only serve the white colonists." Since Magda grew up with his helpers, there was a sense of equality in her consciousness, childhood also adds some pleasure to the companionship of the child, "I went to the prairie with the children of the servants, and fed milk to the lambs that had lost the ewe, and climbed over the fence to watch them wash the sheep, and slaughter pigs for Christmas. And when he became an adult, Magda was increasingly feeling the loneliness of apartheid, and her kinship with the Negro was so full of distance that she could only miss the childhood innocence, "how can I endure the loss of the original dream once it has gone?" "Not only that, Magda's master consciousness has increased with the years," I, living among the depressed, depressed people, have never been looked at by another pair of equal eyes, and I have never looked at others with equal eyes. "As descendants of the colonists, Magda was born in South Africa, on the one hand, ignorant of his country, while unable to be accepted by the local people of South Africa, all this makes Magda in the diaspora and isolation," I need someone to talk to, need brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, I need history and culture, I need hope and inspiration. "In addition, because of the weakening of colonial power, the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed has changed subtly, and blacks have great vengeance on whites." When Magda's father died, Hendrick began to retaliate against Magda, to seduce her and even to beat Magda in violent ways. Magda, as a descendant of the colonists, had long endured the agony of apartheid, "Why should I pay for the sins of others?" You know how I live on this farm, I stay out of people's social circle, almost outside of human society. As a result, Magda lived a solitary life because of his colonial identity, and was hated by coloured hatred for his father's colonialist history. These are the scars of colonial descent.

Kucheshen in South Africa, growing up in the era of apartheid, the lack of recognition of South African culture and the recognition of the sovereign Kingdom of England, deeply influenced him and his creation. In the Herat of the country, the female protagonist Magda's narration shows the life of the colonists and colonists in the post-colonial period in South Africa, and pays attention to the awkward and painful situation of the descendants of the colonists. As the daughter of a colonial colony, Magda was not given warmth and love in the family and was treated by his father's indifference and physical and mental violence, on the other hand, he suffered from the hatred of the colored. The long traumatic experience not only made Magda do the extreme act of killing the father, but also caused her to lose herself in the conflict between the colonists and the colonists.


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