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美国作业代写:William morris decoration design style

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- William morris decoration design style,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了威廉·莫里斯的装饰设计风格。威廉莫里斯作为一名英国的设计师,被称为“现代设计之父”。其围绕“红屋”进行的与社会理想相关的艺术设计活动,对工艺美术运动以及现代设计都影响深远。其“红屋”的设计,不管是自然的装饰动机,还是吸收自然主义的装饰纹案,都体现了莫里斯强烈的自然主义风格特征。


Morris, a British designer, is known as the "Father of modern design". The artistic design activities related to the social ideal surrounding the "red House" have far-reaching influence on the Arts and Crafts movement and modern design. This paper discusses the characteristics of Morris design style by analyzing the decoration of "Red House" architecture. The architectural decoration of "Red House" was an exploratory design work at that time, which embodies the strong naturalistic style of Morris. Morris's exploration and admiration of Naturalism provides a useful form for the later arts and Crafts movement.

Morris is known as "the father of modern design", and he is also an artist, writer, poet and social activist. He was born in a wealthy middle-class family in Britain and received a good education since his childhood. Influenced by the thought of John Laskin, he became very interested in medieval Gothic architecture and the beauty of nature, so he began to study architecture and to apprentice Stride architectural design firm, renowned for its Gothic style. Morris was also a supporter of Raphael's predecessor, who tried to be a painter, painting in the "Raphael's Front" circle. Then in the "Red House" period to give up painting, practical development and social ideal practice related to artistic creation activities. The design activities of the "Red House" period are of great significance to Morris's personal and artistic movement and even the modern design.

Morris's important turn in life began in 1859 with the combination of Jane Borden, the famous model of Raphael's former school. Because the marriage needed to use the marriage room, and the building of Morris was not satisfied with the entire London market, the tedious Victorian style building, so he decided to design his own marriage room, and also invited friends-architects Philippe Vebery involved in the design and construction. After the new house was completed, there was a very nice name-"Red House". After the advent of the "Red House", in 1861, 27-Year-old Morris and his friends set up Morris,marshall,faulkner and company, engaged in furniture, textiles, stained glass and commodity design and production. The emergence of MMF can be seen as the early stage of the "Arts and Crafts Movement", and the Red House is the main base of MMF.

Morris treated life with an artistic eye. He once said, "Don't put something in your house that you think is useful but not beautiful." "He believes that in life both China and America should be combined with practicality." Morris's design theory can be summed up as: first, the art of no size, advocating the high degree of unity of technology and art. He believes that the combination of artists and craftsmen to create a perfect product, the main part of the art should be practical art. Second, the design is for the public service. He said: "The real art I understand is the happy expression of man in labor, the creation and serving of the people, and the pleasure for the creator and the user." "This kind of socialism cognition is extremely valuable at that time, also has laid the thought foundation for the later modernism development." Third, the design of materials to conform to their natural nature, the design of the work of the shape and its use of the same purpose. He believes that all art is rooted in craftsmanship. Four, emphasis on the integrity of the design, that indoor objects should be wallpaper, carpets and architectural design style of unity, harmony.

"Red House" is located in London, the red brick building is based on Morris and Weber are very popular British architecture for the prototype to build, it was quite different from the tedious Victorian style that prevailed at the time: The house was designed as a U-shaped structure, opened everywhere, emphasized asymmetrical design, and the red brick wall was exposed to the outside, hence the name "Red House". Its interior design is also unique, daylighting is rich, space uses high efficiency, interior decorates including furniture, wallpaper, rug, lamp and tableware and so on all by Morris personally organizes and designs. This building a complete set of decoration and life supplies left a deep impression, it became the Arts and Crafts movement of the model room and won the Gold Award.

"Red House" interior is basically red brick, mahogany color floor and wooden windows, light gray walls, gray green accessories. In the interior decoration of the Red House, Morris Most pay attention to the decoration of the wall inside the house. He has a unique view of wall decoration: you can hang a tapestry or a wallpaper on a smooth wall, or you can ask a good painter to make a mural for you, as long as it is for the purpose of pursuing beauty and not for vulgar ostentation, it will not be a luxury performance, nor will it break our golden rule. These fully reflect Morris's dislike of Victorian-era decorations and his embrace of nature and crafts. He designed the interior walls, dado, ceilings and decorative edges of different styles, and gave the social graphic design of the time to provide a wealth of artistic wallpaper patterns. In the design of the "Red House", Morris designed or helped to create a variety of decorative patterns and objects for interior space. He thought that metope decoration should be unified concise, in order to achieve the unification beautiful adornment effect, Morris the "Red House" interior wall surface divides into several levels to carry on the decoration, in order to break the 19th century popular Victorian adornment style. He will kick, dado these previously neglected elements, and eaves, ceilings as one of the decorative design. And the decoration of the wall is generally based on simple colors or printed wallpaper, and its style is based on the choice of material properties of the room and furniture. Morris put the practicality of the work first, practical and beautiful interior decoration became the "Red House" the biggest feature.

The long Victorian style spread, which led to people's aesthetic fatigue, Morris designed the "Red House" to get rid of its elaborate decorative features, decorative patterns around the nature of flowers and birds, rolls of grass design, so that people feel cordial, return to the natural pristine life, away from the noisy industrial era. For example, in the bedroom design of "Red House", the wallpaper is made up of his early design, the intricate pattern of pomegranate wallpaper, the pomegranate dense arrangement, the extension of the leaves and the color of the pomegranate colors, which vividly conveys the vitality of nature. He advocated in the interior only put the necessary furniture, not useless furnishings, so "red House" furniture simple, more choice of wood primary color material, golden bedspread and yellow curtains so that the entire space enveloped in a bright warm atmosphere. The Red House fireplace uses the exterior wall to use the red brick, the material is simple, the modelling simplicity is natural. In other interiors, the stained glass on the Red House corridor is also the focus of Morris's design. The glass depicts the natural plant and the bird pattern, is completely different from the traditional religious style thick glass painting, the "Red House" The stained glass decoration is clean concise, is relaxed sprightly, also causes the sunlight to illuminate the light to become soft.

The construction and decoration of the "Red House" is the beginning of the practice of Morris from family ideals to social ideals. This paper discusses the decorative design style of Morris from the interior decoration features of Red House. We find that, whether it is the natural decorative motives, or the absorption of naturalistic decorative pattern case, all embodies the strong naturalistic style of Morris characteristics. Morris's exploration and admiration of Naturalism provides a useful form for the later Arts and Crafts movement, and the design of "Red House" has always been a spiritual symbol to inspire designers to pursue social ideals.


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