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留学生作业代写:In-depth coverage of the news

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- In-depth coverage of the news,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了新闻的深度报道。深度报道,是一种系统而深入地反映重大新闻事件和社会问题、阐明事件因果关系、揭示其实质、追踪与探索事件发展趋势的报道方式。西方媒体称之为解释性报道、深入报道。深度报道需要将事件的“点”延伸到横向、纵向的各个方面,展示事件的宏观态势和前景,要求跨越时空,由表及里,由内到外。


The era of "information explosion" gives more vigorous vitality to the deep report. As a popular way of news reporting, the deep report plays an important role in the direction of public opinion, the supervision of public opinion and the diversion of people's sentiments. Whether it is the traditional media or the emerging network media, the first element of the deep report is the ―― information collector. The quality of the deep report depends on the comprehensive quality and accomplishment of the journalist. Therefore, it is necessary to do some research on how to grasp the depth report and the basic quality that the journalist should have.

In-depth report, is a systematic and in-depth reflection of major news events and social issues, clarify the cause and effect of the event, reveal its essence, track and explore the development trend of the event. It calls for "reconciling the background of yesterday with today's events to say what tomorrow means". In addition to the traditional news five elements, it is more concerned about how to dig. Compared with the general reporting method, it focuses on revealing the whole truth, essence and significance of things and phenomena, providing the historical background of its development, the explanation and analysis of the interactive relationship between the phenomenon and the related phenomena, and the forecast of the foreground trend.

In-depth reports, also known as special reports, investigative reports, the western media called the explanatory report, in-depth report. In the current report, the detailed report is often mistaken as a deep report, rather than focusing on "the real meaning of the context". In-depth reporting needs to extend the "point" of events to all aspects of horizontal and vertical, to show the macroscopic situation and foreground of events, and to cross space-time, from, from inside to outside. Therefore, in-depth reports can also be regarded as stereoscopic reports. This is the focus of the deep reporting task.

In fact, in-depth coverage of the interview is a thorough and meticulous investigation process. It not only requires the reporter to have keen observation, careful logical thinking, but also to have accurate judgment, refinement, integration ability, so as to reveal the intrinsic connection, substance and development trend of things. Multi-dimensional, thorough analysis, the expression of precise depth of the report can be sent to think, causing readers to resonate, to meet the audience's thirst for knowledge.

The author has been writing a report on the "Shaanxi Province large and medium-sized Enterprises Association of the Status of the work" in depth, roots more than 20 days, visited more than 10 business executives and related personnel, made tens of thousands of words of notes. Although the manuscript is not a word, but because of the rich hand, in this paper, the current enterprise's cognition to the work of the Science and Technology Association is summed up into three types: First, "resource-dependent" ―― such enterprises have a relatively stable advantage in the three fields of production, circulation and consumption, and the products are mass consumer goods or scarce products. The Emperor's daughter is not worried about marriage ", production is orderly, just make good sales can, therefore feel that the science popularization work is dispensable, hold indifferent attitude, the work of its Association of Sciences is also relatively poor; second," structural optimization "―― such enterprises are mostly in the reform of state-owned enterprise through asset reorganization, The improvement of equipment and staff's technical quality, have tasted the benefits of the work of science popularization, have a certain understanding, and thus hold a positive attitude; third, "technology-driven" ―― such enterprises with large scientific and technological content, high technical requirements, higher quality requirements for workers, coupled with fierce market competition and other factors, We must rely on advanced production technology and modern scientific management to ensure quality, improve the overall efficiency, so attach great importance to science and technology, the work of scientific popularization requires urgent and perseverance. The article then states that: the sum of the elements of the world's science and technology to productive forces has jumped from the multiplier relationship to the power relationship. Through the above analysis and refinement, it provides a comparatively sufficient basis for the transformation decision-making of Shaanxi enterprises and the determination of the work direction of the Science Association.

At the same time, the author in the XI ' an aircraft manufacturing company interviewed, found that they aimed at "brain drain" This universal thorny problem, take "treatment to stay, the cause of keeping people, feelings left behind" the rescue measures, it is worth popularizing. So I did not hesitate to text, to the reader introduced this successful experience. This article takes the "National Technical Innovation Award" winner ―― Lu Hai's vivid deeds as an example, referring to Maslow's "hierarchy of social needs", the author pointed out the objective fact that the intellectuals expected "self-realization", indicated that the treatment of scientific and technological workers must be proportional to their contribution in the new situation, and briefly expounded the "one-way flow" and " The advantages and disadvantages of two-way flow "are compared with" good poultry pastures ", which reveals the inevitability of" rational flow of talents "in the process of social development.

"The shallow water to the shrimp, into the deep waters of the dragon." Therefore, in-depth investigation and research is the prerequisite for doing a good job in depth reporting. If only hearsay, blindly from the web search materials, will only elephant, behind closed doors, even the misinformation.

Now most media in the depth of the report, are very focused on early planning, because the news quality of comparability highlights the strength of media editing. The aim of the plan is to "better use and configure the news resources, to do the characteristics, to achieve the best social benefits". And the planning of your selection, subject to the audience attention and social significance of the first. News planning must abide by professional ethics, avoid false speculation.

Often with a topic worthy of concern, a number of media are reported, because the audience groups are different, editing news content is inconsistent, but in the reporting perspective is very strong convergence. Often read the report, there is no need to look at anything else. The same report is the most taboo. So, how to solve this problem? Another way of looking at the problem is an excellent solution.

Senior journalist Nin has a good speech. ―― the specific practice of "seeking differences with China" is: the theme is the same, the angle is different, the same is typical, the material is different, the experience is the same, the method is different; He has provided valuable experience for us to find the breakthrough point accurately and make good news planning.

In the late 80, the "Development zone craze" arose, and governments around the world followed suit for "achievement", and some media saw it as a positive report on the strength of GDP growth. 1992, due to the development tide intensified, the current Shaanxi daily President Du Yao Roots investigation, through the "development of economy" of the appearance, saw "disregard of the objective conditions of blind development against economic law" of hidden dangers, the eye-witness wrote a "Why all crowded a way" commentary, caused central media attention and high-level attention, hence the Central State Council "1993" 6th document issued. Not only has the Shaanxi Province abolished 96 blind investment development zones, the whole country has also corrected the development heat problem comprehensively.

This is a special case of "seeking differences with the Chinese". In most cases, the topics are the same, and the differences are only in terms of angle, background material, method path, detail, etc. But the difference between the same and the middle is not crooked, extreme alternative, but according to the inner connection of the development of things, the "expression of the true meaning of the context" to seek different viewpoints and manifestations.

Thus, the essence of the deep report is to excavate the relationship between news events and society and people, and it is a "complex" which is interwoven into various social relations. The depth of the crack is the fact that the decomposition of the facts to analyze the size of the environment, reasons and the far-reaching impact. CCTV "Focus Interview" "News Survey" "Space-time connection" and other depth reports, the thinking path is: Breadth + density + progress + depth. These experiences are of considerable reference value.

The famous writer Jia Ping-ao in answer to middle school students "how to write Good article" questions, said "three ability" ―― observation ability, association ability, expression ability. Although this is for writing and novel writing, but also for the journalists engaged in the depth of the report is not it? That is, on the basis of guaranteeing the authenticity of news, the "Lenovo ability" into "analytical ability" can be. Therefore, the humble opinion to do a good job in depth report, journalists should have the following basic qualities:

Observation is not only to the object of the interview, the site and related things perceptual knowledge, especially through the observation of various details, to find the direct or indirect object of psychological changes and contradictions, so as to explore the causes of things and the evolution of the deep reasons, true and profound impact.

In the first half of this year, in the Hubei provincial party courtyard in front of the "wrong door" incident ――6 undercover police beat the Provincial party committee committee Wei, deputy director of the 58-year-old wife 16 minutes. The matter was first disclosed by the Chinese network in early July, after the major media exposure, readers consternation, many doubt: is "Flood of the Dragon Temple"? or Shin? or another reason? After a short time, July 21 07:30 Southern Network Shaojian issued "Police Miss Dozen official Mrs."; 0 8:42 China Business Network-China Business news Bishicheng issued "the Wrong Door" in "Shimin-style stability" how ugly; 08:55 Wen Xin Media network He Sanxiang issued the original "mistakenly hit" the official wife is the old petitioners; 09:10 daily-Yinghuan published "must not let the wrong door" incident "" ... The depth of the report, the incident of the relationship, background, process and deep reasons revealed incisively and vividly, coupled with the analysis of the point, penetrating, caused people to democracy and the construction of the rule of law of profound thinking.

These series of reports are the classics of the Deep report. In addition to the different viewpoints, techniques, especially the details of the description: Public security leaders to the hospital apologized when the call is pure misunderstanding, "did not expect to hit you this big leader of the wife," ―― flattering state, it is clear that the official your people cheap, in silence. After that, "pull out the turnip to bring out the mud" ―― The work Diary of a real Estate bureau deputy Director in Changsha district of Hunan Province, which was revealed by the South Weekly. The diary records a Governor in the General Assembly speech: "To Beijing petitioners, ' please public security in accordance with the hostile forces to do." "Aroused outrage at the law enforcement and the violent administration of violence!" The incident seemed accidental and reflected a big problem with the people's livelihood. It can arouse the widespread concern of the society, and the reporter to the event unique observation analysis is not unrelated.

With all aspects of the interview material, if there is no careful analysis, judgment and reasoning, to clearly explain the sequence of events and causality, accurate prediction of the future development trend, is not an easy task. The key to the analysis is the author's cognitive ability and theoretical attainments. This aspect should read the masterpiece of the essay more, draw nourishment, take the person long. I very much agree with Ms. Song Yan "Observation and reading is also an interview" point of view. In-depth reports of the personnel should devote themselves to reading some of the "logic" of the writings, in order to strengthen their analysis, judgment, reasoning ability. Because "explanatory report" must have enough logical support to be "logical". At the same time, we should correctly grasp and use all kinds of thinking methods, such as directional thinking, reverse thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, intuitive thinking and innovative thinking, so as to enhance the questioning spirit and speculative ability. After the article is written, might as well be a "transposition thinking", stand in the reader and the client's point of view, see if there is any mistake, the intention and inference including whether the subtext can stand the foot? Of course, the depth of the report to follow the "use of the facts to speak" The news of the basic principles, must not be arbitrary, to make a figment of the imagination, otherwise, The consequences are unimaginable.

Written expression is different from the oral expression, in addition to the innate endowment of the individual, the combination of words and writing skills is more by the nurture and extraction. The same thing can be expressed differently, and even mixed. For the deep report writing, we must first grasp the theme, elaborate the problem, and focus on the layout, followed by the use of background materials, it serves the theme, integration in the overall context, expand the space-time span and macro-vision. In order to increase the depth of the knowledge of the report, it is best to do some relevant homework, again to pay attention to the language style, words and sentences to seek accurate, concise, vivid. A sentence can be said in no way to use two sentences, a word can be expressed without two words. Clever quotes idioms, allusions and proverbs, often can play a finishing touch effect. "Wen Xi see Mountain not XI ping", good articles should pay attention to ups and downs, rhythm and rhythm. However, the beginning of the news report is best to go straight to the subject, to be blunt about it, not around Zi. In addition, on the depth of the style of reporting, I think the eclectic can be a message, communication, can also be a documentary literature, investigation reports, can also be a commentary, essays, etc., as long as the depth of the report contains 12 indicators of some or all of the line.

A high quality in-depth report can not be separated from the deep new theme, exquisite structure, appeal and appeal of the language. The appeal of the text mainly through three ways to obtain, one is the language of the United States, language popular, image, vivid, text full of pictures, the sense of the scene strong, the use of verbs, the second is to mobilize the reader or audience emotion. With vivid, real and touching details to stimulate the reader or audience emotion, grasp the narrative rhythm events, development, climax, the structure of the process of their own expression of the basic beat); In the narration of contradictory conflicts and serious problems, they are attracted to them imperceptibly, which leads to the reflection of the audience. It is noteworthy that the acquisition of textual appeal and appeal should not be at the expense of the authenticity of news facts, after all, the news is not literature, must not be to attract readers to fabricate plots, flaunt literary talent.

Saying "often write in the works of FAI, diligent reading in the heart of the". The above three basic skills in the practice of long-term experience can be completed, therefore, journalists must be diligent thinking and focus on knowledge accumulation. Only a wide range of reading, know more, to do in-depth report can be thick and thin hair, with ease.


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