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美国作业代写:Nova Dada Design movement

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Nova Dada Design movement,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了新达达主义设计运动。20世纪后期,伴随着现代主义的强势复兴,新达达主义设计运动开始形成。它继承达达主义的传统,更强调回归直觉,并把设计当作是一门艺术来看待新达达主义运动并没有一种风格化的方式,作品中蕴含的概念比形式更为重要。虽然新达达主义设计并没有成为一项主流的设计运动,但它以重要的方式开拓了后现代主义的疆界。


In the late 20th century, along with the strong revival of Modernism, the Nova Dada design movement began to form. It inherits the tradition of Dada and emphasizes the return of intuition, and regards design as an art. The design of Nova Dada is more consistent with the development of contemporary art, designers deliberately confuse the boundaries of design, craft and art, and treat objects as a metaphor. Compared with rationalist, Nova Dada's design method appears to be more intuitive, and it is quite similar to the concept movement. Initially, the campaign began with the exploration of a few practitioners. With the growth of the younger generation, the movement has become increasingly influential and the number of participants has increased.

The Nova Dada movement has three branches: first, focus on personification or bionic form; second, pay attention to the collection of works of art; third, focus on unconventional ways of dealing with everyday things.

The Nova Dada movement does not have a stylized way, the concept which contains in the work is more important than the form. The designer deals with the works from the following perspectives: Changing the collection of works of art, using vague, unusual forms, or creating seemingly random, irrational combinations. Most of these works are a single piece of work or limited edition, and the production process and use materials are usually beyond the norm. As a result, many new Dada's works are confusing, bizarre and even humorous and ironic. The Nova Dada design movement attracted increasing attention in the late 1990 and early 2000. It is particularly prominent among Hispanic designers, whether Spanish or overseas.

Dada is often seen as an art movement that emerged from the Second World War, until recently it was considered a historic design in the 20th century. Between Dada and Surrealism, there was a clear distinction between theory and aesthetics. After half a century, however, the revival of Dada and Surrealism made the boundary between the two vague, and thus the "Nova Dada doctrine".

Starck is an important figure in the first generation of new Tatsu designers, who is a versatile designer whose work is difficult to classify in a simple style. Stark has outstanding creativity, and he is dedicated to exploring different ways of designing. His Nova Dada design is distinctive, using sexy elements and various forms of anthropomorphic shapes. His work is usually produced by industrial production, not limited to hand-made or limited editions.

W. W. Stool is the most impractical of Stark's design, with a high degree of sculpture and a palpable sense of sensibility, and in a very unusual form. Another of Stark's works with a strong surrealist tendency, "ministers" the centerpiece of the table is decorated with the three-piece pedestal, like an octopus clutching a shiny metal plate. Bedside pistol lamp is a serious criticism of the violence in our 9/11 culture, revealing a kind of French tact. Stark used a gold-plated Beretta pistol as the pole of the lamp, with the words "happiness is a hot gun" on the base.

The first generation of Nova Dada designers is still active in the creation stage, especially the lighting design is very rich in sculpture form and handicraft creativity. Santachiara's works of the same name: Santacara Cirrus Chandelier has a magical magic, a wave of undulating clouds along with the lights flashing, revealed a surrealist painter Magritte temperament. Derudder's works also pay more attention to sculpture feeling, show the life of Happiness, sensibility and humor. Drudel admits that her surrealist design was inspired by Dali, Magritte and Maurer. Wing-shaped floor lamp is a quiet, elegant design works, the metal base and white goose feather wings, and the wings of the Drudel is a symbol of freedom. Although the first generation of Nova Dada designers influence not a large, but for the development of the later laid a solid foundation. Since then, the young generation has carried forward the trend of this design.

The second generation of Nova Dada designers in the scope of the international, and in the aesthetic perspective is more broad and inclusive. Thus, their works also use the form of personification and bionics. The French design group, the Lardy design team, initially gained a reputation through a high degree of hyper-modern design, and their designs were mutated in form or image, creating an annotation or information. Dutch designer Baas with fire and special assembly to change the object of art, quickly formed a clear artistic style. After that, Nova Dada's approach to design was increasingly popular in Spain. At the same time, many native Spanish designers have been writing around Europe. Their works are made by hand, some through industrial technology and materials, and they are often characterized by unusual surface effects.

Lardy's dog bench is a landmark in the second generation of Nova Dada, with multiple meanings. In terms of form, the boundaries between graphic design and three-dimensional body design are consciously confused with the image and volume. Although the design uses the dog's image in a surrealist manner, it hints at the use of characters and animal images in the history of home design. To Lardy, a dog is a man's best friend, and a man sits on the back of a dog. This is a very intelligent and highly condensed design work. Gudmundsdóttir's work wing: The feathers of an easy chair, the form of wings and feathers of the use of unconventional. A piece of molded plywood covered with a quivering white feather, creating a beautiful recliner that seemed to fly at any moment.

Maske's glass design has two types. Some glass bottles and cups are useful utensils, but others are very artistic. In these designs, the horse is pondering the illusion of glass in terms of vision, thickness, color, etc. In her richly decorated work, musk embeds pictures of insects, characters, or fruits in the glass layer. Her design of the Ribera vase embodies a strange sense of beauty, with a strong symbolism tendency. Glass is a graceful representation, and insects introduce some terrible elements. In addition, Musk also likes to compare the fragility of insects with the solidification of glass.

The Nova Dada design for the new interpretation of the collection of works of art and the unconventional treatment of ordinary materials, shows the concept of a strong relationship between the conceptual and Nova Dada design movement.

Benson designed the bare Comfort lounge chair, which came from his ruined classic Collection series, and also demonstrated the concept of changing the existing historical form. In this work, Benson's comfortable chair, designed for Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriand, has been transformed into a very entertaining and powerful form, in which he stuffed a bundle of hay into the tubular steel structure of the original copy.

Finally, some new Dada designers in a new context, in a general or ordinary form of creation. These designs are often of diverse and interactive form and also show the impact of a group of Spanish designers. Mir's works are characterized by strong gender, feminist and political information. The rocking chair is made up of a part of ordinary metal heating pipes and motorcycle tables and chairs. The work also has multiple meanings: in Barcelona, motorcycles are popular among young people; Spanish women are sitting on such a stool, reminiscent of a strong sexy element; the name of the work is a subtle annotation of the word "da" because it means pony in French.

Serrano also uses a sensible approach in his creations, especially in the design of lamps and lanterns. The Playboy lamp is made up of a plastic hanger and a light bulb with an ordinary shirt. However, when displayed in a dark space, it magically acquired a ghostly presence, with a unique sense of Dada.

Some French intellectuals also like this rational way of thinking that this approach replaces the strong decorative and industrial traditions of the 20th century European design. The imaginary floor lamp designed by the Lardy Design Group is very peculiar. When the lights turn off, people see a simple metal lampshade, but when the light is on, it shows the image of the sharp scissors being rotated. When arranged into a group, a single piece transforms into a disturbing lamp of the jungle, guiding the audience to create their own fairy tales.

Although Nova Dada design has not become a mainstream design movement, it has opened up the frontiers of postmodernism in an important way. In the turn of the century, the Nova Dada design movement and another design trend-new decorative design, a sharp contrast. Now, the new decorative design movement is leading the contemporary European design to the important new direction to continue to develop.


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