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留学生Essay代写范文:“中国经济的发展现状研究”,这篇论文主要描述的是自2013年以来中国经济开始逐渐的从房地产与汽车购买的阴影当中走出来,人们的收入也在不断的增长,政府的政策也开始转向加市场假设 ,政府希望能够推动地方经济的发展,经济的发展也提高了社会整体的购买力,促进市场的竞争与技术的创新。     

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Industry environment

Economic conditions

In 2013, China’s economy is gradually recovering from the shadow of curbs on real estate and car purchases. Date from the National Bureau of Statistics suggest steady increases in the country’s GDP as well as people’s income.

Political factor

The implementation of policies such as “exchange-old-for -new” and “go rural” during the recent years have greatly stimulate the development of the home appliance market. Nowadays, the government advocates the industry to sustain growth and optimize structure, which is conductive to creating a positive environment in the long run.

Social change

The growth in incomes means people’s enhanced purchasing power. Besides, with the acceleration of urbanization and the change of consumption ideas, people tend to pay more attention to leisure oriented goods including home appliance and consumer electronics.

Technological advancement

The progress in scientific technologies speeds up the update of the market. Additionally, the advancement of information technologies gets rise to the rising of e-commerce. That is to say, both online and offline businesses should be equally stressed.

Competitor threat

Last, what cannot be neglected is the fierce competition in the market. As for GOME, Suning is certainly a strong competitor.

GOME’s supply chain problems

Admittedly, the external environment has brought a lot of opportunities for the company, it has caused problems on its supply chain management.

GOME vs. suppliers

Unequal partnership

Drawing on the big market share and large-scale procumbent, GOME without exaggeration occupies a rather dominant position in the cooperation, while the suppliers can hardly build up an equal partnership with GOME. The event that GOME removed all the Gree products without negotiation leading to the end of the cooperation in early years is a compelling case (Paliwoda, et, al. 2013. p. 11). However, in more cases, suppliers have to swallow the disappointment in order not to lose the big boon. The general manager of TCL of Chongqing Branch complained that GOME selected our company’s several products for promotion activities without previous notice, and it had no respect for rules.

Costs transfer

Price war is GOME's winning formula. With the deep-rooted idea of small profits but quick turnover, the company spares no effort to attract customers with goods in low price. That is to say, it has to save the costs as much as possible. Specifically, GOME has the absolute advantage in bargaining, which helps force its suppliers to keep the prices at rock bottom lines. Moreover, the company often charge suppliers different kinds of fees such as admission charge, advertisement expenses, and shelf fees and so on. This serves as an enormous source of GOME’s revenue, resulting in the rate of increase in its major business income is much lower than that in non-main operation earnings. Statistics indicated that the “non-core” earnings from suppliers accounted for an overwhelming proportion in GOME’s profits, and this was especially obvious in early years.

2001—2005 GOME’s Income Structure

Year Sales

(million) Profit Margin

(%) Net Profit

(million) Main Business Income

(million) Non-core Business Income


2001 5800 0.70 40 18.2 21.8

2002 10900 1.60 175 95.45 79.55

2003 17800 2.90 516 281.45 234.55

2004 23880 3.85 919 501.27 417.73

2005 40000 2.52 1000 545.45 454.55

Source: Li, P. The Model—What will GOME learn from the Wal-Mart on Supply Chain Management

Besides, GOME “eat” suppliers by means of non-bank financing, and this is quite a notorious practice in the retailing industry. Put simply, after signing contract with suppliers, GOME often delays his payment for up to six months. During the period, the later payer uses the cash flow for expansion. In other words, the company builds its wealth on the basis of defaulting and suppliers’ benefits. One of Changhong Group’s senior official said in scoffing manner that GOME showed iron-fisted brutality toward its suppliers.

GOME’s running process of non-back financing

Source: Li, P. The Model—What will GOME learn from the Wal-Mart on Supply Chain Management

GOME vs. information system

Today, at the information age, the perfection of information system is a key link for enterprises to realize supply chain management, because the coordination of the supply chain requires information sharing and transmission. However, GOME’s information system is expected to be improved urgently.

Low efficient information management

Although GOME has introduced POS, EDI and other advanced date data processing and analysis systems, its information management is still in at the beginning stage. Internally, the company has not yet to establish satellite communication system or complete date center. Hence, it has low efficiency in the fields of inventory, replenishment and so on.

Secondly, GOME is weak in integrating with its external resources. The connections between the company and its upstream suppliers remain fragile, and the docking enterprises take up la rather small portion. Additionally, the suppliers in the aspect of information management present an uneven pattern, which also functions as a hindrance of GOME’s information management.

Thirdly, when it comes to GOME’s Business to Customer model, a salient problem is that GOME’s  online shops fail to play a full role. For instance, due to the inaccurate examination of inventory, it sometimes happens that no goods can be provided after customers’ payments. It is also a familiar scene that online prices are not in accorded with offline prices, which is prone to arising customers’ dissatisfaction.

Logistics distribution system

One important strategy adopted by GOME is to constantly increase stores. By fay, it has more than 1500 physical outlets across China. Indeed, the massive expansion brings great profits to the enterprise, but inevitably, it also imposes challenges on its logistics distribution at the same time. In other words, the development of the logistics system cannot catch up with the speed of the growth of its stores. The distribution efficiency is varies from city to city, and the difference of logistics development is particularly apparent between first-tier cities and second, third tier regions.

Further, because of the fact that GOME has no delivery team of its own, it has to use third party logistics. This goes against GOME’s centralized management on distribution centers, and quality service sometimes can hardly be ensured.

GOME vs. customers

Although GOME is said to commit to offering good products and service for customers, the situation related to relations between the company and the public is not optimistic. According to China Quality Promotion, there were 379 product complaint involving 28 areas of GOME. The specific statistics are as follows.

The volume of complaints of GOME from January to December in 2012

The volume of complaints of GOME in different cities in 2012

From the above analysis, it’s clear that customers’ bad impression about GOME can be categorized into three types.

Product quality problem

GOME always attracts consumers by low-price products. Nevertheless, the fact that simply focusing on the reduction of prices with inadequate consideration of products is exactly like putting the cart before the horse. In GOME’s business practice, the company is condemned for selling second-hand and defective home appliances, if the company does not take effective measures to improve the quality of products, it may probably be driven out of the market sooner or later

Service attitude problem

The staff’s negative service attitudes also contributes to customers’ bad impression of GOME. This can be embodied in a variety of aspects such as complex procedures for changing and return goods, deletion of orders casually and so on. Poor service will reduce customer loyalty to the brand, let alone attracting the potential customers. A major reason is that with the homogeneity of products, people are likely to pay much more attention to the first-rate service providers.

Credit deficiency problem

Credibility is an intangible asset for a company, by which it can build a good image in the competitive marketplace (Reynolds 2007. p. 111). As for GOME, its behaviors at times show a lack of credit. For instance, the company promises that online customers can refund within seven days without any reason, but the truth is far from being so. Another fact that cannot be accepted by the public is that GOME seldom gives positive response to these critics.


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